How to Improve your Meditation Practice

How to Improve your Meditation Practice

Have you ever felt daunted by the word 'meditation' because it feels like you should be spending hours on end, chanting or sitting in awkward positions?

Do you struggle to get into a consistent routine with meditation and as a result your emotions and energy levels are up and down too?

Would you love to understand how to improve your meditation easily and effortlessly which makes it super easy to implement into your daily life, leading your tons of mind, body and spirit benefits?

I am Leila, your online Intuitive Confidence Coach and I love to support women like you, who are empaths, intuitives, healers and spiritually based coaches to have all the confidence and belief in your abilities that you deserve to have and that is right there within you, you just need to identify it and allow it room to grow.

Meditation is one of those methods I teach, so that you can balance and recharge your energy when you need to and use meditation to manifest everything you desire in your health, wealth, happiness and success!

In this powerful video masterclass, I’m sharing some easy to implement strategies that will make your meditation practices feel streamlined and exciting to do!

Not got time to watch right now?

Here’s a summary!

What can make meditation hard?

  • Having high expectations of meditation 

  • Being too regimental with your meditation routine

  • Having an all or nothing attitude when it comes to meditation

  • Pain, tingles, internal distractions-these could be due to avoidance or resistance to meditation

  • External distractions-having the TV on in the background, kids floating around you, the phone ringing

  • Sleeping/drowsiness

Here are 5 solutions to improve your meditation practice!

  1. Add music to help you deepen your meditation

  2. Move your body-meditations don’t always have to be sat still!

  3. Try meditation with your eyes open-I use journalling as a powerful meditation practice, my eyes have to be open for that!

  4. Use Reiki to support you during your meditation and amplify the time you are in meditation

  5. Use your own voice-recording your own meditations can really alert your psyche to pay attention and listen-so if you are a habitual nodder when you meditate, try this tip!

Which of these do you love? Let me know in the comments!

I have an Advanced Reiki Techniques Training course coming up in which I will be teaching you how to create powerful meditations with Reiki so that you can use them for yourself, or create valuable, sellable audios to help others with and create a passive income from. If this sounds like a fit for your goals and you are already Reiki Level I & II certified, then join us on the course!

For all the details and to sign up, visit here:



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