You Make Your Own Success! Part 1

You Make Your Own Success!

Part 1


My name is Leila Hardy, I am your online holistic, intuitive confidence coach.  I love nothing more than combining the subconscious mind and energy together to allow you to be able to fulfill the health, the wealth, the happiness, and the success that you deserve and that you desire, because that is your birthright to be abundant in every sense of the word. I have absolute passion, drive and desire to be able to help you give yourself permission to be the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself. I do that using Rapid Transformational Therapy, a form of hypnotherapy, rapid transformational coaching, energy healing, Reiki, Chakredy energy healing, as well as meditation, mindfulness and ultimately  a holistic lifestyle in a mind, body, spirit way.

Today, I'm blogging with you about making your own success.  One of the most common things I see, and experience myself, is owning your success.  In fact, I was journaling on this a couple of days ago, that somehow I’ve let my power go to something else in expectation of having some success from it, when actually, I have to own that success.  It has to be mine to own.  We all do it and we will come up against it sometimes in our lives. I see it a lot when I’m working with clients and when I’m just chatting with people as well.

We often have a belief that someone or something or a particular situation will deliver what it is that we want, that is actually right there within ourselves.  Ultimately, we end up disappointed and our expectations end up a little short because we don’t see that fulfillment from that particular person, situation or experience that we are expecting.  We are hoping that somebody external or something external from us is going to help us to provide that.  Yes, there is a time for those but ultimately you have to be able to take responsibility and power and own your power for your success, or failure.  As you do that, it allows you to really step into your own power but also take the action steps, the actual breaking down the blocks towards your success.

I will talk you through the pyramid I've created for ultimate health, wealth, happiness, and success to give you those bite-size pieces that will allow you to achieve your goals and your success whatever that means to you.

Whether it’s in life, health, wealth, business, relationships, whatever that might be. Expecting the goose that laid the golden egg to literally be the thing that helps you is not true.

Your success is always going to be the sum of smaller efforts done over and over repetitively over a period of time. It’s called the Compound Effect.  Doing smaller things consistently time and time again leads up to that big goal and success, but what most people start to believe, comprehend or understand, because we see lots of people’s end results and we don’t see everything that has gone into those end results and also the expectations, is that the end goal is easy, or quick.  We may not understand what goes into achieving a particular goal for any reason. Instead, when we look at that end result and we see that that’s what we want, we think all we need to get there is maybe take a tiny bit of action or do something that’s going to move us towards that.  It would be very rare that that would be the only thing people would have done to be able to achieve the goal that you’re looking at and thinking, “I’d like a piece of that. I’d love to be do doing that, being that, seeing that, having that.”

Looking back at my own journey of overcoming a terrible relationship with food, deep subconscious beliefs that I wasn't good enough, there have been many components that lead to me healing and overcoming those demons.  When I broke this down and reverse engineered how my journey looked towards my end goal, I worked out that your end goal, the top of that pyramid, is about 5%; to be precise, it’s about 4.76% of the overall journey towards that goal. So actually, if you’re solely focusing on your end goal, you’re missing out on 95.24% of the rest of the journey, which is a huge amount!

When I show you how powerful that 96% is, you will realize that actually there is so much for you to get stuck into in the most amazing, exciting, empowering way that’s going to help you to take responsibility for your own success and achieve the success that you desire.

Here's my Pyramid for Ultimate Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success.  On the next blog, I'll be breaking down the pyramid so you can see how powerful these steps are towards achieving your goals!



The Pyramid for Ultimate Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success.png
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