You Make Your Own Success! Part 2

You Make Your Own Success!

Part 2


Welcome back!  In the first part of this series of blogs, I explained that your end goal is merely 5% of your overall journey to achieving that goal, so taking in the power of the steps that lead to achieving your goals is life transforming!

You can catch part 1 here:

Think about your goal.

We’re going to start from the top of the pyramid and move all the way down, and then we’ll build it back up again. Bearing in mind that your goal is less than 5% of your journey to success in your ultimate health, wealth, happiness, what do you think might come underneath the goal that is like a precursor to achieving that goal?

The image above is a pyramid.

You’ve got your goal at the top and you’ve got two blocks underneath.  Those two blocks are built up of action and balance or action and rest. Because ultimately, when we are moving towards a goal, right before we achieve that goal there’s action. But within the action there has got to be rest.  There has to be balance for you to balance the giving and the receiving energy; to balance the masculine and the feminine energies.  Balance the action with taking time out and recharging. You have that super ability right before achieving the goal where you’re in flow. You’re in inspired action and you’re taking time out. You’re filling up your energetic container so you can be the best that you can be.

If we’ve got the goal, then we’ve got action and rest underneath, there has got to be three blocks in the pyramid of success underneath that. We’ve got preparation. I actually call this the plan, do, review principle.  You plan things; preparation, you do things and then you review things to see what worked and what didn’t work so that you can plan with any changes and the amendments that need to be done to review, which allows you to then take action and rest which allows you to start to achieve your goal!

The next step down is four blocks in the pyramid for success. The four blocks that literally underpin the plan, do, review principle are the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.

When you can address all four of those simultaneously or one at a time whilst working towards your goals, you’re embracing holistically the power of your mind, body and spirit together.  When you start to do that, you can embrace the balance that your whole body requires support with. Not just the physical, not just taking action to get fitter and not addressing the thoughts behind why you’re not fit in the first place for example, but why there may be self-sabotage in the first place. Not just focusing on trying to be positive and making sure your feelings and emotions are super positive when actually you’re ignoring the negative parts that need to be addressed, that need some light shining on them for you to be able to understand them, release them, change them, and turn them into your super powers. Not working with energy only and not understanding why you’re in pain, because the two work together.  When you can start to embrace all four of those – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies – you can then use that to underpin your plan, do, review, your action and your rest to achieve your goal right at the top of the pyramid!

We have five blocks that underpin the above. We have movement, which addresses the physical and emotional bodies and can address the mental body and the spiritual body as well because we’re able to clear out our energy whilst moving, or exercising and any stagnant blocks as well as improving our fitness.  

The second one is nutrition. What we put on the inside represents us on the outside as well as human beings on our physical body. Do you know how hard it feels when you’ve maybe had a lot of sugar and you have that crash afterwards? Not only does your body physically feel like it’s crashing but your mood feels a bit shady as well. What you put in your body affects you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The third one is therapy/hypnosis. Working with the imagination. Working with the creative side f your brain.  Allowing yourself to access places within you to be able to release. This is where there may be another person, therapist or coach involved to be able to support you to do that if you don’t have the tools within your toolkit to do that yourself.  That’s the only time when you may be looking to somebody externally to help you to facilitate turning the key inside of yourself to open it up for you to be able to heal yourself for your own success.

The next one is energy healing - working with your own energy. For those of you who may not be hugely energetically aware, often physical pain is a manifestation of something that started out in your aura - in your energetic or spiritual body. By working with that spiritual layer, you’re able to help prevent any ailments, illnesses, issues, or challenges coming through in the physical body.

The final one is accountability/coaching. Sometimes, all it takes for you to be able to take powerful action to do these things is to tell somebody you’re going to do them by a certain time. When you can have that in place via a buddy, a coach, a mentor, a friend or a family member, it is so incredibly powerful what a difference that can make. It’s something so simple but so easily overlooked.

To recap on those, we have five in this block with the sneaky two in the middle;

·       Movement - Exercise

·       Nutrition

·       Hypnosis and therapy - visualisation

·       Energy healing - meditation, Reiki, Chakredy, essential oils etc.

·       Accountability and coaching.

These all underpin the physical, mental, emotional bodies which underpin the plan, do, review blocks, which underpin the action and rest which underpins achieving the goal!

The next layer has six sections to it.  I'll break those down for you in the next blog coming soon!



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