How to be Attuned to Reiki Energy

How to be Attuned to Reiki Energy

Depending on your level of awareness, everyone can feel energy.  

Whether it is noticing an atmosphere when you walk into a room after there has been an argument, or picking something up and immediately knowing who held it before you and what they were doing and feeling, it's all energy!

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Reiki energy is a blueprint of sending and receiving energy that you can use to help yourself to understand and heal what you are observing and feeling when you sense energy.  After a Reiki attunement, you will be able to notice and pick up specific areas where energy is blocked or stuck on yourself, another person, animals, rooms, plants, food, spaces, as well as clear and raise the vibrations of those things too.  A Reiki attunement is like a finer tuning of what you may be noticing around you as energy already!

If you're not sure what Reiki is yet, head here to read all about Reiki!

How can you be attuned to Reiki energy?

The key thing to remember here is that you can only be attuned to Reiki energy by a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher.  There are different levels of attunement to Reiki healing, just as you would experience if you were learning massage, or nutrition, or learning to teach exercise.

A Reiki Master Teacher is someone who has been consistently practicing Reiki over a period of time and has developed their qualifications, skills and experience to the level of being able to confidently teach and attune another person to use Reiki energy for themselves (Level 1), to practice Reiki healing on other people (Level 2), to master and amplify their way of life with Reiki in their lives' (Advanced/Master).  People who move through this full Reiki journey, may then also decide to become Master Teachers themselves, so they can spread the benefits of Reiki healing to others.

What does my attunement entail?

An attunement to Reiki energy begins with creating pockets of time in your life to be still, peaceful in your thoughts, or meditating, if you do that already.  Once you have a regular daily practice of stillness in your life, an attunement to Reiki energy then activates energy flow through your hands, your 7 main chakras and (in not all instances) your feet.  

Using Reiki should become a powerful part of your life, as you integrate it and implement it into a holistic way of life!

During your Reiki attunement, dependant on the level you are being attuned to, you will receive an awakening of the Reiki energy running through you so you can understand how Reiki energy feels for you in specific areas of your own body and energy field (Level 1).  You may receive an activation of the Reiki healing symbols within your whole body and hands to use on others (Level 2), or even the Master symbols to amplify all the other Reiki healing resources you have been attuned with on your journey (Advanced/Master).

Your attunement may be carried out on a 1:1 basis, or in a group, online, or in person, it can vary from teacher to teacher, but will always be done as part of a course, so you can then learn to understand what you are feeling when using Reiki and how to work with Reiki energy healing in a powerful way.

Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, your body naturally uses the attunement and Reiki energy to cleanse your physical body, for around 21 days.   This simply prepares your body for continuing to work with Reiki energy and to receive more intuitive insights and connections to energy.  By practicing your self-Reiki routine daily that you will be given as part of your course, this helps support yourself through this cleansing phase.

Throughout this phase and beyond your attunement, you will be able to sense, feel and possibly even see energy in very different ways to previously.  Reiki is often the foundation upon which your psychic, intuitive abilities grow, so a Reiki attunement can be a wonderful step forwards on your mind, body and spirit journey!

If you would love to be attuned to Reiki energy and want to know more about my online Reiki courses and attunements, all the way up to Master/Teacher level, then reach out via my 'contact me' page!

Have you been attuned?  How was your attunement process for you? Let me know in the comments!




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