Self-care For Your Mindset

Self-Care for Your Mindset

In today's blog, we're going to be focusing on self-care.

We're going to be looking at all sorts of things, from using self-care to help our mindset for acting on the intentions we set ourselves, taking actions for the things that you've set yourself for the day, week or month ahead; all the things that you want to achieve or have in your life.

I know lots of the people in my Mind + body + Spirit = Ultimate Health group are powerfully setting your intentions each week already, but if you want to know what kind of things can support your self-care around your mindset for keeping you aligned with those intentions that you've set yourself, then we'll be covering those today.  We'll also be looking at the difference between setting goals and quantum leaping when it comes to your goals.  We'll be discussing what self-care is, self-care routines, and making and creating a sacred space for you to enjoy your self-care practices!

Speaking from personal experience, my self-care routine, totally honestly, was minimal about five years ago.  I certainly never looked at exercise and and healthy eating as self-care.  That was certainly more of sort of a punishment for me back in the day.  

I remember that when I first started any kind of self-care, for me, it was actually a visualisation that was helping me to really focus on my business at the time.  It was the first thing I ever did in terms of sitting down, taking time for myself, and really looking after myself in any kind of way on a daily basis.

Reveal it-feel it-release it.png

However, I do remember it was really haphazard.  I would do it for a few days and then maybe do it at different times of the day.  For me, consistency is key so for me to segregate some time aside is brilliant, but back in the day at the time, it used to be any time I could squeeze in and it would so easily just fall to the bottom of the list of priorities. To top it off, at weekends I just wouldn't bother, then I wondered by Monday or Tuesday why I was feeling so funky!  Now I can see exactly why because the power of having a great routine is what keeps us ticking along really well with our mindset, with our health, with our happiness, our motivation, our determination, you name it, everything!

As soon as I started to make it non-negotiable, which to be honest, I floundered and muddled through it for about two and a half years before I decided to make it non-negotiable (If I'm not on my own in that, then cut yourself some slack! The time will come right when you go, “This is happening whatever now.”)  When I first decided to make it non-negotiable, it started with five minutes, then ten minutes, then it became 15 minutes, and every now and again now I'll sit for 45 minutes if I have time.  

Nowadays, I really listen to what my body is telling me and what it's encouraging me to do, whether that's to sit for a short time, a long time, and also what I do within that self-care time that I've given myself.  The changes when you start to add self-care into your mindset routine, your pattern of what you do in everyday life, it’s just transformational.

For me, sleep was better on the physical side and physical energy, motivation, determination was all better.  But when you look at all the other things in between, I felt more positive, I felt more balanced, there were no mood swings, I felt my confidence growing, I started taking really inspired actions towards everything I wanted to have.

Those of you who've known me for a while will know where that journey has led me and where it's taken me to. It really started with putting some self-care in place and making it non-negotiable.

What does self-care look like?

Self-care can vary from absolutely anything; from sitting and doing a meditation in the morning, doing some Reiki, or having your nails done, your hair done regularly, having a massage, watching a film or simply chilling out.  

There are so many different things and it's really important to know that when you are using self-care you are holding that intention that this is going to help you recharge, this is going to help you overcome any blocks, this is going to help you overcome any kind of confidence issues, anxiety issues, or negative feelings.  By having that self-care, you are allowing your mindset to tweak and turn into your favour, into your advantage, rather than experiencing procrastination, self-sabotage, doubts, lack of self-worth, or anything else.

If you feel you are experiencing those things, then putting some self-care practices into your life, into your routine is going to be so incredible.  It doesn't have to be hours on end either as I’ve just explained.  It can be something that's really quick and relatively effortless as well.

Setting intentions for your health and happiness, often look like moving more, living more, thriving, trusting, believing, so many different things.  Lots of those intentions are really deep emotional and mental intentions and not just the physical things like wanting to look better or wanting to sleep better.

The mindset aspect of this is going to be so incredible when working on deeply emotional and mental intentions you have set yourself.  When you think about what you have set your intentions for, have a think about these:

Where can you insert an affirmation or an afformation that every day when you repeat it out loud in front of a mirror or to yourself or every loo break that you have, is going to allow you to keep those wheels in motion towards your intentions that you've set?

If exercise is an intention of yours, going to the gym more, for example, then you may have automatically some barriers to that intention; “I don't have time to do this. It’s easier not to do it. It's difficult when I go.”

