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thoughts become things

Mindset and Spirituality are Linked:

Why Thoughts Become Things

Part 1

This blog post comes from an interview I did with Stacy Ellis where I shared what I’ve learned about mindset, our subconscious, our thoughts, and how they convert into our reality.  It allows us to bring up all of those things, those sources, those beliefs around us that are manifesting in our reality and what we may be seeing in our reality as a reflection of our inner world.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Leila Hardy. I am an online holistic health and life coach. My passion is to help people rewire and reprogram at a cellular level, to help them heal at a deep level using my unique blend of earth-bound skills, from personal training, nutrition, massage therapy, right through to more alternative gifts; using Rapid Transformation Therapy, clinical hypnotherapy to heal the subconscious mind and any negative programming or beliefs, affirmations and afformations to rebuild the subconscious, as well as using the Akashic records for guidance and looking where there are ancestry trails or past life trails to be able to guide you in this life as to how you’re affecting your reality.

Energy healing, mindfulness, and meditation are a huge part of my healing skills I really love to combine all of those things to help people give themselves permission to become the happiest, the highest, the healthiest version of themselves possible.

In a nutshell, I am most happy when I am blending the subconscious mind, body, and energy to really transform people’s health in a really practical way. Bringing some of those spiritual techniques, some of the over-complicated scientific techniques out there, right in the middle ground so we can understand them tangibly and act on them really easily.

Why do I do this?

I’m quite frank when I share my story around why I coach people doing this and how I’ve come to this point. I truly believe that in a Mind, Body, Spirit way, my journey has actually been exactly that way.

One of the missing pieces I’m going to talk about frankly to you is about mindset and about thoughts becoming things and how our thoughts become our reality.  You might not actually see how your thoughts may be affecting your reality as well.  One of the key things when I talk about it is the shadow parts inside of myself.  The darker parts, the vulnerable parts that have always wanted to stay hidden.

Part of my journey has been about starting to embrace those and become accepting and unconditionally loving of those. I’ve been able to completely transform my health, my wealth, my life, and my happiness. This experience has allowed me to help my clients to go deeper whilst embracing their shadow parts as well, really turning them into their superpowers, their lighter spots.

When did I first become aware of thoughts become your reality?

It was probably about five years ago.  Back then, I did not have an instant lightbulb moment though. I didn’t hear something and think, “Oh, everything is going to fall into place.”  I really struggled with that concept.  I listened to The Secret movie soundtrack on audio, and that was my first introduction into your thoughts becoming your reality or thoughts become things.

To be fair, I had spent most of my life, in hindsight, looking for lightbulb moments.

I spent most of my career searching for lightbulb moments and ways to lose weight quickly because I was a yo-yo dieter; I had a terrible relationship with food.  Food was like my comfort blanket but my nemesis at the same time and I couldn’t figure out why.  I could never understand why I couldn’t stick to some of them and why I couldn’t stay healthy and motivated at the same time. It was always one or the other.  But I always wanted to make people happier and healthier, which had led me into a fitness career as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition adviser.  Ironically, it’s paid off now.  You always know in hindsight there is a reason for these things!

It was when I expanded my business into working with a range of natural supplements that I really started to explore the Law of Attraction and what kind of place that had in my world, in the realm of who I was and how that started to create my reality.  

Nothing still really quite clicked.  

I was understanding the concept but I felt like there were missing pieces for me in the whole Law of Attraction topic; acting as if, visualising and putting things out there to the Universe.  There was just something missing for me that I hadn’t quite grasped yet.

Instead of exploring that more, I had thrown myself into expanding my business where I was able to earn all-expenses-paid holidays, five star trips, cars paid for, finance bonuses, all sorts of things that I was visualising when I was putting it out there to the Universe.  And it felt great for a while, until my sister died suddenly.  She just didn’t wake up one morning.

Everything started to change for me from then on.

