How to Prepare for your Mind, Body and Spirit Journey in 5 Steps

How to Prepare for your Mind, Body and Spirit Journey in 5 Steps



I used to get sooooo frustrated when I was looking for help with my spiritual journey that had come about as I hit rock bottom with my emotional eating, food addictions and the unhappiness that was creating for my life and business.  I wanted answers.

‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!’

‘Can’t you tell me what it is that I’m missing?’

‘Will you just fix it for me?’

‘What the hell is my purpose here?’

It wasn’t until I embraced the fact that I didn’t need to know all the answers, or understand everything all at once, that I couldn’t be ‘fixed’ in one session, that I developed patience and respect for the opportunity to move through challenges at the pace my body and mind were ready to go at. 

I started to see a progressive journey of evolution and adaptation and awakening, rather than an elusive ‘instant fix’ that would make everything alright.

If I’d simply been given the answer, I’d never have understood the processes of healing, I’d never have embodied and integrated the changes and shifts that occurred, I’d never have been able to then offer compassion and hold space for others going through a similar journey with their spiritual awakening and as their consciousness shifted.

‘The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.’


Here are my top tips for gearing up for the journey, rather than the destination:

1: Stop looking for the ONE thing that will change EVERYTHING-it’s a combination of many things together that create lasting transformation

2: Accept that there are no quick fixes and switches to turn on

3: Prepare for a journey of education and self-learning

4: Get support from people and systems that offer unconditional acceptance and non-judgement

5: Hold yourself accountable-if you can’t, ask someone else to hold you accountable.


I’m a holistic health and life coach, specialising in helping those who suspect there are deeper underlying issues that are presenting and manifesting in their reality as health, confidence and happiness challenges.  I love nothing more than combining my unique blend of earth bound skills and woo-woo intuitive gifts, from personal training, nutrition and massage, right through to hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation and energy healing to enable people to heal themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest version of themselves.



‘It only takes one person to change your life: YOU’

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