Life Purpose - Do you Know Yours?

Life Purpose - Do you know what yours is?


It took me a long time to discover my life's purpose, but what I didn't realise until I identified it was that it was always clear what it was, looking back! 🤣

It was simply that I wasn't clear!

I didn't know what my purpose was, so I didn't know what my purpose was!

It wasn't until I took some time to explore what purpose meant to me; my values, my life's purpose, soul purpose, divine purpose (however you might call it!) and how my subconscious, past lives' and energy had always been leading me alongside it, even without my knowledge, that I received the download of clarity as to what I am here to do in this life.

You probably know by now, I love nothing more than combining the subconscious and energy to transform the health and happiness of others, whatever Ultimate Health and Happiness looks like for them!  Life's purpose is one of the most common things I find people are struggling with, that expresses itself in so many ways; self-sabotage, overeating, procrastination, relationship issues.

I find the most incredible, magic things manifest when we are in that subconscious/energy container together, tapping into infinite potential and enoughness, so much so that anything is possible!

Finding my own life's purpose through the methods of Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and the Akashic Records has been soooooooo powerful for me and it is just as powerful for anyone who is unsure of their purpose, confused or disillusioned about their soul's calling-because getting clear on the roadblocks, limiting beliefs and energy blocks to success and happiness is just as important as identifying your purpose!

When I combined my experience in diving into the subconscious and energy together using Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and the Akashic Records, I came across blocks and limiting beliefs that were preventing me from understanding my true life purpose here to live as an abundant, infinite being living in a human body and claimed the clarity that came that my life's purpose is to help and empower people.  That transformed my life, my health, my happiness and also my business transformed!

When have you got soooooo clear on your purpose that it has felt effortless?

What does your life purpose look like for you?

Are you clear on your purpose, or not?  

Let me know in the comments!





I am opening up 3 spots for 20 minute Subconscious and Energy assessments specifically focused on helping you identify your soul purpose and highlight any blocks that are preventing you from fulfilling your infinite potential.

🤔Are you struggling to figure out what your soul purpose is?
🙄Are you disillusioned with your work, health or life because what you're doing doesn't seem to be working?

Let’s dive into your mindset and energy to:

💰Invite a big flow of abundance-health, wealth, happiness or all three in to your life through alignment with your soul's calling!
🤓Get clarity on what you are doing to reach your health and happiness goals and why
💜Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging your progress
🚪Discover which blocks they are so you can open the door to your purpose and gain control back over your dreams!

Book yours here! 

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