Self-Care For All Your Bodies Part 3
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Self-Care for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Energy Bodies

Over the last two blogs, I covered self-care for the Physical and Mental energy layers of your body.  By now, you'll have some awareness of the amazing things you already have in your self-care tool kit, which is fab!  You may also have some you now want to introduce and integrate into your life to support and nurture yourself in every way!

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I’m Leila Hardy. I am your online holistic health and life coach. I love nothing more than combining the subconscious and energy to really empower you to want to be the happiest, highest, healthiest version of yourself. I do that using a variety of tools, the main ones being Rapid Transformational Therapy and Coaching, Hypnotherapy and energy clearing and healing which allow me to access and identify huge potential shifts for you to be able to have the health, wealth and the happiness and the life that you want, whatever that looks like for you.

Really understanding on an energetic level the things we can do for particular layers and what they represent for us as human beings in our physical body and in our energy, we’re able to start to transform them and change them just by using the relevant tools.  Lots of these do overlap. Give yourself the opportunity as we work through some of these to really think, “How does that pertain to me? How would that benefit my body/bodies? Does it benefit me physically? Does it make me feel better emotionally? Does it make me think clearer?” And then of course the energetic side, the spiritual side and really entering that part of our body as well to look at how that feels for us and what it can do for us.

We are able to be healthier and happier, by bringing balance in to each of these layers throughs self-care.

Let’s start with a brief introduction the energy layers of our body.

We have four prominent layers within our body.

The physical one is probably the one that is most obvious because it’s our physical body. It is the physical layer so you can touch, you can feel.  

The next step out is our mental layer of energy. This just comes a little further out of our body but also we know that when you associate our mental thoughts and energy, it connects to what we think, what our ideas are, what our thoughts are, and all those things that come into that mental area.

A little bit further out of that, and this sometimes can be a slightly bigger energy field as well, is the emotional.  That’s the things we feel - the emotions, the feelings we have, all of those words and thoughts and feelings you would associate with emotions and emotional layers. 

Finally, we have the spiritual body which tends to be the biggest because it expands out into everything - up, down, out, and reaches and touches earth, sky, and everything in between. We’re talking energy, finding our purpose, deep connection, tuning in to your intuition, experiencing energy blocks, and things like that.

We’re addressing each one of these individually, with a brief explanation and I’m going to talk you through some of the most amazing healing tools that you can use or may already be using.

The Emotional Energy Body:

The emotional layer of our energy consists of our feelings and our emotions.

This energy layer supports us in helping us to feel the way we want to feel.

If there are blocks or if there is anything in the way of that, then we’re not going to be feeling completely happy or content or connected - something is just going to be slightly out of alignment and might feel a little bit off for you.

Emotional self-care covers anything that has the ability to help you release emotions, to help you identify them and also to help you accept and embrace them if you need to.

Self-care practices like deep breathing, conscious breathing, breath work which allow you to feel into your body and calm your center, your nervous system. On an emotional level it helps to reduce stress, it helps to really allow you to move into a calmer state where you can think clearly and you can also take appropriate physical action on all those other layers as well.  But also practices like using flower essences, acupuncture, aromatherapy, essential oils, tapping, EFT, and toning.

Toning - this is where you are using your voice and really allowing, again it ties in with the breath work, allowing a release of a noise to come out.  Toning makes it sound like it needs to be polished but actually it is incredibly powerful to simply let a noise evolve out of your mouth, that could turn into anything, but the clearing power of that is incredible! 

If you want to try toning and it’s something you’ve never done before, then just, for example, watch your kids in action. If you have children, just watch them when they are making noises, animal sounds. They are using and releasing all that energy into those noises.  Somehow as we grow up we kind of lose it.  We get self-conscious.  We become inhibited.  As you start to build your confidence using some tones, allowing your noises, your sound, your voice to come out, it has the incredible clearing ability to help you on your emotional layer of energy.

Aromatherapy - Let’s talk a lit bit more about aromatherapy and using that alongside any essential oils that you love that soothe.  Essential oils work on every single energy layer of the body, so you will see there is that overlap. They work through the spiritual, the emotional, the mental, and the physical.  Again, you only need to know that by that example of smelling something that you love like smelling a rose and the feeling that gives you. Freshly cut grass is something that does it for me!  It doesn’t always have to be an essential oil.  They are incredibly powerful because they are in a bottle and they’re ready for you to access from a huge spectrum of oils rather than having to wait until you can cut the grass or until the roses are growing.

Acupuncture - Acupuncture helps to release emotional blocks and energy blocks.

Mindfulness - Mindfulness is really powerful for the emotional system. We’re bringing it back to a state of calm where it feels safe and it feels very able to be present in your emotional body, your mental body, and your physical body. 

Journalling - Journalling is a powerful self-care tool to use to help gain clarity on your thoughts and feelings and help clear stuck, blocked and trapped emotions!

If any of you use all or any of those, let me know in the comments and whether or not you were aware that this was part of your emotional self-care toolkit.

I'd love to hear what you would want to action from there, what it is that you would really love to start to have a go as a result of reading this and breaking this down.

In the next blog, I'll be discussing the Spiritual energy body-this is such a powerful layer for us in so many ways!

See you over there!



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