Self-Care For All Your Bodies Part 4
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Self-Care for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Energy Bodies

Over the past few blogs, I've been breaking down the layers to our body from a holistic perspective, with a brief explanation to what they represent for us, followed by some incredible, powerful self-care techniques that will help you support each of these layers, one by one, or simultaneously.  

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You’ll probably be surprised how many of these techniques and self-care practices you are already taking part in and helping yourself with!

Let’s start with just a brief explanation of the physical layers of our body.

We have four prominent layers within our body.

The physical one is probably the one that is most obvious because it’s our physical body. It is the physical layer so you can touch, you can feel.  

The next step out is our mental layer of energy. This just comes a little further out of our body but also we know that when you associate our mental thoughts and energy, it connects to what we think, what our ideas are, what our thoughts are, and all those things that come into that mental area.

A little bit further out of that, and this sometimes can be a slightly bigger energy field as well, is the emotional.  That’s the things we feel - the emotions, the feelings we have, all of those words and thoughts and feelings you would associate with emotions and emotional layers. 

Finally, we have the spiritual body which tends to be the biggest because it expands out into everything - up, down, out, and reaches and touches earth, sky, and everything in between. We’re talking energy, finding our purpose, deep connection, tuning in to your intuition, experiencing energy blocks, and things like that.

We’re addressing each one of these individually, with a brief explanation and I’m going to talk you through some of the most amazing healing tools that you can use or may already be using.

The Spiritual Energy Body:

The spiritual layer of our energy is probably the bit that gets a little less tangible, although it’s very understandable.

Let’s list a few of these down so you can use them to support the spiritual layer.

Before I do that, it’s worth mentioning that whenever there is a physical issue going on for someones, it may have originated in the spiritual energy layer.  When we can work on the spiritual layer first and foremost, we’re always going to ensure that we’re able to reduce and minimise anything that may start to develop in the emotional, the mental and the physical layers as a result of that.  That can come about from trauma or experiences or witnessing or hearing something, sensing something, and as a result it gets stored in that energy layer, the spiritual energy layer. Often that can develop over years into manifesting into emotional, mental, and physical challenges.

Spiritual self-care practices are things like releasing trapped emotions, using dream healing as a powerful tool, working with sound therapy - sound bowls and sound baths - using crystals to heal, working with Reiki energy, Chakredy(R) energy, prayer, meditation, all of those things.

Just ask yourself now, “What is it that I’m already using and doing that is actually supporting me on my spiritual layer of my energy and I didn’t realise?”  Give yourself the opportunity to just acknowledge that. Let me know what you may be using int he comments and if there is anything else as well that you may be using that’s helping you to support you in that layer!

Colour therapy - Colouring also is incredible for both emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

Dream Healing - Dream healing or journaling around your dreams is deeply powerful for your spiritual energy body as of course, dreaming is the state when we are beyond our physical consciousness

Sound therapy - Using different sounds can be very powerful, as the vibrations from different sounds can shift and change the energy within our energy bodies.

Reiki/Chakredy(R) Energy work - Reiki and Chakredy(R) energy is powerful for identifying and releasing blocked energy, through ay energy layer of the body. 

Meditation - Using meditation is a fantastic way to work with he spiritual layer of our body, in receiving insights, wisdom and strengthening intuition.

Trapped emotions - works on the energy of where you may have stored trapped emotions, traumas, experiences, in your energy field which often manifest themselves in pain, soreness, disease. It gives you that opportunity to really work with those to loosen those trapped emotions in the spiritual layer.

So you've probably seen by now that there’s a vast amount of tools that help us with our spiritual layer most of which you probably do but are maybe unaware that there is a layer it’s really helping you with.


What would you like to try out and action from these?

Let me know what you’d love to try that you maybe haven’t done or you’re curious about from this range of tools and techniques I've talked about here and over the last few blogs.

It’s incredibly powerful to acknowledge what you are doing for yourself that maybe you haven’t acknowledged as self-care, because it is maybe a basic need or something you do every day without thinking about.  

Just like I encourage you to bring awareness to the things you want to change, it is important that you bring awareness to and celebrate the things that are absolutely amazing as well because that’s going to be reinforcing them at a really positive level for you!

That's it from me for this series, I'll be back soon with another sharing!

Take care!



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Self-Care For All Your Bodies Part 3

Self-Care For All Your Bodies Part 3