How to Become a Reiki Practitioner and Live Happier

How to Become a Reiki Practitioner and Live Happier

Hi! Welcome! If you are already a Reiki practitioner, or have experienced Reiki as a treatment in the past, then you’ll know that it has the ability reduce stress and increase relaxation.  Reiki also promotes healing and encourages the body to heal itself.  You can read in more detail about what Reiki is here!

If you’ve never considered that you could also become a Reiki practitioner, even if you’ve only enjoyed receiving Reiki as a treatment in the past, or you are already one and want to master your way of life using Reiki in every versatile way, then this blog is for you!

I am your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher-I love supporting women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in your way around your incredible abilities, making money, having success and maintaining your energy levels and health.

In a nutshell, I give others permission to allow themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest versions of themselves, finding their purpose, claiming their power and intuitive gifts by embracing ALL of them, not just the 'good' bits!

How do you become a Reiki practitioner and live happier?

If you want to become a Reiki Practitioner, then you need to be attuned to Reiki Level 2 as a minimum; this attunes you to use the powerful Reiki symbols both on yourself and on others. This is your first step. If you would love information on becoming a Reiki practitioner, then head over here to find out more about becoming a Reiki practitioner.

As a result of practicing Reiki, most Reiki practitioners go on to use Reiki in their lives’ in many other ways; healing themselves, sending Reiki to food, plants, animals etc.

The key thing to living happier as a Reiki practitioner is to become confident in using Reiki within all areas of your own life; from living by the Reiki ideals, activating Reiki when writing marketing materials, doing card readings to sending Reiki to others in your life or work (with their permission of course!)

The more you practice these basic, fundamental element of Reiki, the more you will notice how much happier you are, how much more you are able to enjoy present moments and all aspects of your life.

Once you master the fundamentals, it is exciting to grow and develop your Reiki abilities into exploring additional tools like using Reiki with crystals to heal and manifest, working with a pendulum to assess your chakras, creating meditations for yourself and for others.

All of these tools have the ability to increase your awareness, intuitive abilities and happiness even further, not to mention growing your business and wealth as you go about your life as a successful, happy, healthy Reiki practitioner!

Which of these additional tools do you already use in your life? How do you use them?

If you want to know more about learning how to use these additional tools with Reiki, then head over here.



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