5 Steps to Reframe Subconscious Beliefs Part 6

5 Steps to Reframe Subconscious Beliefs

Part 6

Welcome back!

If you've been following this 6 part series with me, you'll be experiencing some very different thoughts and feelings and actions by now!

Studies show it can take a minimum of 21 days to create new habits and over these last few blogs, you will have been clocking up those days and rewiring some powerful new beliefs and habits as a result!

If you are just hoping in now and wondering what all these changes I'm talking about are, go right back to blog number 1 and start from there!







These are the five steps which I'll just summarize for you.

1.    Identify what's not where you want it to be in your life. Identify the symptoms

2.    Highlight why you don't have it already

3.    Go deeper and look at the subconscious beliefs that apply to you

4.    Trace the beliefs back to be able to move forwards, detach and upgrade

5.    Reprogram those beliefs to be everything that you do want.

Doing this is literally one of the most important starting points ever that I go to every single time when I'm working with my clients and when I'm working with myself as well.

Because if there's something they want to change in their lives, in most cases there will be something in the subconscious mind that's filtering that out to prevent them from having it for some reason.

Your natural, purest form is to be abundant. It is to be worthy. To be confident. To be able to tap in to your infinite potential to be and do and have all of the things that you want to.

But it's only through life that you lose that and you lose sight of it because of memories and experiences that build up those layers on that. 

Imagine yourself as a beautiful, shiny diamond.

As those layers and beliefs and experiences that don't serve you build up, you get covered in crap.  Ultimately, if you've had a lot of crap in your life, you can't see that shiny diamond inside.

The beauty of being able to work through those five steps is it peels back those layers, it cleans up that dirt, that crap so you can actually start to emerge as that shiny diamond that you truly are.

That shiny diamond has potential. It is confident. It is worthy. It is abundant. It is naturally in touch and connected with itself before creating external connections. 

That bright, shiny diamond, is you!

When I do this with client, I use rapid transformational therapy (RTT) to create that immediate understanding of where and why those issues have come about.  Because understanding is power, you then have the power to be able to release those limits and to be able to step into your true potential, whatever that potential is in your mind.

Clearing these away creates this beautiful blank canvas, as a beautiful, shiny diamond, you can then paint all of your dreams, all of your goals, all of your ideas upon this canvas.  You can go about taking every single one of those ideas, every single one of those hopes, every single one of those dreams and making them your reality.

RTT really creates that power for you to be able to embrace your journey, touch the shadows, of course, and look at them in order for you to release them and there's nothing to be afraid. Because you can really step into your power by doing this. And there's so much to gain as opposed to so much to lose that you might be worried about.

If you have absolutely loved what you've experiences over this series, I do actually pretty much talk about this all day over in my group which is Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health. I will pop a link in here so you can join.

Thank you so much for reading and exploring this series.  I look forward to seeing you all soon and checking out what subconscious shifts and changes are going on for you as a result of reading this and working through this as many times as you need to. 



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