How to use Reiki to Help Others

How to use Reiki to Help Others

Hi there! Welcome back! If you’ve been following this powerful series of blogs all about Reiki, then you’re going to love this one! (If you haven’t been following these yes, head here to catch up with them all!)

I am Leila Hardy, your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach; I love nothing more than supporting women just like you, who are ambitious empaths, intuitives, healers and spiritually based coaches to fulfil your purpose with confidence and belief in your abilities.

I find that by combining work with the powerful subconscious mind and your energy, you can release doubts, fears and worries that have been holding your back from your ultimate health, wealth, happiness and success, you easily and effortlessly go on to pursue the life of your dreams!

Reiki is one of those energy healing methods that I use greatly in my work. Just as Reiki has benefitted me as I have grown on my spiritual journey and developed more confidence and a greta relationship with myself and my intuition, I now teach Reiki to others, so they can empower themselves to heal, as well as help others with Reiki.

How can you use Reiki to help others?

Reiki is a powerful technique that lowers stress and promotes healing, allowing everyone to experience the unlimited supply of life energy that Reiki can bring through you. It's a beautiful healing energy that serves you in only the best way for you and your highest good.

With that in mind, using Reiki can help others to reduce their stress levels, increase their energy levels and to generally feel better in themselves, but there are many other ways you can use Reiki healing to help others, that you may not be so familiar with!

  1. Clearing and healing energetic cords that affect relationships people have with themselves and others.

  2. Healing and releasing limiting beliefs that are preventing wealth, happiness and success.

  3. Identifying, making peace with and clearing past lives’, oaths and vows that create repeating patterns of sabotage or failure in someone’s life.

  4. Helping someone to meet their Guides for the first time, or to meet more Spirit Guides who are supporting them on their life journey.

  5. Raising peoples’ frequency so they are able to manifest more of what they want in their lives’.

Which of these do you already use with Reiki to help others?

How would it feel to be able to use Reiki to help people with these things so that they go on to have happy, healthy and empowered lives’?

Each of these is a powerful chapter within my online Advanced Reiki Techniques Training course. If you would love to experience these for yourself, with step by step guidance, audios and learning materials so that you can go on to help others with these powerful techniques using Reiki healing, then head over here to read more and to sign up and secure your space on the course!



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