Are you nearing burn out?
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Have you ever experienced burnout?

I just took a couple days off Facebook.  

I had a planned spa day on Friday and I knew I wanted to just be in that abundant receiving space without distractions and surrounded by amazing conversation and connection without my phone in my hand.

When I got home on Friday, my wifi at home was broken-it didn't come back until Saturday evening, so I limited my date usage as I had no idea how long it would last without wifi!! #whatdidwedobeforewifi

In this day and age-internet breaks so rarely, I took that as a sign to extend my offline time and take a break from a majority of the time I spend on Facebook.

Instead, I did these extra things:

👩‍❤️‍👨 Spent even more time with my hubby, with my phone in ANOTHER ROOM!! #itsarealproblem 😂

❤️Popped to a Macmillan fundraiser that was being organised in my street.

🍲Did some home baking that I tell myself I never have time to do

🥘Slow cooked and batched more delicious healthy meals for the freezer than I have ever made before!

Now, I am amazing at self-care these days, and I love playing in the online spaces, but honestly, if I really feel into it, I've been feeling a bit of Facebook overwhelm and burn out right now, wanting to and trying to support all the people I love to be around online and be in the groups I love, whilst running a growing business can get a bit, well…RAAAAARRRRRR!!!  

It can be tough as a heart centred entrepreneur to put boundaries in place when you want to love and be loved.

Know where I'm coming from?

In total transparency, doing this actually was not easy for me. 

I had to do some deep subconscious and energy work on this because it is deep ingrained in me that consistency = visibility and interacting builds the know, like and trust factor.  In doing that though, I am not 100% practicing what I preach.  I'm not allowing myself, or you to fulfil your true potential either!  I had to feel the fears and do it anyway!

So I worked through the subconscious fears of

'will people think I'm not committed?'

'Will people leave me because I didn't post for a day?' 

'Will people go off me because I haven't been visible?'

'Does this feeling mean I'm not good enough to do this?'

None of that matters if I'm unwell or out of action because I burnt out.  

These are all self-imposed barriers I put in my own way.

Once I tapped on this, tweaked a few affirmations and afformations, listened to a hypnosis, followed by some energy clearing and healing, guess what happened?

My nervous system came back to centre, I moved to a deeper sense of relaxation I thought was possible (and I am generally a chilled out peep!) and I recharged in little over 24 hours-much less time than a full holiday would be, or a full blown cold or illness would take to recover from! #preventionisbetterthancure

Quite frankly, I feel AMAZING!  I am excited to be back online and to say hello to you all and see what you've been up to!

😣Are you feeling close to Facebook or online burn out?

😟What self-imposed barriers are you putting in your own way?

😱What subconscious beliefs are bringing about burn out for you and meaning you daren't step off the treadmill for fear of dropping the ball or a plate will stop spinning?

I put an amazing structure in place to help me work through this subconscious and energy process and I'm happy to share it with you.  

I totally get that it might be difficult to say you feel this way out loud, if your friends/family/clients/potential clients/coaches are in the online spaces too and you think it will be detrimental to your business or relationships if you do, so reach out privately, or click here and I can walk you through the process to get balance and joy back in your life and health rather than burn out and as a result you will have even more energy and be able to attract even more aligned clients and opportunities to have the life and health you desire!

So much love,



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