The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy when it comes to Weight Loss

The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

When I ran a live hypnosis for weight loss in our private Facebook community a couple of weeks ago, there were a few questions that came up from it-really good questions around the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.  So I figured these are probably the questions on everybody's lips at some point or another and I felt compelled to attempt to answer them! 

Firstly, I just want to say that these are only my humble opinions, based on my training, my own personal experiences and what I have researched in the past, so go out and also do your own research, make your own mind up about it if you are actually considering hypnotherapy or hypnosis for yourself.  There is no real right or wrong, it is just what really feels right for you-that's number one importance!

The difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

For me and everything I have learned about hypnosis; trying it myself in previous years and finding it's not working and hypnotherapy, is that the main difference is that hypnosis is a really incredible incredible way to excite the subconscious and to really ignite your imagination and really your psyche, your subconscious mind, by using visualisation, by using really clear positive statements and imagery, so in your mind's eye, you start to see everything you want to experience with your weight loss journey and ideal body shape and size, so much so that as you feel those things then they start become physical actions in your body so when it comes to weight loss hypnosis we talk about eating healthily, taking the action that you need to take, effortlessly and easily and as you start to take that another really deep, cellular level, those actions DO become easy and effortless.


However, there are some people, especially people who are are psychologically reversed; this could be through trauma, or energy imbalances, see the world through a different kind of filter.  For example, somebody might say to you 'you're looking great today!' but the first thing you think is 'No I'm not!' because somewhere long long ago or something you experienced impacted your thinking to make you feel that you weren't enough in some kind of way.  

So for those people, listening to hypnosis may get a bit frustrated, because they will have to do it a lot of times consistently and over quite a period of time in order to see the changes that they are dreaming of.  They have to be consistent with hypnosis and that means they need a lot self belief that all effort is going work over time.  I CAN work and it WILL work, but it takes quite a long time to breakthrough those metnal and emotional barriers in the way.  

Hypnosis can also be easily overridden if stress factors or triggers come in to play that activate subconscious trigger that is continually causing you to fall off the weight loss wagon.  Because fundamentally, that trigger or root cause as I like to call it, is still there, it's just being buried by the hypnosis. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is just taking hypnosis one step further or deeper and what it means is that the hypnotherapist actually goes into 'detective mode' to establish exactly why and where and when and how those triggers or root causes came about for you.  Then as you start to understand that those triggers drive you to take the actions that are causing you to be overweight at have problems with your eating, anxiety, depression, illness and self-belief, self-worth; then the hypnotherapist can help you to start to REMOVE and RELEASE those triggers and root causes, so they no longer drive your thoughts, they no longer drive your feelings, they no longer drive your actions and quite often, you can still have memory there, but it just doesn't have any power.  It doesn't have any hold over you, but what you are really changing is HOW you've responded to that memory in the past.

So then and only then, we move into using the powerful hypnosis using visualisation and affirmations, which really implant the new, desired beliefs and actions and thoughts that you want, once we've actually removed the negative, unwanted stuff holding you back.

This creates this amazing transformational long-term change that is really difficult to reverse actually, because those changes are in at a soul level, a cellular level in your DNA.  You want to have that ideal weight, ideal size, ideal relationship with food and you will actually make those things happen and it's quite difficult to shake you off that path as well.  It is a very, very powerful method.

MPM Hypnotherapy

The method of hypnotherapy that I practice with clients is the Marisa Peer Method.  It is unique in that we do this generally in one 90 minute session, so in terms of breaking down, finding out what that root cause is and then putting the new desires in is quite powerful, intense therapy, but creates fast, dramatic change.  Most standard hypnotherapists  require 8-12 shorter sessions over a longer period of time, so it's simply quick and powerful in order to be able to help sort the problem out and find the root cause quickly.  

Want another opinion?!

One of my business besties-I am proud to call her an incredible soul sister of mine, is also a hypnotherapist, as well as a Reiki master and teacher, so when I chatted with her about this subject, she added an incredible insight to it too! 

What came up was something that we both hear a lot!  It was the question we often get from clients when they first embark on hypnotherapy, which is 'You're not going to make me cluck like chicken are you??'  

This appears to be a stigma that comes with the stage hypnosis that you see on TV for instance, or comedy acts and magic acts.  It's created that kind of idea that you're out of control and what my bestie said was that it's not it's not like that, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for helping somebody with something is very different than it is for entertainment purposes.  Generally, the majority of the population are not suggestible enough to be the kind of person who would end up clucking like chicken if they were hypnotised!!   I'm not reveal the stage hypnotists' secrets, I'm not going to ruin it for them!  But there is only a select group of the population are particularly suitable for dancing like a chicken or doing that crazy stuff on that program that Philip Schofield presents! 

So don't worry!  It's not like you'll be sat a hypnotherapists chair and end up giving your house away to them!  It's not going to happen, you are in complete control!  You can even tell them that they're right or wrong about something, if you agree or disagree and you can actually do various things;  you can open your eyes, you can move if you want to.  The difference is when you're hypnotised within hypnotherapy, you are so relaxed, in such a blissful place that actually you wouldn't want to do those things, even if you wanted to!!  You're just enjoying that mental space, that clarity, seeing inside your own mind for a few minutes, so actually you want to stay there!!  I can't blame you really, it is quite a fascinating place to be!

 If you have got any other questions then feel free to comment on here!!




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