There was a whole series of events after that that really created the most enormous lightbulb moments in my life that transformed my life.  I look on it now with so much gratitude and appreciation although at the time it wasn’t always that way.

A little bit of background to that.

My father left us when we were 11 years old.  He had very little to do with us.  He was very much out of our lives.  We all had to do our growing up pretty quickly.  And I never thought anything of it.  I never really thought anything of that until when my sister died and he came back into our lives.  This was 22 years later.  But after he made contact, arranged to come to my sister’s funeral, he disappeared again.  He never arrived for the funeral, we lost all contact; he just didn’t want anything to do with us anymore.

What I saw myself doing, in hindsight, was so intensely powerful subconscious patterns kicking in, the self-sabotage mindset kicking in.  

It feels like a different lifetime now looking back at it.

But I ate and ate and I self-sabotaged and self-sabotaged, until I thought I was actually going to harm myself.  All that I could think of at the time was, “I’m just grieving. I’ve lost my sister.” And that was all that it felt like it was at the time until there was just a little lightbulb moment where I had a glimpse of anger come up towards my dad. And this is the first shadow pattern that was so deeply buried inside of me since I was 11 years old.

I started to feel that it wasn’t actually losing my sister that was bringing on this self-sabotage and driving the need to fill a void with food that I was feeling.

Although the loss was a huge part of it, as was the grieving, it was the belief that if my dad could leave me not once but twice in my lifetime, then there must be something wrong with me.  I must be unlovable in some way, I must be unwanted in some way, maybe not good enough in some way.  That deep subconscious belief that was planted with me from age 11 had really started to change my thoughts and my reality.

Here I was overweight, nobody would want me, I didn’t feel very lovable, and I certainly didn’t feel good enough. In essence, my thoughts had completely created my reality, beginning from at least 11 years old, if not earlier.  

All of that feeling, that self-sabotage, started to come up to the surface. I was able to really touch some raw, deep, dark parts of me like anger, shame, guilt, not to mention the grief as well as loss not only of my father back at 11 but also at 33 and my sister at the same time.

I was really starting to touch on some deep, dark shadow parts that, to be perfectly honest, I was petrified of back then.

I didn’t know if I let them up to the surface, would they ever stop?

I didn’t know if I let them up and let other people see them, would they never want to know me again?

Would that just bring the feeling of not being good enough, the belief and the thoughts of not being wanted and feeling that rejection?

There was so much fear coming up around that.

But as I started to just gently titrate those feelings and let them drip out in their own time, in the right circumstances, in the right situations, in the right energetic spaces and containers where I could trust people and be totally authentic and honest, I realised that they were turning into becoming my greatest strengths.  As I realised I had nothing to hide, I hid nothing. So I started to share my story and I started to allow people to realise that their thoughts are also creating their own reality.

But there was still something missing. Even though I could now really integrate thoughts and I could integrate my reality, I felt like there were some missing bits for me. And I realised one day that actually there were some steps in between thoughts and reality that I hadn't been aware of.

Those thoughts were my emotions so I felt not lovable enough, not wanted enough, therefore my actions were to eat more to fill the void tied to not one to be involved and confident with people. Therefore, my reality was fuelling that. And suddenly, just like that I could see these thoughts and beliefs create your feelings, create your actions, which create your reality.

And I could then start to really tangibly see how I got to that point. I could then start to see in my clients which I was still coaching for health and fitness, ironically, whilst working through my own food stuff, I could see them moving through the same patterns. I had never seen it before with such clarity.

I could see them go through great phases of real focus, really on plan, really working hard with their workouts and their exercise plans.  Then something would happen and they would drift off.

I’m going to stop here. Be sure to come back for the second half of this very informative interview on how our thoughts become things through our mindset and spirituality.

If you have any questions about how powerful our mindset is or how they can benefit from working with me, don’t hesitate to ask me.



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Mindset and Spirituality - Thoughts become Things Part 2

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