What do Random Acts of Kindness do?

What do Random Acts of Kindness do?

Yesterday I promised I would share how a random act of kindness I received, created a ripple effect that rippled out to hundreds of people in the space of hours.

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On Friday, I was having lunch with a friend in a tearooms local to her, called Lillys Tearooms.  We both know the wonderful owner of the tearooms, Sue, but hadn't seen her for a long time so thought it would be a lovely opportunity to also see her at the same time if she happened to be there by chance.

We'd enjoyed a delicious lunch, beautifully presented, and took our time to talk, catch up and put the world to rights, as we generally do when when we see each other!  

Just as we were enjoying our drink after lunch, Sue appeared and we had an amazing extra catch up while she took some precious time from her busy day to say hello to us.

If that gift of her time wasn't enough, as we went to pay the bill, the owner screwed it up and told us she does a random act of kindness every day and today it was our turn. 

That feeling was incredible!  Being the recipient of a random act of kindness, no matter what it is, feels brilliant and uplifting; it touched my heart!

It got me thinking...how can I pay this forward?

One of the amazing Facebook communities I am part of, Logic to Light has a weekly promotional day, on a Friday.  This is a chance to share your programs and services for anyone who requires them to reach out to you to work with you.

I normally share a product or service that people have to pay for in this group, but in the moment I went into the group, it became clear what I needed to do to pay the random act of kindness I received, forwards!

I had been pondering all the recent energies and Hurricane Irma worry this last week and wondering what I can do to help other than sending calm and healing wherever possible.  I have a powerful vortex hypnosis that I created that reduces pain, doubt, fear and eases tension on every layer of our body.  

I decided to gift this hypnosis to anyone within the group who needed it.  

Logic to Light is a 200+ strong, interactive community and it felt as good to give a random act of kindness with no expectation of thanks or reward as it was to receive one.

The ripple effect of the random act of kindness I received that day reached much further than just my friend and I.  I wonder if it continued onwards and outwards too as others' also paid it forwards.

Here are five random acts of kindness you could do for someone today:

  1. Pay the carpark or toll fee for the car behind you in the traffic today
  2. Gift a coffee to the person behind you in the queue
  3. Drop a colleague a note paying them a genuine compliment 
  4. Hold the door open for someone
  5. Call someone you haven't spoken to recently to tell them how much you care about them

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?  

Have you ever received one?

How did it feel for you?

Why not share this blog article and see how many random acts of kindness we can spread today?!  Share, then drop a comment to say you have shared it and let's see how far it can reach!






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