Your affirmation for something like that could be, “Why do I have so much time?! This is so easy!” 

Or your afformations will be asking the questions, “Why do I have so much time? Why is this so easy?!” “This is so easy!” or “why is this so easy?!” is so brilliant as an affirmation or afformation for anything that you might have any doubt that you can achieve. It's really brilliant to use that one.

Goals versus Quantum Leaps: 

Recently, I blogged about paradigm shifts. You can check the blog out here:  What Is A Paradigm Shift?

Paradigm shifts are those immediate shifts in thinking that really create a change in perspective, an expansion of perspective or learning or thought processes or something in some kind of way.

Quantum leaps feel quite similar to me.  It's about literally leaping - taking your thoughts, beliefs, and opportunities in your mind to another level, in an instant, which creates powerful long lasting changes to your thought processes.

The difference between Quantum Leaping and goals is that when you set a goal you have to take consistent action in order to make that goal a reality.  If that's healthy eating, you'll spend some time watching what you eat, monitoring it, reducing it.  You might exercise a little bit more if weight-loss is the goal.  If it is a goal of having more confidence then you may be doing some self-learning, you need to take some action to maybe reduce or release the limiting beliefs, you might take action in order to put yourself out of the comfort zone in order for your confidence to grow more and so on and so forth.

But when you take a quantum leap, it's like this:

Imagine closing your eyes for me now. Imagine your intention that you've set for the month ahead and in your mind’s eye now, feel the feelings you have knowing that you've got that intention already.  You've achieved it.  Everything you wanted for that intention is yours!  You have it! Whether it's wealth, health, happiness, whether it's opportunities, confidence, whatever that is, feel it in your body and feel how amazing it feels to have it!  How excited are you?  How do you wake up in the morning, how you feel when you go to bed at night feeling free, feeling liberated, feeling powerful, feeling supercharged, feeling energised, feeling motivated, feeling everything you could possibly want to feel?  Really fill your body up and fill your mind up with those feelings.

You see, you are quantum-leaping right now!

You're moving to something beyond your reality. And as the mind moves in to those feelings, the body has to follow.  So then your desired actions, your aligned and inspired things that you need to do to take on board to move to that quantum leap become much easier.  They feel more aligned, more natural, they flow, you feel ease or they feel easy, because your mind has already gone there.

Rather than always focusing on hustle-hustle-hustle- do-do-do, you can almost visualise every single day how it's going to feel, what life's going to look like having the things you want to have, being the things you want to be, doing the things you want to do, going the places you want to go, and then go and take aligned action towards those intentions!

As you spend a little bit of time in your mindset practice or your self-care routine, every day is a quantum leap over to where it is.

All of the actions that you need to take just start to become part of your normal.

They flow.

They feel really powerful.

They feel really aligned.

Quantum leaping is a super powerful thing that I just wanted to talk to you about because with self-care, I do believe that visualising your body or your mind or your business or your life how you want it be is so powerful in then allowing Universe, Source, whatever you want to say, to help you to manifest those things into your reality.

I've covered a few mindset practices like quantum leaping, meditation, grounding exercises, taking time to read a book, personal development in some kind of way, it also means just chilling and resting sometimes as well.  Chilling, watching your favourite films, something that's going to make you laugh, something that's filling up your cup is so powerful, because when you have a full cup you have the energy to be able to do the things you need to do and want to do and in doing those things and having that energy, you will achieve the things that you really want to achieve as well. Whether that is losing weight or getting healthier or fitter in some way, whether that's growing in confidence, whether that is increasing and growing your business or anything like that at all, it all requires this self-care to help with your mindset, to help with that cycle of achieving what it is that you want to achieve.

Self-care routines:

My self-care mindset routine goes a little bit like this:

When I wake up in the morning, just as I'm waking up I spend a few moments (it’s those few moments where we're in Theta brainwave state where we're super powerful. We're able to really tell our brain anything we want to tell it so you have to be careful what you tell it when you're just waking up or just going to sleep! They are the main times when you're able to access this brainwave state).  In that state there is where I really focus on feeling that quantum leaping experience, the visual side of everything I want to feel - abundance of love, of kindness, of being able to help as many people as possible, being able to move freely, all of those things.

As I start to wake up properly, I then do my affirmations. Some of them are affirmations, some of them are afformations. (I recently did another blog on Affirmations and Afformations-you can read it here: Affirmations or Afformations? Which is Best For You?)  They take about two minutes for me.

