You Make Your Own Success! Part 3

You Make Your Own Success!

Part 3


So back to the powerful pyramid!!  In part 3, I'm breaking down the foundation of your goals-this layer of the pyramid, literally underpins it all!!  If you haven't caught part 1 or 2 yet, recap below!

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Here's the final layer:

You’ve got to have a dream.  You’ve got to have that vision for your goal in the first place. You’ve got to be able to dream of what it is that you want to be able to conceive it. But here is the thing: Not only have you got to have the dream to conceive it, you’ve got to be able to believe it to conceive it.

You’ve got to be able to believe that you can achieve your dream like you believe the sun will come up in the morning when you go to bed at night.  When you can do that, you are on your way to underpinning all of those actions that we have mentioned above - movement, nutrition, energy healing, therapy or hypnosis, accountability.

You’ve got to be prepared to lose it. You’ve got to be prepared to shed what no longer serves you. You’ve got to roll your sleeves up in the best possible sense of the word and be prepared to dive in to the mud to be able to find the diamond inside of you. Underneath that, you have then got to work out what makes you tick, so you can manage it.

What triggers the hell out of you? What makes you feel amazing? Who or what situation? So you can own your shit, take responsibility for it and you can really start to work with it because when you're aware of it, you can really work with it.  If you don’t know and you’re not aware of it, how are you ever going to be able to change anything?

The next one is to move it. You’ve got to move things. You’ve got to be prepared to move your body. You’ve got to be prepared to move energy. You’ve got to be prepared to move your thinking. You’ve got to be able take action on those areas of you that have to move, have to shift. Whether that is quantum leaping in your imagination to the places that you want to go to, the places you want to be, the health that you want to have, the wealth that you desire, the clients that you deserve. Whether it is physically moving your body, exercising, you’ve got to underpin that physical action with the thoughts and the feeling about it first.

The final one is balance. You’ve got to work out what’s true for you. What works with your values? What’s in alignment? What’s in integrity with who you are as a person and what’s important to you? When you can do that, you will just start to build the most incredible foundation for everything that moves towards your goal.

When we look at this pyramid of success, we have to be able to understand that the very foundation of that has these six steps;

·       Being able to dream about what it is that we want - having a vision, having an idea, having that moment that allows you to be able to imagine what it would be that you would have, be, do, see, or places you would go when you have the health, the wealth, the happiness, the success that you desire.

·       You’ve got to believe it.

·       You’ve got to be prepared to lose what doesn’t serve you. Lose whatever you need to lose to have that goal. That might be limiting beliefs. It might be energy blocks. It might be weight. It might be pain.

·       You’ve got to learn how to manage it, how to manage you as a person and not relying on other people to support you, to encourage you, to calm you down when you need it. You’ve got to work out how to self-soothe and give yourself those opportunities to be able to manage your energy, your triggers, the things that make you tick.

·       You’ve got to be able to move things. You’ve got to be able to shift your thoughts, your feelings. You’ve got to be able to know how to move your body, how to move pain, how to shift energy to be able to allow you to be free to take the action you want to take.

·       You need to work out how to balance this. What is important to you? Who is important to you? What does integrity mean to you? What feels aligned for you to do towards your goals?

On that foundation you can then build those powerful tools that we talked about - movement, nutrition, hypnosis and therapy, being able to work with energy and energy healing, having accountability in place - having a coach or a buddy to support you.

This allows you to then access the four bodies - the physical, the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When you are able to work with those not only simultaneously but separately or in combination but be being fully aware of all four of those layers of the body, you can start to plan, do, review.  Plan, do, review is actually a cycle. You plan, you do, you review it. Then you plan some more, you do, and you review it.  If something is working really well you just rinse and repeat, but you still plan, do, and review.  That gives you the confidence, the belief, the energy, the focus to be able to take action, but also the integrity, the balance, the peace, the calmness for you to stay in rest mode part of that time as well to create that powerful balance. What happens after that is you reach your goal.

You see, achieving your goal is such a tiny part of the journey.

What have you learned so far in this series?  Do you feel as though you are owning your success more than you were when it started?

In the final part going soon, I'm going to share with you what magic happens when you flip the pyramid upside down!  Stay tuned for that!



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