How to Work with the Crap that Triggers You!

How to Work with the Crap that Triggers the Heck out of You and Causes you to Emotionally Eat

Hey there Ultimate Health people!  How are you doing?  Leila Hardy here. I have just finished a little yoga workout that I’ve been doing. One of my intentions for this year was to learn more about yoga and master it because I’m a Pilates girl and I’ve only ever done yoga maybe three times in my whole life. My intention this year despite wanting to do it for so long is to actually make it happen!

Today I want to show you a really powerful way to work with the crap that triggers you and causes you to emotionally eat.  You know, the things like conflict, being taken advantage of, stress, relaxation, being exhausted, sad, happy, etc.  Particular foods and alcohol could also become triggers - when you have one it leads on to so many other things and you’re emotionally eating or drinking in that respect.

As you’ve probably figured, I’m always about working with the bits we don’t like as much as the bits that we do.

The key piece of this topic is to acknowledge that it happens.  Once you can acknowledge that this does happen, that you do have these triggered experiences that lead you to emotionally eat or drink or react in a self-destructive way, then you can be in that place where you’re open to being able to see why and what those triggers are.  

Once you’ve moved into that position of acceptance, that there are parts of you that create this and you’re not ignoring them anymore, you’re not pushing them by or back or down but letting them just to come up and be seen, that is when you can start to look at, “What is the trigger that creates this sequence of reactions for me?” There might be two or three; there may be a few. Take some time to write them down or explore them. Whether it’s stress, whether it’s sadness, whether it’s happiness, whether it’s conflict, whether it’s not being able to speak your mind, whether it’s taking on other people’s rubbish as much as your own and not being able to get rid of it somehow or deal with it or work with it, or anything else.

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s whatever feels right and true for you.

But then what you can do, as you start to bring your awareness into why it happens, you can then start to look into the feelings beneath it. And those feelings beneath it, the emotions beneath it, may be, “They make me feel like I’m not coping well enough. They make me feel like I’m not good enough. They make me feel like I’m not wanted enough. They make me feel like I’m not worthy or valued enough to be able to speak my mind. People don’t listen to me therefore I feel insignificant.” It will come with an ‘I feel’ or ‘it feels like’ in most instances.

And then as you start to look at those emotions beneath those triggers, that’s when you start to create a break.  You create a snap in a circuit that allows you to branch that off into a split circuit in your thinking.  The split circuit is like this:

One way is the way you’ve always done it - the way you’ve always reacted, the way you’ve always emotionally eaten or drank when you felt triggered by that certain thing.

The second split and the new neuro-pathway is the one that says, “I hear this. I see this. I feel this. But I have control over how I react to this. Therefore I’m choosing another route. And that route is to stay healthy, to eat the foods that will serve me as opposed to foods that don’t serve me when I’m emotionally eating.”

It gives you the opportunity to be able to steer your life, your health and your weight in a completely different direction because you’ve created that snap in the circuit which splits it into a wide circuit.

And the more you use the new route, the more the old route starts to die and wither away. And you give yourself the opportunity to make this unfamiliar route totally familiar. It’s your new normal to look at the triggers, acknowledge that they’re there, that someone or something has triggered you into feeling a particular way, but that feeling does not have to result in emotionally eating. You can actually nourish and flourish yourself with the most incredible foods, or not even eat food at all around that and put different powerful, healthy strategies in place instead.  You might want to go get some fresh air, you might want to communicate your feelings, or you might want to pick up the phone to somebody you know you can just talk to and they’ve got you completely. Any kind of coping mechanism to give you that way to work through it as opposed to suppress it, push it away, and not do anything about it at all, is a healthy one.

Triggers are one of the biggest things that I was blissfully unaware of until I started delving into the subconscious and those patterns of behavior, the psychologies, which give you that opportunity to bring so much awareness to how you react.

I truly believe when you know your shit you can work with it! 

If you know what triggers you, you can really then work with it in an empowered way that allows you to change everything that might trigger you, but also all of the things that you celebrate that may also trigger you to emotionally eat as well. Every end of the emotional spectrum gives you that opportunity to be able to work with it in a really empowered and life-changing way.  

Got questions about this?  Comment away!



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