The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO Part 2
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The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO

Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of the surprisingly simple meaning of woo-woo. In the last post I talked about my journey into the WOO-WOO and what it means to me. You can read it here:  The Surprisingly Simple Meaning of WOO-WOO Part 1

Let’s continue digging into the meaning.

I do know that in the ‘WOO-WOO’ world we cover a lot of jargon. There’s a lot of talk about triggers. There’s a lot of talk about layers - our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional layers. I have a habit of talking in jargon all the time, because I've got used to hearing those terms.

Ultimately, because I talk about some of those things as if they’re second nature to me now, for people who are a little bit earlier in their journey, some of those concepts, some of those ideas, some of those words, might be completely new. If you want a bit of clarification on that now is the time to ask by reaching out to me. Once again, don’t judge me for what I'm about to share with you!

For somebody who’s been in that place of not knowing these things, and now I can add humour and honesty and transparency into what I do, in hindsight!  You may or may not know that the Akashic Records are monitored, governed, and guided by Metatron.

The first time I heard the word Metatron I thought it was a Transformer!  

So you see that we all have to start somewhere!

I am now an Akashic Records practitioner, being able to help people be guided by Metatron. Metatron itself is the most incredible, powerful guide to take people on the journey of discovering themselves, their life purpose.

But once upon a time I didn’t know who it was, why they were there, and what they were there to help with. It was a name, a character, and my logical brain went straight to, “Where have I heard a similar name before?”

Nothing, no question is ever too silly or too daft. If you ever feel like that, write down the question and then think, “If Leila can think these things in her journey so it’s okay for me to put this out there knowing that I can ask this question and be completely supported and guided with it.”

Do you have questions about “WOO WOO stuff, such as meditation, energy clearing, mindfulness, essential oils, crystals, chakras or any other questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask me.

I just wanted to get across that everyone is here is here for a reason, and that is probably to better themselves, to feel happier, to feel healthier, to feel more confident, to feel less anxious, or to be able to take steps to fulfil their purpose in life even if they don’t yet know what that is.

But that common ground there is a whole array, a whole toolbox of things that you can do to help you find those things. Some of those are earth-bound scientific things like the knowledge I apply with nutrition, personal training, massage, and even hypnotherapy to a certain extent.

Hypnotherapy, I find kind of bridges the gap to the more holistic side where we’re talking energy clearing, using a pendulum to be able to get specific and tangible with energy blocks in the body, right through to the meditation and the mindfulness practices that come with that, like journalling and Reiki.

All of those practices that help you to embrace who you are as a person and to be that person and stand and own the fact that you are who you are but know that you’re always a work in progress.

As you do that, I think the ‘WOO-WOO’ side really gives you that opportunity to understand that. As you understand that you are a work in progress, you start to understand that everyone else is also a work in progress whether they know it or not. That allows you to have a completely different relationship with people. You can hold compassion. You can understand better because you see that how somebody might respond in a particular situation is just about how they see the world through their own filter.

When you’re seeing the world through your filter albeit whether you’re using ‘WOO-WOO’ principles or not, I feel that the ‘WOO-WOO’ aspects of things really gently, light heartedly and humorously expresses that you embrace everything, that you are open-minded enough to see all of these things that are going on around you have a knock-on effect on you but also have a knock-on effect on the world around you- the people and the things within that world.

Feeling that joy, that freedom that comes from just embracing everything, as opposed to feeling like you should be in some kind of box that means you should think this way or you should believe this thing and any other way is not the way. I don’t think that’s real and I don’t think that’s really, truly possible. It’s going to create a lot of resistance in your life if you feel that way, as much as it will create resistance in other people’s lives within the relationships and the dynamics that you have.

Allow a little bit of ‘WOO-WOO’ into your world. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Explore it. Not all of it is how you might imagine spiritual things might be. A lot of it is very grounded in reality and science and physics.

If you have a fascination for those things as well as an interest in other things like energy, then just amalgamate the two. It makes for the most amazing life. I have one and I love feeling that way, thinking that way, and having that curiosity that allows me to go about my world wanting to understand it more, wanting to have deep connections and discussions with people from all walks of life, not just people who agree with what I agree with. That intellectually challenges me and I love that.

When I stand in my own power of knowing I am who I am and that’s okay, what anybody else says to me is okay too. It can’t hurt me and it can’t affect me unless I allow it to. Somebody else’s opinion is absolutely great in my world. It’s going to expand my thinking. It’s going to expand my view and my perspective of the world, which can only be a good thing for me.

It’s time to share your thoughts on what WOO-WOO means to you. Let me know what you are enjoying about ‘WOO-WOO’ practices. What do you feel about the word ‘WOO-WOO’ as well? I ask this sometimes because I’m always curious. For some people it makes you cringe. A few years ago it probably would have made me cringe if somebody was talking about ‘WOO-WOO’ stuff. Here I am now, very different. Once upon a time I rolled my eyes at those. Here I am now embracing them and using them as part of my incredible work that I do with clients. Things can change and you can grow and evolve.

Have an amazing time. I will see you soon. 



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