Where does EGO come out to play for you?

Can you dance with the shadows?


During my daily meditation, I got a sense that I had to pull a guidance card from my Messages from Shadow Deck.  

With the intention of identifying any collective shadow energies coming up for those within my Ultimate Health Facebook community.  

Here's what came out!


For me personally, this felt true for me in that as I am coming into the beginning of my 6 step challenge in my community, the shadow energies of fear are gently showing themselves! 

I personally, love to dance with my shadows and dark, tender spots and I love to give others permission to do the same, knowing they are safe and supported to do that.

EGO for me, is highlighting something within me that my ego is trying to protect me from, with my subconscious mind doing its best to provide that protection.  

  • ‘Who am I to do this?’
  • ‘What if they don’t like it?’
  • ‘What if they don’t like me?!’

If I listened to them as my truth, I’d never have the business, health and life I have today!


In seeing the shadow energy being brought to light, I can work with it with kindness, love and compassion-of course I am good enough to do this, if they don’t like it; that means they may not be ready to hear what I have to share; if they don’t like me, that takes nothing from me unless I choose to let it.  

Besides, these are fears that are not even reality-funny how our subconscious works hey?!

What about you?

What comes up for you around EGO?

Which parts of you may be afraid and are looking for your compassion and loving attention?  

Is fear stopping you from doing or being something, or acting in a certain way?

Where might the fear of what people think of you, or the fear of being vulnerable and authentic be holding you back in some way?


Embrace the shadow parts of you and work with them rather than against them!  


See how they can show you powerful understanding and solutions to allow you to expand even more in to your true potential!

Lots of gentle love,



P.S.  Full video interpretation is at top of the blog!

Acknowledgements: This Messages from Shadow deck has been energetically attuned and activated via a master grid and wisdom of the shadow support guides, via Keri Nola, for Healing and Awakening.

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