How to Keep Moving Forwards with your Personal Development

How to Keep Moving Forwards with your Personal Development

What is Going on When you Feel Like You’re Back at Square One?

I just wanted to hop on to say this.  You are powerful.  You have the power to be happy, healthy and have everything you desire, so use it!  Listen to your body and trust yourself because what’s coming up for you in your own personal journey we call life is absolutely incredible.

Have you ever been trying so hard at something, been getting great results, having huge lightbulb moments and for some reason, after a few months, it feels like you've slipped back to square one?  Then when this happens, you ask yourself, “After all my hard work why am I still here?”


A mentor of mine has a seashell and this seashell is like a beautiful spiral.  I personally prefer my Unicorn horn for this analogy!  ;)  It is quite big, about four inches, and it has a gorgeous, ornate spiral.  When you look at a point at the bottom of the horn and imagine this is you when you get help, or come to a new point in your life where things have to change, or when you feel you’re at your lowest point, you’re here at a point on the bottom cycle of the spiral.

Then you do the work - you do some meditation, you do some energy clearing, you do a challenge like I run in our Ultimate Health Facebook Community or you do certain work on yourself - and for a while it feels like you’re moving forward, upwards on that spiral and you’re getting somewhere. And then you go through a change or a shift or something happens and all of a sudden you feel like you’re going backwards. You feel like you’re going back down that spiral of the horn.

But what is actually happening is you’re coming round the spiral; you’re coming back to the same spot but on the next spiral up. So actually, although it feels like it’s the same shit and it’s just a different day, you are different.

Although it feels like you’ve gone backwards, you’ve actually leapt forward to the next one.  

What happens is then you have another breakthrough or you feel like right now you’ve suddenly pushed forward through this. You’ve not even pushed; it’s come to you effortlessly which is beautiful. You’re clear, you process these things, and you’ll move forwards again.  You’ll learn a little bit more about yourself.  You’ll gain a little bit more energy.  You’ll gain a bit more insight about life, about what it is you’re here to do, and what the message is that you’re here to share.

And then what will happen at some point, I don’t know when that will be, you will feel like you’re back there again.  But you’re going to be the next spiral up so you’re going to be wiser, calmer, and clearer in certain ways, even though the same things and the same pattern might be coming up.  Eventually you’ll find you’re coming all the way up through the top of this.

Maybe once as you look back, after six weeks or a year or longer, you find that although it still sometimes surfaces it’s now just like a little ripple rather than a wave or a tsunami.

But what is really key to this is that we’re all work in progress.  

We all go through that kind of process.  I’ll be perfectly honest with you now - running challenges and masterclasses for my audience does exactly that for me and in the past I have processed and cleared huge blocks because that was a huge shift for me to be on camera so often and be so visible as a natural introvert.  

Now you know my body also goes through that processing - we all do it!  

There are people in my group who are processing, shifting, clearing and in slightly different spots.  When you realise that, you can just embrace that journey with curiosity and wonder for the fact that your body is able to allow you to do this; change your thoughts around it rather than feeling stuck, feel like “this means I’ve leapt forwards another cycle, this means I’m a different person yet again, this means I have different thoughts and different feelings!” and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing incredibly.

When I see how my clients blossom, how they’ve grown, how they’ve opened themselves up to trusting me but also allowing me to trust them, it’s a beautiful feeling.  

It’s something amazing to witness.  

I’m just sending you all so much love as you’re working through whatever you’re working through, and whatever you’re processing, whatever you’re integrating.  Allow yourself to be there, wherever you are on that Unicorn horn, knowing and absolutely trusting that you will come through the other side and knowing that all the while you’re feeling those stuck feelings, I am here to help you through them.  

I am here to help you accept them, embrace them, find solutions to them - I am here to allow you to work through that and to aim to keep your heart light, keep you feeling positive, and to really keep that trust coming in you that you can believe you will come through the other side of this just like you believe the sun will come up each night when you go to bed.

You are all amazing!!



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