Why you are Stuck with no Clients in your Spiritual Business

You’re stuck in the same lack of clients pattern because you want to be... Say What?!

Yep, you heard me right…I'm saying this with love!

Here’s the thing:

You say you want a thriving spiritual and holistic healing business and you do. I believe you, but part of you doesn’t and that’s why it’s not manifesting.

Your brain is fascinating. It's all about survival. It tells you when to be afraid of something that could potentially harm you and avoid it. 

We as human beings are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Your business is soooooo deeply connected to survival.

Think about it-if your business as a healer or therapist didn’t provide you enough money to feed you, pay the bills and care for you and your family, you would not be living any kind of life that you are hoping for.

It’s instinctual to FEAR rejection and failure. It’s subconscious, unconscious, primal.

But so many healers, intuitives, spiritual healers and coaches are more motivated by avoiding their fears than seeking their deepest desires and fulfilment whatever the journey.

Not to mention we take on all kinds of crazy ideas about the things we want, like, you aren’t good enough to charge for your services, you’re different from everyone else, or it’s too hard, or people won’t like you, or whatever else is in the mix!

This totally messes you up, because when you put tons of negativity on to the things you really want (usually unconsciously) you SABOTAGE it. You feel unmotivated to take the steps you need to take to have better relationships-in fact, you’d rather clean the toilet, or do the washing, or cleaning, or play candy crush! lol!

You feel scared to have deep, authentic, connected conversations that will leas to talking about your offers and services, you feel unmotivated to prioritise doing the work and let it sit on the back burner, so you stay in cycles of lack that are not serving you.

For example:

I remember that every time I put a vulnerable, authentic post out, I kept obsessively checking for haters and people criticising me for days after. Whenever I got on a free call, I’d avoid talking about my prices incase they rejected me or thought I was sleazy.

The truth was:
😔 I didn’t really believe I was a powerful intuitive healer
🤲🏼 I didn’t believe in myself or my services
🤢 I was petrified of rejection and failure
🤢 The idea of talking sales with people brought me out in hives and palpitations
🤐 I didn’t know what to say, or how to say it and how to change my energy around it

You do stuff like this too, you just aren’t aware of it. 

I’ve pulled clients out of sabotaging patterns such as:

Crazy sleep routines that were affecting their energy, their creativity, their motivation and drive (yes, subconscious survival pattern!)
Another client was staying ‘stuck’ with no ideas of how to move their healing business to the next level of income (another subconscious survival strategy!)

Ask yourself...in what way is this current unfulfilling circumstance I'm in serving me? What do you hear?

I can also help you clear up all of your negative patterns that are keeping you from having the business of your dreams, charging what you are worth and feeling really confident, worthy of sharing your gifts and safe to hear a ‘no’ once in a while.

If this really resonates with you-you're going to want to check out this special message!



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