Why You Need The Amazing Secrets of The Akashic Records Part 3
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Why You Need The Amazing Secrets of The Akashic Records

Part 3

Welcome back to the final part of our journey into the secrets of the Akashic records. I’m so happy you are here!

In the part 1 and 2 we learned what the Akashic records were and how I use them as well as what you might experience during a session. If you haven’t had a chance to read those yet, I encourage you to go back and read them here Why You Need The Amazing Secrets of The Akashic Records Part 1 and here Why You Need The Amazing Secrets of The Akashic Records Part 2.  

In this post I want to share with you the kinds of things you can receive guidance on and the right questions to ask.

What kinds of things can you receive guidance on?


Your life purpose - divine purpose, soul’s purpose or whatever you want to call it, whether there have been oaths, vows, or commitments from past lives, ancestors etc. that may be holding you back in your life now. If there is something like a block that’s coming up for you or a repeating cycle and you can’t get out of it or you’re not sure what the interpretation of that is so you can learn from it to understand and break that cycle, then that’s a powerful thing to tap into the records with.

What is there to look at in yourself around a relationship or a situation or a conflict with somebody else?

That brings me to the point of mentioning that the Akashic records are all about you. They’re about what you can learn from an experience you might be having right now. They can’t access without the permission of that person another person’s records to find out … Let’s say if the question was, “Why is so and so being so mean to me?” We can’t do that. The perfect rephrasing of that question would be, “What is it that I need to learn about myself around this situation or that person?”

You could work with what foods would help you to heal, what movement, what spiritual practices will help you raise your energy levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. There are so many different things. I’m going to get more during the questions and some guidelines of what are great questions, what questions don’t work so well, and why. I’m going to give you a reason for that.

When I came across the records just over a year ago, I had no idea what they were. But I was just curious enough for it to plant a seed of thought for me. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the opportunity arose for me to actually learn. And this is how the masters, teachers, and loved ones know that it is all planned out because that opportunity came in the form of joining Amy Robeson’s Facebook group which is Spiritual Espresso, a powerful group.

Actually, I joined it because I was really interested in her crystals and the teaching that she has around crystals. Not long after I joined that group, Amy started talking about the Akashic records. That led to an opportunity to be able to learn from her and be able to learn her unique method of accessing the records, which as you can see has been life-changing for me and lots of people who have experienced them already.

I actually had no idea what they were. If any of you are thinking, “I don’t really know what they are”, it’s fine. Just allow yourself to be open and willing to receive any healing and any insight you get from them, which will allow you to move forwards and maybe take one step further than you have done before towards your health and happiness.

But now I visit them every day. I sit in them personally every day. I sometimes do my work in them- writing posts and emails and such because the clarity that comes through is really powerful. I meditate in my records.

Sometimes I would sit and activate my Reiki energy and send Reiki to masters, teachers, and loved ones because they love that. They love that beautiful giving-receiving partnership that we have.

What has it done for me? What could it do for you?

If you’re in business, it can help you develop new programs. That’s exactly what it’s doing for me- packages, programs, offers, services I’m able to bring you. I create a lot of my Facebook posts in there, marketing in the records.

Actually, just this morning I received the most incredible activation which at some point I will be sharing with you. I’m just letting that integrate and process at the moment.

It’s those powerful things that you’re able to access that will allow you to really flow with your health and happiness in a way that feels like you’re not constantly pushing and putting effort and having to change lots of things.

It will allow you to feel aligned, work with ease and flow, and really move your body, move your health, move your life, move your business forwards in the way that you want it to. It feels free from resistance. It feels like you’re able to work through any of the sticky spots knowing you are supported and guided every step of the way.

What are the ideal questions?

The more specific you are with your question to ask in the records, the better. Because the masters, teachers, and loved ones are able then to give you some really clear guidance based on that specific question that you’ve asked.

Laser-like focus is important for you to get the information you need. Asking broad questions often doesn’t work, especially in a Facebook group thread where many people are participating  because we can’t quite fully tap into all of your energy and go deeply into your records as we would if were one on one or in a longer session.

