Self-Care For All Your Bodies Part 1
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Self-Care for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Energy Bodies

Over the next few blogs, I'm going to be breaking down the layers to our body from a holistic perspective, with a brief explanation to what they represent for us, followed by some incredible, powerful techniques that will help you support each of these layers.  

I'd love for you to feel empowered enough to know that by the end of this blog series, you have one or two things that you can action or are actioning that you can acknowledge yourself that you’re already using for every layer of your being!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Leila Hardy. I am your online holistic health and life coach. I love nothing more than combining the subconscious and energy to really empower you to want to be the happiest, highest, healthiest version of yourself. I do that using a variety of tools, the main ones being Rapid Transformational Therapy and Coaching, Hypnotherapy and energy clearing and healing which allow me to access and identify huge potential shifts for you to be able to have the health, wealth and the happiness and the life that you want, whatever that looks like for you.

You’ll be surprised how many of these techniques and self-care practices you are already taking part in and helping yourself with, so be prepared to feel proud of yourself!

You would have seen by the title that I am covering the four main energy layers of the body. There are more but I’m going to focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of our body. I talk about them in energetic terms as well because, and you may have heard me talk about this before, we’re all energy in some degree.  

Really understanding on an energetic level the things we can do for particular layers and what they represent for us as human beings in our physical body and in our energy, we’re able to start to transform them and change them just by using the relevant tools.  Lots of these do overlap. Give yourself the opportunity as we work through some of these to really think, “How does that pertain to me? How would that benefit my body/bodies? Does it benefit me physically? Does it make me feel better emotionally? Does it make me think clearer?” And then of course the energetic side, the spiritual side and really entering that part of our body as well to look at how that feels for us and what it can do for us.

Let’s start with just a brief explanation of the physical layers of our body.

We have four prominent layers within our body.

The physical one is probably the one that is most obvious because it’s our physical body. It is the physical layer so you can touch, you can feel.  

The next step out is our mental layer of energy. This just comes a little further out of our body but also we know that when you associate our mental thoughts and energy, it connects to what we think, what our ideas are, what our thoughts are, and all those things that come into that mental area.

A little bit further out of that, and this sometimes can be a slightly bigger energy field as well, is the emotional.  That’s the things we feel - the emotions, the feelings we have, all of those words and thoughts and feelings you would associate with emotions and emotional layers. 

Finally, we have the spiritual body which tends to be the biggest because it expands out into everything - up, down, out, and reaches and touches earth, sky, and everything in between. We’re talking energy, finding our purpose, deep connection, tuning in to your intuition, experiencing energy blocks, and things like that.

We’re addressing each one of these individually, with a brief explanation and I’m going to talk you through some of the most amazing healing tools that you can use or may already be using.

Your Physical Body:

We’re going to start by looking at ways you can offer yourself self-care for the physical layer of your body.

Self-care for your physical body will probably be quite common sense to you.  If it's not, don't hesitate to comment and I will clarify anything you are unsure of.

I’m going to literally list a few Physical Self-care practices for you and as I run through them, you’ll probably already start to think, “This makes sense to me. This pertains to me in this particular way.”

I think the physical layer of our energy is the easiest one to almost understand tangibly. We are talking food, exercise, supplements, movement in some way, body work like massage or chiropractic or osteopathic treatment, we’re talking those kinds of physical elements.

This part of our body does require some physical things. Let’s go into those a little more in detail.

Food - we’re talking nutrition.  What you put in your body is going to support your physical body in an incredible way.  Self-care in the form of food means eating clean, raw unprocessed foods where possible, being able to follow a diet that maybe is meat-free or limited in meat, really it’s down to your preference but each of you will have some way that you already nurture your physical body and your physical energy with the foods that you eat.

Make great food and nutrition one of your action steps for ultimate health because by far, food and nutrition and popping good nutrition in your physical body is the most incredibly powerful tool for your physical energy layer.

Movement - exercise.  It’s the kind of movement that gets your heart pumping, tunes you into your body, grounds you, makes you feel very aware of your physical body.  That is the kind of movement that you may get from walking, swimming, you may find it from an aerobics class, a stretch, but also just generally allowing your body to move; by that I mean maybe laying down or going into a comfortable position that feels good for you and just staying there until you notice your body wants to shift slightly.  When you actually allow your body the opportunity to do that on its own with its own flow, it can sometimes take five, ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes - you may need a little bit of time for this, but when your body starts to do that naturally as opposed to forcing it to move when you’re exercising, it really connects a huge amount of those layers - the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual – to the physical. 

Supplements - I think supplements probably speak for themselves in terms of nutritionally building an incredible foundation for your physical body. A lot of the foods that we have nowadays are so processed or have spent so long between field to supermarket that the nutrients are not what they would be if you had picked them out of your garden. Supplementing with good quality supplements is a powerful way to just boost the nutrients that you are getting from every day food. You are really strengthening and building your physical energy layer in a really powerful way.

Herbs - you can use these as well to supplement your physical body.  Herbs are potent. You can use these in essential oil form or you can use then in their plant form as well.  They are super potent concentrated little plants of goodness and a great opportunity for you to support your system not only aromatically, which addresses every layer of the system, but also internally when you eat them.

Bodywork - massage helps to release the physical blocks in the body, any tension, being able to realign joints and muscles because when we in our physical body are slightly off center, the knock-on effect for that spreads out to every layer of the body. It is really important that in our core we’re able to be strong and stable, and sometimes that needs some help. It needs some support through bodywork, through massage, through osteopaths, chiropractors.

If you’ve got anything else you want to add to this, something you’ve realized that you do that supports your physical body, add it below int he comments.

It’s incredibly powerful to acknowledge what you are doing for yourself that maybe you haven’t acknowledged as self-care, because it is maybe a basic need or something you do every day without thinking about.  

Just like I encourage you to bring awareness to the things you want to change, it is important that you bring awareness to and celebrate the things that are absolutely amazing as well because that’s going to be reinforcing them at a really positive level for you!

In the next blog, I'll be discussing the Mental energy body-this is such a powerful layer for us in manifesting our desires, overcoming fears and achieving ultimate health in every way!

See you over there!



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