How to Clear your Energy using Reiki Energy

How to Clear your Energy using Reiki Energy

Welcome! Leila here, your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach!

I love supporting ambitious women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and spiritually based coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease.  

Combining the subconscious and energy, I love nothing more than to see that you become empowered to achieve ultimate health, wealth, happiness and success in whatever you do!

Reiki energy healing has been a huge part of my journey to confidence and alignment in everything I do and is a big part of what I teach and coach to others as they also up level through their journeys.

Clearing your energy is a fundamental part of your day as a healer, coach, intuitive and empath. If you are one of these and you’re not clearing your energy, why not?!

As an empath, you will be effortlessly collecting other peoples’ feelings, emotions and energy throughout each day and that can leave you heavy as a hairy elephant on a wet day!

As an intuitive, healer and spiritually based coach, you will often be working with people who are needing huge levels of support and healing and if you are not clearing your energy regularly, you may find it hard to keep your physical energy and wellness up high too.

How to clear your energy using Reiki energy healing:

  1. Imagine a burst of Reiki energy as a light emerging from your Heartspace, clearing and releasing anything within your body that no longer serves you.

  2. Take a Reiki energy shower. Visualise yourself immersed in Reiki energy cleansing you and drenching you in Reiki energy healing.

  3. Create an energy bubble of Reiki light all around you, repairing any holes and leaks that may have appeared as a result of seeing, hearing, witnessing any stressful situations, trauma or working with clients all day.


Clear the energy within your home and business often too! So often, we focus on ourselves and don’t think to clear the energy around you too!

Whether it’s once a day, morning and evening, or even as much as hourly throughout the day, clearing your energy is sooooo beneficial, so powerful for supporting you to be energised, balanced and powerful as an ambitious empath, intuitive, healer or spiritual coach.

Want to know how to become a Reiki healer so you can do this for yourself, or others? Find out more here!

Are you clearing your energy already? Let me know!



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