My Monday Madness Wish for All you Lovely Ladies!! <3

My Monday Madness Wish for All you Lovely Ladies!! <3

Hey ladies!

It's only me!

I am just fresh out of spinning so I am red hot, I'm dripping and I'm boiling - not a pretty sight!  But I'm wondering; do I care?!

Well, yes, sort of, because I'm not being completely presentable to you guys, but no, because  what this shows is just how bloody brilliant we all are!

One year ago, I signed up to that gym, over three stone heavier, really low in confidence and absolutely ashamed of what I had become.  I know all about healthy eating and fitness - I coach it to others!  Yet here I was, overweight and struggling with my health.  

I also remember that very first time I went spinning!  I literally could not breathe at times I was so out of condition and I'm so defeated in my own mindset.

So one year on, I'm 35 years old and probably, my realisation is, that I'm fitter and healthier both physically and mentally for the first time in my life that I've ever ever been.  And yes, I'm not as light as I was once, but actually, once upon a time I wasn't eating properly to be that light, so actually, I am so so proud of myself, so pleased, that every week I go spinning, every single week and have done consistently for the last year, which is another first in my life; to do something consistently.

But it has proven that actually I have overcome so much in my life and overcome so many obstacles that, yes, my mind and my own self has put in there - I'm taking full responsibility for that, but every time I stretch myself in those classes, everytime I push myself a little bit further, it reminds me just how powerful my mind is at helping me to create the healthy body that I desire and also it's just really allowing me to have that revelation that I love what I do for exercise now.

I doesn't have to be a mad ass intense pumping spinning class, but what could you do in the morning or during the day that just really kind of flicks you back into that appreciation mode of how far you've come, how amazing you are and how incredible you are in looking after your body and respecting yourself?

The reason I'm going to start introducing a Monday Madness daily prompt in our 'Lose Weight - The Holistic Way' Facebook Community is because actually in that class, we were getting pushed and pushed and pushed...but do you know what really pushes me?  

It's the language I am saying to my self, saying 'you can do this!', 'You love this!' 'This is you being You, Leila!' (it does really help that there's another lady in the class that I bounce off big time because when she pedals faster, she tries to get me to pedal faster too!  But that is a by-product!)

The ultimate thing is what you tell yourself and how you're acting.  

I think that realisation for me I hope, can just show all of you how incredible you can be.  If you don't feel incredible right now, what one thing can you that will allow you to step into your own incredibility? (if that's even a word!?) 

I know I feel this way partly because I had an incredible weekend, but also because I've got an incredible week coming up - I'm heading off on holiday next week, but I also know it's that inner knowing that I am just soooooo different to how I use to be, even a year ago, but it's not different, it's like this is the real me, this is me coming out, this is me shining out as the person I always dreamed I'd be; slim, lean, healthy, trim, toned, happy and confident.  

And I wish that soooo much for you and everything you want to be too.

Have a great day ladies,

Lots of love,



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