Yes/no questions are a no go in the records. If you are asking, “will I get this job?” or “will I ever find love?” the masters, teachers, and loved ones just generally won’t answer that.

But if you were to rephrase those into “What is the potential that I can take forwards with me? What is the knowledge, what is the experience I can take forwards with me into this job interview?” Or “What is it I need to learn about myself that will allow me to find love?” Rephrasing those questions into a very specific question rather than a yes/no question is super powerful.

You can’t really ask a futuristic question. There is no sort of fortune telling or anything like that. But you can use the information from the past in your records and your present life now which will help you guide you in the future as well. Third party questions, I’ve already touched on that. You can’t ask about somebody else, “What can I do to help somebody else feel better?” Or, “What does such and such need?” We need their permission to be able to open their records. We can only open your records. Ideal questions are things like, “How can I?” “What is there to learn about such and such?” “What is the next step for me to identify my life purpose?”

Asking questions in my Facebook group threads will only be scratching the surface of the guidance that will be coming through. Of course you will get guidance. You will get incredible information but it may not always be totally enough for you to take clear action and heal and clear and develop from the information.

Those threads are there for you to see the next one or two steps and then you can really start to dive into the Akashic records to use them as a journey to help you learn and grow in the most incredible way. If you really want to dive deep book a 45-minute session with me. (link to services)

Let’s have a look at some ideal spiritual questions.

“How can I deepen my spiritual understanding?” is a great question. “What information spiritually am I ready to receive?” “What is a different way I can look at this situation?” “What is the best way for me to work with this conflict that’s ongoing on?”

“What is my soul’s purpose for this lifetime?” - that’s quite a big one so it’s not going to get answered in one question like one of these “How can I deepen my relationship with myself?” “How will I benefit from meditation?” “How will I benefit from Reiki?” “How will I benefit from mindfulness?”

When it comes to looking at your personal qualities, “what are my strengths?” is a great question. “What self-imposed obstacles have hindered me in my life until now?” “What is the cause of my experience of this ache or pain or ailment or challenge with my health?” “What do you suggest I do to initiate healing?”

There are lots of ways that you can really start to tap into things like soul purpose, health, happiness, relationships, spiritual practices that will help you to deepen your understanding of yourself. Self-care, healing, all of those things. There are so many ways that you can ask questions. You can allow yourself to then receive clear guidance back from your masters, teachers, and loved ones.

Masters, teachers, and loved ones really don’t like the use of the word ‘should’. It feels like there is a lot of judgement on there. They would prefer you to use ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘would look perfect’, ‘would fit well’, ‘would be aligned with my program’.

What does an Akashic reading look like for you, with Leila?

We would go through a really short relaxation. From there I will open your records with your permission. Sometimes your masters, teachers, and loved ones will want to do a little exercise with you, just something to help you deepen the opening of your records. If they do that, great, we just go with the flow. If not, we move into answering your questions and really starting to allow you to receive that powerful guidance.

Often, that guidance will come in the form of a healing or an activation or an achievement. Sometimes it also requires more than one session to work through that thing, especially if it’s a broad subject like purpose- soul’s purpose or life’s purpose.

I perform 45-minute readings.  I can connect deep within your records and channel the information to you. We would be looking at maybe 2-5 steps. They’re really part of a powerful holistic journey for you. Just like any health, any coaching, any business coaching journey at all, it needs that consistent support by having regular readings that help you to heal, help you to develop, help you to grow in so many ways with your health and happiness.

It’s just incredible.

I always record my sessions because I don’t always remember what I’ve said afterwards and also so you’ve got something you can reflect back to. As you shift and move forward with your progress, you will pick up different things when you go back to it and listen to it especially if there has been a lot of information coming through towards a business project or a relationship, for example.

My 45-minute readings are $379.  However, I do offer an Akashic guidance package where I do four sessions for the price of $477. That’s $125 per session!  They’re all done online by Zoom so I can record them for you as well.

I’s been a pleasure sharing with you the secret of the Akashic records and how they are used.

If you want to experience an Akashic records reading, I do offer live threads in my Facebook group quite often on this very subject.

I’d love for you to join my group for these and many other amazing resources to support your on your Holistic Health journey!



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