How To transform your Health and Happiness in only 5 minutes a Day

How To transform your Health and Happiness in only 5 minutes a Day

You hear the doom and gloom that's going about don't you?  Blue Monday, Panic Thursday, Long Winters, short Summers…blah blah blah.

If you believe everything that the media has to say, then you'd never get out of bed in the morning with your head held high! 

It really doesn’t have to be that way though!

a)   You can ignore the news completely.

b)   You can be taking action to change your situation - you don’t ever have to be stuck there, being stuck in a situation, you can always be moving in some way.

c)    There are so many amazing things you can do for yourself that will help lift your spirits, shift your energy, help you receive inspired ideas, and also help you stay healthy and happy in every sense of the word.

I don’t see why it needs to take any longer that a few minutes every day to feel uplifted, positive and energised.

Of course you can spend longer on it but if you’re short on time, if you are running a busy family or a business or you’re at work, then I truly believe this can be as quick as a toilet stop if it needs to be. But the longer or the more frequently you do it, the better and more powerful that practice is going to be.

Put it into your practice and give yourself that opportunity to be able to balance yourself in the chaos of life.

That power of balance is so key because we are on a rollercoaster. This human life that we’re on is made to move us between spectrums of emotions and test us in certain ways. When we are able to embrace those in an incredible way, then you can start to move about your life with a light heart and a wondrous curiosity that allows you to stay balanced and centered whatever is going on, or at least come back to center really quickly.

I’m talking about doing a meditation or a mindfulness practice and making that part of your morning and/or evening ritual if not your toilet stops.

This is just so key because your body, your energy, your subconscious, your mind, in every sense of the word when it knows something like this is coming it prepares for it. It allows you to feel calmer and more balanced immediately. But also, the very fact that when you sit and enable yourself to stay still for five minutes, then you have the opportunity to really let your nervous system calm down with you. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are all coming together at center to be calm and to be still. It is such a powerful thing to be able to do to energize your body, reinvigorate your body, remind you what’s important, help you let go of the things that are weighing you down, and help you bring more of the things that you want to have in your life. It does have so many positive knock-on effects.

Do it with me now.

You can do it anywhere. Give yourself an opportunity to just sit down and take a moment with me!  You can even do this with your eyes open, reading along!  Alternatively, you can listen along here:

Close your eyes and take a few minutes just to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. An audible breath helps to clear out any tension, any stress, and slow things down. Breathing in, breathing out. And again deep as you can, breathing in. As you breathe out this time, just feel your neck and your shoulders relax a little bit more. Feel them drop. Feel the muscles release. Breathe in, and as you breathe out just feel the muscles in your back and your hips start to relax now as well. Five breaths like this are actually enough to just create a reset in your body and in your mind. We’re going to go on a little bit longer. Breathing in, and as you breathe out now just allow your breaths to relax in and out through your nose or in and out through your mouth, whatever feels comfortable for you.

Just become aware of your feet on the floor. They feel strong, stable, foundation, everything you build upon it. And as you feel your feet on the floor, become aware of your body on the seat, and maybe how your legs feel in contact. And if you notice that they may feel slightly uneven like you’re sitting heavier to the right or to the left, then just reposition. Give yourself an opportunity just to move and balance. As you do that become aware of your hips or your back against the chair. Once again, just reposition if it doesn’t feel completely straight. Give yourself the gift of drawing your shoulders back and down, still focusing on your breath. Just opening your ribcage, now your diaphragm just stretches out.  Just take a deep breath in again.

Back to breathing normally. Become aware of your shoulders against the back of the seat, whatever you’re sitting or lying on. Just notice how your head is just resting effortlessly on your neck. And as you continue to breathe, just imagine a beautiful, bright, warm, white light just trickling down through the top of your head. And this light is bringing with it energy, love, peace, joy, kindness, encouragement. It is just allowing you to bring everything back into balance as you allow it just to trickle down through the head, through the throat and neck, down into your shoulders filling your arms from the fingertips upwards towards your shoulders. Just notice that warmth, kindness, love, purity, and peace filing your body up as it moves down through the spine, through the torso, down into your hips, just warming, balancing, calming, slowing. As you notice that warmth, that white light trickling all the way down through your legs, through the hips, loosening off, letting go of any tension, any toxic thoughts or feelings, any stress, allowing that warmth to move down through your thighs into your knees and your calves as you feel that slowness, that calmness, a reassuring heaviness just coming through to your feet and anchoring those feet down in the most incredible way.

And as you focus on just breathing here, take 10-30 seconds just to focus on the breath. Imagine your body full of light. Imagine that light circulating around you filling you with energy, with peace, with calm, balance, joy, happiness, love. When you’re ready just start wriggling your toes, wriggling your fingers, circling your wrists and ankles, rocking your legs in and out from your hips, your arms in and out from your shoulders, just rolling your shoulders up towards your ears and back. Towards your ears and back. Just turning your head from side to side, bringing it back to the center. Breathing in. And as you breathe out when you’re ready, just gently, slowly blink your eyes open again.

I think that took us about five minutes.  When you do this for yourself and you can walk yourself through it, it can actually be a lot quicker if you need it to be.

How do you feel?

This is one of the powerful techniques and grounded strategies that I coach my clients to do. Giving you the opportunity to be able to manage the curveballs of life without just using positive thinking or without just using solid practical things. You can really bridge that gap between the spiritual and the scientific which gives you that incredible middle ground to make things physically change in your body on a physiological level. It’s so powerful when you can do that and have a few different ways that you can do that, that your body and your mind will absolutely transform.

It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to be a super complicated morning ritual or routine; it can be as simple as doing something like this in 2-5 minutes, if that. This is something that you could do whilst doing something else. If you are short of time you could do something like this whilst stretching, so you are doing those stretches as well as meditating. You could maybe be using your affirmations instead of the white light, filling your body with those words, those affirmations that you want to have about yourself. As you do that, you’re giving yourself the most incredible possibility and potential to be happy, healthy, and to have everything you possibly want.

It is that simple. It really doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You can start with where you are at with something like this.

It gives you the opportunity to lift your spirits, change your emotions. And this doesn’t just have to be for blue Monday or Panic Thursday; this can be every day of your life to give you that opportunity in 2-5 minutes just to pick yourself up and to raise your energy levels, if you’re already picked up, into a state where you’re able to attract and manifest all the things that you want to for your life, your health, your weight, your happiness, your success, and everything in between. 

Let me know how this works for you!



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