How to Master Your Health and Happiness with powerful goals

How to Master Your Health and Happiness with powerful goals

What Have Your Goals Got to Do With Your Health and Happiness?

I'd love to ask this question of you today:

“What are you doing to be able to achieve your health and happiness goals?”

I know that every single one of you reading this, or in my beautiful Facebook group has some kind of health or happiness goal, be it growing a fledgling business, losing weight, gaining confidence, some of you have aches and pains you’d love to get rid of, reduce and get moving.  

For some of you it’s one of these things, while for others it might be anxiety, depression, it could be a multitude of things and not just one.  

What I wanted to get across to you if you’re not already aware is that your ultimate health and happiness goal is really only about 5% of the whole equation that leads to you achieving that goal.

In terms of what it is that you may be doing already or the pieces you are missing if you’re not already doing it, they go towards the rest of that 95%, which lead to you successfully achieving whatever goals you desire.

This 95% consists of things like planning, action, getting clear on what it is that you want, being sure that you are putting in place strategies and systems to be able to reach your goal come what may - come wind, rain, shine, happy, or sad.

I’d love to know what it is that you’re putting in practice that is moving you along that remaining 95% path towards your goal.  Are you doing it consistently as well?

The Turning Point of Success:

The absolute treasure, the turning point in achieving any goal is actually realising that it isn’t an A-B step.  It’s actually more like A-Z STEPS.

BUT, that’s not to say that it’s complicated; it’s actually sooooo simple to fill in that gap between A and Z.

It’s so easy to do the things required, but it’s also soooooo easy not to do them.  

And that’s where people often go wrong, because these steps to the remaining 95% are so simple they’re either overlooked - people don’t think they’re important, they’re not even noticed because they’re so simple, or they're not taken as being part of a significant chunk of those action steps that you need to take towards your goals.  Often, because they look so simple, they are almost unacknowledged.  There is an element of, “It’s only that. It’s only going out for a walk once for five or ten minutes every day.  It’s only sitting on the sofa first thing in the morning for 10 minutes to do some mindfulness practice or some meditation, I'll be fine without it.”

Every time that happens you’re skipping and losing % chunks of what it takes to be able to achieve that goal.

As you realise that your goal is further away than where you are right now, there has to be certain things that you put in place to allow yourself to get to that point and master your Ultimate Health and Happiness.

It might seem obvious, but don't underestimate their power!

Let's look at the breakdown of a goal:

30%: If your goal is to lose weight, for example, you need to eat healthy, you need to eat less, you need to exercise more.  However, that’s probably only 10% of the equation for each action.

5%: What you need to do is get clear on what it is that you want to achieve and why - that’s another 5%.

20%+: You need to really start to work on and eliminate the self-sabotage behind it, where it come from in the first place-these are deep subconscious patterns and beliefs. That’s another 5%-20%, if not more for some people.

40%: You need to address the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body because all of those together create our human body. There’s another 40% there.

I wonder how many of you are maybe missing some of those gaps?

Are you?

As it becomes apparent that some of those gaps are in your journey, they are so easy to fill - absolutely, incredibly, easy to fill.

If you have some basic knowledge and tools to tap into, you can literally implement them within the space of two weeks or less if you need to.  

Of course, you can put them in place but actually doing them is the important thing.  And that might take longer to implement, or to notice the changes and benefits from doing them; it depends on what your goal is or what it is that you want to achieve.  The changes can be instant but the results take a little bit longer. And that is the power of being able to put these incredible strategies in place to allow you to achieve that goal, to make that goal a done deal.  

It enables you to take the simple actions built up over a period of time to allow you to create the most transformational results with your health and your happiness.

If you have multiple goals at one time, it might be to improve your health and fitness, then actually the ultimate goal is probably less than 5%, for example, if you have a couple or three running at the same time. Let’s say you’ve got two - you’re looking at about 2.5% for each of them. And in this example, each of them will probably have a very similar journey of action steps for things that you need to do, things that you need to change, and certain things you need to implement on those simple steps. They will probably be the same, if not very similar.

When I work with clients I tend to find that there are some strong links that we can work with when health and life coaching quite easily, by dealing with just one common issue/goal.  And then they can achieve a multitude of goals simultaneously, leveraging their time and effort!

So how much action towards your goal do you feel you are taking?  

Do you have gaps that are missing that you can implement?  

What are they?  

What can you do to implement them right away? 

If you want help to set your goals, or support to take the action towards your goal, then reach out!  I currently have 2 1:1 coaching spots left for September, with a BONUS 3 hour Akashic Guidance Intensive where we cover health, life and business, from a mind, body, spirit perspective, worth over $400.

If you are ready to take charge of your health, life and soul aligned, holistic business and up level, let's talk!!!  If this is calling you, I would love to work with you!




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