Mindset and Spirituality - Thoughts become Things Part 2
thoughts become things

Mindset and Spirituality are Linked:

Why Thoughts Become Things

Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the mindset and spirituality interview.  I hope you enjoyed the first half. If you haven’t had a chance to read it pop on over here now.

Mindset and Spirituality - Thoughts become Things

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I could see there was something deeper than simply taking actions to change your reality.

It wasn’t a case of always focusing on changing the actions to change the results. You needed to change the emotions and you needed to change the beliefs around them as well. It was really the foundation there for me of everything I started to build on from there. You might have realised that I’m really holistic; I always have been very holistic in my approach to mind, body, spirit, and everything.

I started to get really curious so I started to look at not only the thoughts and beliefs, the feelings that lead to our actions that lead to our results, but I started to look at the mind, body, spirit aspect of it. As I started to really explore energy more and understand the spiritual side of things, I just totally lightened up. Spirituality has literally lightened me up!

I used to be so serious about everything. I used to be serious about needing to get things right, needing things to be perfect, needing everybody to like me, needing everybody to appreciate me, needing to feel valued, so I could reinforce who I was. But spirituality and this deepening understanding of my mindset allowed me to really understand that I was good enough to the core of me, the essence of me. Therefore, I would always be okay even if people didn’t like me or didn’t like what I had to share or didn’t want to be around me for whatever reason. I knew I would always be centred and okay one way or another, ultimately. That was really key for me.

When I started to introduce the spiritual piece and talking about energy, talking about integrating thoughts becoming things into everything that I did, it really kind of amplified the benefit of the work I was doing, not only for myself but with my clients as well.

I started working on myself. I started working on my subconscious beliefs, undoing all of the negative programming, reprogramming, rewiring them with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, affirmations, afformations - a different form of affirmations.  I was shedding weight like it was going out of fashion.

There was so little effort involved, the motivation was easy, I was able to really stay true to myself and what my body needed, and I had never had that feeling before. I really loved and appreciated myself and felt proud of myself. And because of those thoughts and feelings that were going on, I grew in confidence.

I started to do more with my business. I started to do more with my life. You see the action piece there? And so then my reality started to change even more. The “thoughts become things” just became part of my life in health, in fitness, in relationships, in work, in business, everything. My whole energy was just absolutely shifting and changing.

It was in that that I really started to look more into the shadow parts of ourselves.  As much as I was embracing the mind, body, spirit, I was working on every layer of my body – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual now – I was really starting to build a strong foundation that was building a really good structure.

If you imagine it like a building, the foundation that it was underpinned on - thoughts become feelings become actions become reality - now started to have mind, body spirit - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And the missing piece, I felt for me, was integrating the shadow parts; really allowing them to come up to be seen, to be heard, and to be acknowledged.  To hold on to the ones that serve us a purpose but to know it’s okay to release the other ones, the ones that no longer have a purpose or an out of date purpose because they may have served a purpose at some point. As I started to move into embracing those shadow parts all the more, I could see all of those other layers getting stronger as well.

And that is exactly the foundation I started to build into a system.

It is having the intention to create a safe container for others to be able to see their shadows, to bring them up, to be courageous enough to share them if they feel they can, knowing they will always be accepted unconditionally. They will always be honoured and there will be no judgement against them.

It’s a beautiful place to be in.

When I started to work on the shadows, all of a sudden it got even easier to work on the thoughts and feelings that were affecting our actions and our reality.  For a while I was like, “It’s easy; just change your thoughts.”

But how do you change your thoughts if you don’t know why your thoughts are going that way anyway?

As soon as I reached into the subconscious mind and integrated that with the shadow work, the energy shifts were just out of this world.  People would have physical lightbulb moments and paradigm shifts whilst really understanding why this has all come about.

And suddenly, you could see them have control again rather than their subconscious thoughts and beliefs controlling the show, running the show completely.  That energy shift was really tangible at times for some people.  

You can really sense and feel the expansion, the shift, and the clear of energy as people start to release this from their system, that some of them have held on for lifetimes let alone this life now.

To summarise, I love to look at it like a pyramid. Ultimate health is my jam!  I want people to have ultimate health, whatever that means to them. It really starts with that foundation layer of that pyramid which is your thoughts, your beliefs become your feelings become your actions which become your reality.

