How to Learn Reiki Online

How to Learn Reiki Online

It seems everything is going online these days. In this day and age of technology, there are so any perks to it; from the convenience of learning at your own pace and never having to leave your couch, to connecting with people from all over the world and in different timezones and still being able to feel and experience deep energetic connections.

I'm Leila Hardy, I am an online Intuitive Life and Business Coach-I am super passionate about supporting women who are empaths, intuitives, healers, holistic therapists and coaches to fulfil their soul's purpose with unstoppable confidence and ease, by embracing all their superpowers, strengths and vulnerabilities and by clearing out the subconscious and energy obstacles that are in their way around their incredible abilities to serve others, making money, having success and maintaining their energy levels and health.

One of those ways I do this is by teaching Reiki, as an online course.  There are so many benefits to this, not just the ones mentioned about, but also seeing, sensing and feeling energy remotely can be incredibly liberating, and often leads to healers working online in their business, as well as wearing your PJ's to the calls! (Only kidding btw…sort of… ;) )

To learn Reiki online though, you do have to be prepared for some things to happen for you, here are those things that will show you how to learn Reiki online.

  1. Source a great Reiki Teacher who specialises in online teaching: Search out a Reiki teacher who is confident working online and recognises the power of using energy remotely.

  2. Be self-disciplined: To learn Reiki online, you still need to 'clock in and clock out' of class. This may mean setting aside time for you to practice, learn the theory, the online self-study parts of the course, ready for coming to live, online, practical sessions.

  3. Eliminate outside distractions: Take time to move into your office, or workspace areas, away from children, or an other half. Close open windows on your computer, switch off your phone.

  4. Be confident to ask questions: Sometimes it can be scary to ask a question on a face to face Reiki course, for fear of looking stupid, so you end up trying to figure things out for yourself, but online can really open the door for you to ask questions and feel safe and supported to ask because you are in your own space and own home.

  5. Test the Technology: Test out all the online areas as soon as you join the Reiki course so you can set up passwords, test links, download any available PDF's or audios that will be supporting you along your Reiki leaning journey.

  6. Practice tuning into your energy in all ways: When learning Reiki remotely, you don't have the use of physical touch to support you in your learning, so be open to using all your other senses; seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, even tasting!

Learning Reiki online can be an incredible inspiring, empowering experience, it is a sensory experience from start to finish.

You will expand your intuitive abilities, your methods of connecting with Reiki and then, if applicable, also helping to heal others with Reiki too!

Have you learned Reiki online already?  Have you experienced receiving Reiki healing online before?  I'd love to know!




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