5 Steps to Reframe Subconscious Beliefs Part 2

5 Steps to Reframe Subconscious Beliefs

Part 2

I'm back!

In part 2 of this series of blogs, I'm going to be breaking down subconscious beliefs into simple steps so you can identify what limiting beliefs you might be holding that are affecting your health, wealth, happiness and success, so then you can start to reframe them!

If you missed part one, you can recap here:


There are generally three main beliefs that we hold about ourselves that hold us back and limit our natural ability to fulfill our infinite potential here as human beings.

Number one, “I'm not enough.”

Number two, “I'm different to everybody else so I don't belong.”

Number three, “My needs will not be met.” Or, “That what I want, what I desire is not available to me.”

Do those resonate with you already? 

Its very possible, that just as I start to describe them you may already be having some thoughts or images come up of situations where you felt not enough or you felt different, you felt that you don't belong or that your needs are not going to be met no matter how hard you try.

In my experience, one of the most common, the most powerful subconscious limiting beliefs that I come up against when I'm working with clients, time and time again and quite honestly, in total transparency, it’s come up for me as well, is the belief that we are not enough.

You can really fill in the gap here. You can fill in the gap of not good enough, not clever enough, not lovable enough, not worthy enough, you can literally fill in whatever that resonates with you around. 

Do you think you may be holding onto one or more of those beliefs in your subconscious?

What I want you to start thinking about if you do feel at some point you've been made to feel not enough or you believe that about yourself, or that you are different or don't belong, or you're different to everybody else, you don't fit in, or that your needs will not be met, just start to think about how that might be playing out for you in your life.

If you're not sure how these might show up, here are some examples:

  • Weight issues
  • Struggling with identifying and following your purpose
  • Low confidence
  • Comparisonitis
  • Perfectionism
  • A lack of clients or business success
  • Money blocks
  • Procrastinating

The list actually is quite broad, that's the bad news.

But the good news is that actually there are so many things you can do to change it!

If you're still not sure what those beliefs may be showing up as, then have a listen to your self-talk because your self-talk may be coming up with things like, “I don't know enough. I haven't got enough time or money or energy. I haven't got enough patience. I haven't got enough knowledge. I am not doing enough.” You might be hearing yourself saying, “I'm not clever enough”. Or the opposite of that may be, “I'm stupid. I'm too thick.  I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy enough. I don't deserve that. I'm not confident enough. I don't have what others have."

All of those feelings and those self-talk messages that you may be receiving via your subconscious mind or consciously, are putting you in that perspective of lack, in that there is not enough, there is not enough to go round, you don't have enough of whatever it is that you're wanting. 

I do find especially as introverts, as empaths, intuitives, healers, therapists, there are so many feelings of being different to other people, of not belonging and feeling like you're on your own or fear around what people think about you.

As well as that sense of being different, a common fear is around what if your intuitive gifts don't deliver when you need them to, when you're with clients? Which immediately puts people into a freeze mode of fear and then because of that freeze mode, we don't move forwards.  Alternatively, we move forwards and then rush forwards or push forwards and then instantly have to recoil in order to recharge, to recenter, to rebalance.  That might actually take a long period of time where there is no action happening whatsoever. Because rather than flowing and consistently moving forward step by step, little and often in our lives, our relationships and our business, we've done a big push and then had to pull back in order to recharge and to center ourselves. 

The reason for that, the reason we kind of freeze and the reason those thoughts and feelings about ourselves come up is that we're hardwired to find connection and avoid rejection.

Because we are hard wired to find connection with others and with ourselves and avoid rejection, if for any reason in your early formative years from ages naught to seven, even pre-birth (it's scientifically and psychologically proven now that the time we spend in the womb and even prior to that in the conception stage can deliver a lot about our reality today and our thoughts and the lens that we perceive the world through), or even in the teenage years where you're forming your own opinions, you are leaning into what you believe to be right and wrong, true and false, and all of those polarities, you experienced a sense of rejection for any reason, then actually you start to form those impressions that you don't belong, that you're not enough, that you are different from other people, that what you want is never available to you.  Then you start to develop those subconscious beliefs that create your reality. 

If you moved through those years and lost that connection, you are rejected in any way, your subconscious lights up and starts to develop those beliefs that there may be something wrong with you, that you may not fit in, that you may be different, that there may be something you're lacking that other people have, because of those memories, because of those beliefs, because of those experiences that may have happened where the connection has been lost for some reason or rejection has happened, for whatever reason.

When those experiences come with authority, repetition and impact, that's when the subconscious brain really starts to lock onto those memories and starts to form a belief about yourself.  Now, those can be super positive, remember, like, “I am confident. I am good enough. I'm clever. I'm brave. I’m courageous.  Generally, they can be quite limiting as well. 

If you have things you want to change in your reality because they're not quite how you want it to be, that can normally stem back to a root cause subconscious belief that is limiting you in fulfilling whatever it is that you want. But in short, if those beliefs then form your reality later on in life from the moment you're there, you will start to experience more and more instances and situations that will only reinforce that belief or those beliefs. And these can be seemingly insignificant, believe me. 

With the clients that I've worked with with rapid transformational therapy (RTT) and hypnotherapy there have been instances, experiences that the client has looked back and actually said, “Gosh, I didn't even remember that happened. It didn't matter to me at the time.” However, the subconscious in its black and white thinking really started to pick up and develop something that has created a groove through your reality today.

It might be something like an older sibling jokingly telling you that you were adopted during an argument or something. Not meaning it at all, but the subconscious received as, “I do not belong. I'm not connected. I'm not lovable.

It could be a teacher remarking that your homework wasn't as good as another student’s. Or you saw that you had a D and somebody had an A next to you. And that started to really make that groove in your subconscious that you may not be as good as other people or as clever as other people. 

It could be overhearing a third party or even fourth party, a discussion about money between your parents or your parents and grandparents, right through to traumatic events. Traumatic events that you would imagine would leave an impact on your life and your memory like losing a parent, losing somebody full stop, abuse, witnessing an accident or a tragedy as a child.

They're the more obvious ones but often it's the insignificant ones that happen repetitively that can create a lot of the bigger problems because as those little ones build up, it creates like those layers of an onion that we need to then start to peel back for you to really see your potential and believe in your own abilities to be everything that you want to be. 

As you probably figured I could talk all day about the subconscious, but we are really talking about reprogramming and reframing subconscious beliefs in this series of blogs, so I really want to move on to that and stay with what I think is probably the most common limiting belief that plays out in most people's reality which is that I'm not enough in some way.

Look out for part 3 of this series on reframing subconscious beliefs coming your way!

If you're already experiencing some shifts or discomfort whilst reading this, then reach out-doing the work on this will be so powerful for your life!



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