When we can understand that and integrate that, we’re able to apply the mind, body, spirit approach to it in a really holistic way which helps us to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of our body.

We’re really starting to work from the inside out. We are able then to have the courage, the curiosity, the light-heartedness, the acceptance, to be able to look at our darker parts, our vulnerable parts, the fragile parts of us, the ego that is full of fear and anxiety, and really embrace them so we can walk hand in hand with them if we need to, or to actually allow some of them to let go and release them.

If you’re really enjoying the sound of all I've shared here, over in my Facebook group Mind + body + Spirit= Ultimate Health, right now there are so many videos, coaching and masterclasses in there where we dive into this incredibly powerful topic in many ways!

I am empowering people to bring up their shadow parts to be seen, to be sat with you for you to release the ones that you’re ready to let go of and embrace the ones that and to turn those into your super power as well.

With my background in food addictions and yo-yo diets, I was really keen to find a way to cleanse my system that doesn’t involve a yo-yo diet or a fad. I was really keen to keep that psychology piece, that thought piece of allowing my channel, my vessel, to be cleansed in a mind, body, spirit way that really allows me to flow and to receive insight, wisdom, clarity, to allow me to declutter every part of me in a physical way, a mental way, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

I created a couple of methods for you to learn and experience the powerful changes that occur when you work on the thoughts and feelings.

The BDBTT Bootcamp, a 6 week online group program is all about resetting your powerful goals and changing your thoughts, beliefs and feelings around your weight, health and happiness.

I created a 14-day mind, body, spirit cleanse that really allows you easily to take time out without having to take time out. If you feel burnt out, if you feel you’re overworking, you feel you’re pushing all the time or struggling with motivation, maybe even struggling with that foggy brain that comes with eating a lot of sugar, or really starting to crave things and you may be filling a void like I was, to be able to just reset your system, this 14-day mind, body, spirit cleanse may be just the thing that would suit you perfectly. 

I love the potential to be able to create containers online, energetic containers for the most incredible change. That’s my jam as well; I love playing in the online space!

The reason I share my story is because it is what I do.  Hence the reason it’s easier to share as it happened to me - its not from a text book or theory.  

I’m starting to hear more and more about people using shadow work, and I’m really happy because it’s something that needs to be talked about. It’s something that needs to come up to be shared and talked about.

There is no shame to feel angry. There is no worry that somebody is going to reject you if you are a little bit negative. It’s okay so long as you don’t live there and so long as you don’t set up home there. That’s when there can be an issue with your energy, your emotional bodies, your mental bodies, and your physical bodies.

How do I tap into the shadow parts of myself?

Journaling helps me a lot. At one point, because I couldn’t write in my normal journal if I felt angry - that’s how scared I was of it - I couldn’t write anything like sad, angry, or frustrated, I actually got myself a red journal which felt to me like the colour of anger and passion and bringing it up. I had to write it separately in a journal for a while until I could integrate it into my regular journal, like I do now.

I also use my shadow Oracle cards to work with shadow energies, both for myself and to support my online community and clients.  This is a beautiful shadow deck called Messages from Shadow by Keri Nola. They are oracle cards which really allow you to tune in to which shadow energies may be coming up to be seen and constructively allow you to work with them, to release them and to then bring up anything that resonates with you around those. I also do a little bit of work with pendulum and energy testing and assessing.

The Messages from Shadow deck is the most incredible deck I’ve ever worked with because it really allows you to look at these things but really kindly and with compassion, which is what I think needs to happen. We have so much judgement on negative or shadow energies. We have to be able to look at them like we would look up happiness or joy or peace and give them the same kind of attention and acknowledgement that they deserve because they formed our reality just as much as the good ones have.

You can have a look at the BDBTT Bootcamp, which starts soon and the 14 day mind, body, spirit cleanse here, if it’s something you want to get involved with or you just want to ask me some questions about it to see if it’s a fit for you or something you’d like to do.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my beliefs on how our mindset affects things.

If you have any questions about how powerful our mindset is or how they can benefit from working with me, don’t hesitate to ask me.

And be sure to join my Facebook group for even more fun and insights!




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Mindset and Spirituality - Thoughts become Things

Mindset and Spirituality - Thoughts become Things