How To Access All 14 Chakras
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How To Access All 14 Chakras

Hey hey!  

If you're reading this, chances are you've been following along with the chakra series of blogs I've been sharing over the last two weeks.  (If you haven't and you want to read up, head here!)

Teaching about the chakras has become part of the syllabus of my Reiki Level I & II Course, although traditionally and originally, Reiki did not include teachings of the chakras.  As awareness of them has grown and their ability to support the flow of energy and life force within us and around us, I feel it has become important to include them, even if just as another perspective!

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I don't think there has been a day since I've been attuned to Reiki that I haven't used Reiki or worked with my chakras in some way.  It really has become a way of life for me and I have reaped the benefits every single day in some way!

I am an online Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher and I love supporting women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in your way around your incredible abilities, making money, having success and maintaining your energy levels and health.

Did you know you actually have 14 main chakras?

Other than the seven chakras within the body that you may be more familiar with, there is actually over 70,000 chakras within the body!  Each time our meridians cross, that junction is called a chakra. The seven main chakras that make up our energetic system are located at the endocrine glands.  But there are seven more main chakras that connect beyond your body towards Source/Universe/God/Heaven.

If you didn't know this, there is a high chance that they are not activated fully, so when it comes to using your intuition, working with your psychic abilities, connecting to your guides, masters and teachers, you may not be using your full potential - just imagine what you can achieve if they were all activated!?

Just as I do when I teach Reiki to my students, when activating all 14 chakras, I encourage you to explore them, see them, feel them, heal them and the energy through and around all 14 chakras for yourself, as there is no hard and fast rule as to how they will look, what colour they may hold, what shape they may be.

During an activation of all 14 chakras, you will experience empowerment and healing on a whole new level, the results are life changing!  New intuitive abilities, new understanding about yourself, more power, more energy are all benefits and results I have experienced whilst activating all 14 chakras and go on to allow others to experience too, in the Divine Awakening Activation.

Do you already work with all 14 chakras?  How do they feel for you?

Would you love to experience a Divine Awakening Activation?  

I am taking a waiting list right now, to be in touch when I have availability for the Divine Awakening Activations to take place!  

Fill out the form below and let me know what you love about the Divine Awakening Activation you have just learned about and I will get in touch when they are available!



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