Then have some aloe in the morning which I find really sets me up for the day nutritionally.

Then I get ready and I will come down and I will do my Headspace.  My Headspace can vary.  As I said earlier on, it can be anything from 15 to 45 minutes depending on what I’ve got time for, what I feel like I need.  Sometimes that may be doing some self-Reiki and some clearing. Sometimes that may be sitting in my Akashic Records. Sometimes that may be just meditating. Sometimes it may be just listening to a guided meditation as well or a recorded visualisation. I allow it to vary. Journaling goes in there as well.

Once upon a time I used to be so regimental with it that I would feel really guilty if I didn't do it that way that I had set myself to do it, and that in itself was becoming quite harmful for me.  If you're somebody who also feels like that, allow yourself to tune in with your body.  Give yourself permission on the days where you think, "Oh, I really can't sit and do a meditation; I feel fidgety” or something like that, then don't.  Because if you resent doing it you're not going to get the benefits of really doing it.  Allow yourself to really enjoy what you're doing and allow it to change slightly as well.

Now, you might not know how to do Reiki or you might not be qualified to sit in your Akashic Records or anything like that, but there are so many other little things you can do.  

You can sit and hold a crystal.  

You can just practice deep breathing techniques and really focus your mind on the breath.

You can allow yourself to sit and journal.

You can listen to something; there are so many things you can listen to.  I've got a couple of hypnosis' in the group that you can download for free and you can listen to as well which are a great thing to be able to use in any kind of Headspace self-care time.

The list is endless.

The more creative you get with doing the things you love to do, the better you're going to enjoy it, the more you're going to enjoy it. I would say, just get creative.  Look at the things you do on a day to day basis that you really enjoy.  Chances are you can probably incorporate that into your self-care in some kind of way.

Creating a sacred space:

This is a relatively new thing for me.  I hadn't really heard of Sacred spaces until the beginning of this year.  Some of you on this call may have been using them for a long time but this is relatively new to me and I didn't realise what an effect it has on how you tune into your body, how your mindset feels, and how when you go into this space when you're taking your self-care or something like that, you are able to really tune in.  It's really powerful.

A sacred space can be anywhere in your house. It could be on your desk if you work from home, it could be your bedroom or a little area in the bedroom, it can be somewhere in the lounge, but it's somewhere that you are able to go to and be undisturbed at times if you need to be.  You can take your time to sit with your Headspace and your mindset, your self-care routine somewhere in order to allow that space to be yours, to be sacred.  

What I generally have in mine is a few crystals, I have a scented candle, and I will sometimes have some essential oils that I'm working with as well. 

It really allows you just to have that little altar that gives you the chance to be able to feel good when you're there and to really focus your attention, your energy, and turn that space into a container for you to be able to sit in energetically when you do your meditation, when you journal, when you take time to do your deep breathing, and just to centre and ground yourself.

I have three sacred spaces.  Does that make them any less sacred?!  No!  When I do a lot of work from my home office, I want that space to be incredibly grounded and safe for anybody who comes into this space, the people that I work with online, which is why I have one right by me in the office.  It's that opportunity for me to leave my stuff at the door and be completely grounded and be present for you as well when I do that.

I also have a sacred space in my therapy room. Those who have been to in-person sessions with me will know that that is also a really powerful space. Anyone who walks in there generally finds that as well.

I also have one downstairs.  This is actually in the lounge.  It’s not anything you'd look at and think it's an altar, it's a sacred space at all. It's actually just my spot on the sofa where I can sit up straight, have my feet on the floor or crossed, Indian-style if I want to, and I can sit with my back straight and it's just super comfortable, super supported.  There's just me and nothing else in that space and that brings me to centre and actually the space is just as powerful as the others because I've set the intention that it is that sacred space for me.  It's that opportunity for me to spend those moments in Headspace meditation, doing Reiki, breathing, journalling, and having my records open where it just feels extremely supported and a lovely space to be in, a lovely place to go to that you can visit anytime and you know it's going to bring those good feelings for you.

So I've covered some self-care mindset techniques briefly here for you, and in more detail, I've covered quantum leaping and creating sacred spaces.  

What are you feeling ready to take action on to make your mindset self-care routine super powerful?

What has been your biggest take home point from this that will help you transform your health and happiness?  Let me know in the comments!



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