The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO Part 1
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The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO

Part 1


“What’s all this ‘WOO-WOO’ we talk about?”

You might hear me often talk about being slightly ‘WOO-WOO’, embracing the ‘WOO-WOO’ stuff, and you may be wondering, “What is that woman talking about?”

I want to take an opportunity to explain how I perceive ‘WOO-WOO’ and what kind of effect that has on my life and on my health and on my happiness.

I think it’s quite a relevant thing because it is embracing some of the ‘WOO-WOO’ parts of me that has really enabled me to grow in confidence and self-belief. To go from being fearful of looking at the tough stuff to being quite excited at the opportunity to learn more about myself.

That’s what I define as being ‘WOO-WOO’- using some different techniques, some open-minded stuff that allows you to really tap into your own potential.

I’m going to start from the beginning because I divulged into my story already. I don’t like to give myself a label. For me ‘WOO-WOO’ is very much the lighter, more humorous, light-hearted, funny interpretation of what others may call spiritual in some way.

And I don’t whole heartedly agree that I’m fully spiritual as well because I absolutely love embracing all different perspectives, beliefs, ways and means of getting through life. That involves religions, it involves beliefs, it involves all sorts of concepts that we have to understand right through to things like quantum physics. By giving myself one label which is I am spiritual or Christian or something like that, I feel like I am putting myself in a box that I don’t really want to be in solely.

By saying I feel ‘WOO-WOO’, it feels to me more like I’m just open-minded. I’m open, I’m aware, I’m awake, and I’m conscious. That allows me to be accepting and embracing of everybody else around me to some degree as well in terms of wanting to learn more if I don’t know about their religion, or if I do know, a little bit more about it. It’s being able to see how they integrate it into their lives. It’s all about fascination, that curiosity, that light-heartedness about life that really I feel is what ‘WOO-WOO’ means to me. But it’s how I’ve gone about those kinds of journeys that really invites that ‘WOO-WOO’ perspective.

I think some people think crystals, essential oils, working with energy, working on a deeper level of our being in terms of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual layers of our body, which are all things I do, is all ‘WOO-WOO’.

But I also absolutely love watching, following, and learning about quantum physics, about the deeper scientific principles behind energy and behind who we are as human beings- what you see here is just vibrations yet we see solid figures and we see ground and we see trees and we see houses. But we’re all vibrating. That’s a very scientific principle as well; It’s not just ‘WOO-WOO’, spiritual, and outlandish.

It also embraces all sorts of different ways and means like meditation, mindfulness, practices that are used in very different religions in certain ways, but also part of my life and part of how I have been able to change and improve my health and my happiness entirely as well. I’m constantly learning these things.

If sometimes you think about ‘WOO-WOO’ or you think about spiritual stuff and you think, “But I don’t know anything so I don’t learn anything new about it in case I make myself look silly or in case I make myself look ridiculous.”

I’ve been there. You’re talking to somebody now who when they first heard the names of the angels they thought they were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You’re not on your own when it comes to stuff like that. But as I have worked through that process and grown and learned a little bit more about them, I’ve been able to go from rolling my eyes and wondering what all that is to gradually being able to embrace that we are guided in some way.

Whether you call that God, whether you call that Buddha, whether you call that Gaia, whether you call that Source, Spirit, whether you call that Universe, whatever you call it, most of us have the common belief that we are guided by something bigger than ourselves. That feels like it in a nutshell. That “WOO-WOO’ side is all-embracing, all encompassing.

What I do think as well is the biggest thing for me is instead of looking out to something to guide me, instead of going to church and being able to connect to God in a church, spending loads of time in meditation in order to be able to get divine insight, I recognize that it’s all inside of me already.

The power, the intuition, the guidance, the ideas, are already inside of me. It may be from universe or Gaia, whatever you believe in to be your God or Spirit, I believe it’s inside of me at all times which means I don’t need to worship to find it. I don’t need to sit for hours on end going ‘Ommmm’. Yes, I love to meditate but I do it because of how great it makes me feel not because I’m able to then feel closer to something that I believe in, because I already feel really close to it all the time.

In your ‘WOO-WOO’ journey, what have you never tried before that you’re curious about? What do you hear me talk about and think, “I’d really like to know a little bit more about that but I don’t want to feel stupid asking or I don’t want to look stupid by not knowing about it at all”?

Nothing, no question is ever too silly or too daft.

I know this is a lot to process so I’m going to wrap it up for now. Be sure to come back for the second part of this series in the next blog post. I’ll be going even deeper into the meaning of woo-woo.

Do you have questions about “WOO-WOO stuff, such as meditation, energy clearing, mindfulness, essential oils, crystals, chakras or any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.



The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO Part 2

The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO Part 2

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Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success Celebration!