How to use Reiki Symbols to Increase Energy Flow

How to use Reiki Symbols to Increase Energy Flow

Hey! We’re back, this time I’ll be chatting about the Reiki symbols and how to use them to increase energy flow when working with Reiki energy healing!

I’m your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach, I specialise in coaching ambitious women who are empaths, intuitives, energy healers and spiritually minded coaches to grow in confidence to be more visible in their life and work, believe in their abilities and create incredible businesses full of health, wealth, happiness and success.

One of the ways I do this is taking students of mine through their Reiki journeys, from Reiki Level I & II, through to Advanced and Master Teacher.

What are the Reiki symbols?

When Dr Usui first discovered Reiki in his practices, he received some sacred symbols that when used, altered the energy and flow of the Reiki energy he was using. As a Reiki student of Level II and above, you also gain access to these sacred symbols. When these are used in conjunction with Reiki energy, they amplify and alter the flow of Reiki healing to best suit that of yourself or the client, task you are working with.

As a Level II Reiki student, you gain access to 3 Reiki symbols, at Advanced Level, two more symbols become yours to use and as a Master Teacher you gain access to the full Usui Reiki symbols.

How can you use the Reiki symbols to Increase Energy flow?

  1. Apply the symbols to the palms of your hands when intuitively guided to use them.

  2. Beam the symbols to the soles of your feet prior to a walk in nature to amplify the benefits of grounding and connecting to nature.

  3. Draw or visualise the symbols on a piece of paper and place it beneath your glass of drinking water.

  4. Use your fingers to draw the symbols when needed over a photograph of name of a person you are sending Reiki healing to.

  5. Cleanse your office, or rooms in your house using the symbols, either beaming them to the corners of your rooms, or drawing them with your hands.

How do you use the Reiki symbols to increase energy flow? How would you like to use them if you don’t already?

Let me know in the comments!



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