Is Reiki Real?

Is Reiki Real?

Da-du-dah! I said it, I got the elephant out of the room!

One of the topics I get asked for guidance about sometimes when teaching Reiki, is this question; ‘is Reiki real?’ I have to admit, this happened more in the early stages of my energy healing career, I guess because my confidence and experience wasn't what it is today, plus, I’m surrounded by people who get me and energy these days, so I’m just not energetically available for those kind of questions any more!

But I’ve no doubt you have been asked,, ask yourself, or may get asked this question in some form in the future, so it’s always useful to share some insight on it!

I am Leila Hardy, your online Intuitive Life and Business Coach, I love to support ambitious women who are empaths, intuitives, healers and spiritually minded coaches to become and be the highest, healthiest, happiest versions of themselves, by releasing any subconscious and energy blocks that are preventing them from being healthy, wealthy, happy and successful and allowing them to step into their power, own it and then most importantly, let the world see it for themselves!

Whether it is from people new to their spiritual awakening and energy journey or sceptics alike, this type of question can strike fear into the hearts of any energy healer who has a slight lack of confidence, or self-esteem. Not because you don’t believe in Reiki, or energy healing, but because you’re not sure how to respond to other peoples’ questions and perceptions, so fear not being taken seriously as a Reiki practitioner.

I think the key here is never to become defensive, but to get curious and don’t ever take it personally, even if someone is questioning Reiki as a valid therapy in the mainstream world.

When you develop confidence in yourself, this question becomes easier to handle and you yourself, much like me, may hear the questions less and less as your energy vibration shifts away from fear and into confidence!

How do these questions show up?

In quite a few ways, all subtly represent the same question - which of these have you been asked, or have asked yourself before?

  • How do I handle non-believers?

  • How can I make Reiki appealing to people who aren’t woo-woo?

  • How can you pay for something that cannot be seen/felt?

  • Is Reiki real?

  • How do I approach people whose beliefs don't allow them to accept it as valid?

  • How can I avoid not being taken seriously?

  • How can I confidently talk about Reiki to others?

As I mentioned earlier, the key to answering any questions your receive is in the curiosity around why they are asking the question in the first place-don’t assume that because someone is asking if Reiki is real, that they are being negative, or sceptical; they may in fact be about to embark on a Reiki journey and they are choosing their most aligned practitioner or Teacher by the openness of response they get!

Always return a question like that with; ‘that’s an interesting question, why do you ask that?’

From there, you will have an answer that then allows you to answer them with full confidence, not from a defensive, protective perspective. That stance may never be needed!

From time to time, you may be presented with the question (or a similar one) from scientific, medical professionals, especially if you may be combining complementary, spiritual practices like Reiki healing, crystals, mindfulness as a side business, or passion whilst working within a conventional health field.

Have you ever come across this before yourself?

You might find one or two colleagues who will quietly be curious, but most will laugh, quote ‘lack of clinical trials’ etc. or become angry or defensive when you try to prove Reiki’s place within ultimate health. The key here, when and if this comes up, is not to try to prove anything, but step back and allow them to have their differing perspectives, that’s what makes the world go round, right?!

One thing is for sure, awareness and perceptions are changing about Reiki, even in the scientific and medical fields now, Reiki is becoming more and more mainstream, even in hospitals, it is no longer something you could only go to a retreat or ‘out there woo-woo healer’ to receive and evidence is building to demonstrate that Reiki has its place within healthcare and preventative complementary medicine.

I could give you any advice to support you when you have this question come up in its various forms, whether it is you questioning yourself, or someone questioning you, is MASTER REIKI FOR YOURSELF.

Master the techniques you receive in the Reiki I & II and Advanced courses, learn the history, the powerful connections to support health and as you do this, your confidence and self-belief grows, your collection of success stories and testimonials increases and you then release the need to prove anything to anyone and choose then from an empowered place, to allow differences in perspectives to simply be, knowing that you believe in yourself, your work and the power of Reiki.

There will be so much more awareness of the benefits of Reiki showing up around you and if you are already a Reiki practitioner and mastering Reiki, you will have an abundance of opportunities to share this wonderful healing practice with the world!

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