You Make Your Own Success! Part 4

You Make Your Own Success!

Part 4


Hi!!  You're back for part 4 of owning your success!  I mentioned in part 3, that there is some magic that happens when you start to see the Pyramid for Ultimate Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success upside down-I'm sharing what happens with you today in this final part!

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If you flip that pyramid around so you have six on top and one at the bottom, it becomes a funnel.

This represents us as energetic beings. We have so many ideas that are all in our head. So much intuitive energy, connection to source. We can dream it. We have all of these amazing ideas. But sometimes they get stuck.

When you start to use this pyramid as a guide and you’re able to work with it in both directions, you’re able to then start to take action.

Action brings your ideas into your reality. It grounds them. It manifests them.

As you start to see that inverted funnel there, you have the power of seeing that you can start with an idea but when you are able to integrate all of these things into physical actions, mental changes, emotional changes, spiritual tools, you’re able to manifest your ideas, your dreams, and your goal into reality.

What happens is often if you recognize you’re never achieving a goal or you’ve got so many ideas and you can’t work out which ones to pick, chances are there is something missing in that pyramid.  There may be something you’re not doing or not addressing or not acknowledging or not aware of unintentionally or intentionally that is the missing piece(s) that is allowing you to bring this down into your reality - to create it, to anchor it down into earth.

When you start to see the power this pyramid has, not only to build upon as a foundation but to help you bring things down into reality, into manifestation, into creation, you have the most incredible toolbox to work with and an amazing strategy to move forwards. Sometimes what happens when we are super spiritual people or very intuitive, often we stay stuck with so many ideas. We’re not able to bring it down into reality and we wonder why, or even lose sight of our dreams.

When you can have the balance of action and rest, strategy, planning, reviewing, which are kind of right-sided, logical, very structured, very systematic things, they balance out the dominant left side - the intuitive side, the receiving side. They allow us to balance the yin and yang. They allow us to be able to harmonize both action alongside rest and balance. And of course, what that brings about is success. It’s the goals. It’s the achievements.

I hope you've enjoyed this series of blogs, the Pyramid for Ultimate Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success has been a game changer for me, I trust it will be for you too!

Let me know in the comments what you have loved about this series!



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