Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 1

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 1



How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout

Part 1

How do you spot the signs of burnout?

What can you do to prevent burnout from happening in the first place? 

If you’re burnt out right now, what do you need to do?

These are all questions I have been asked, or have asked of myself through my Ultimate Health journey, so I can’t wait to share my perspectives on this with you because it’s something that’s quite close to my heart.

Very similar to lots of people, I didn’t realise I was burnt out until I looked back on it.

Unfortunately, back then, I didn't feel worthy or confident enough to go out and get some kind of hands-on help to help me a) identify it, b) work with it, and c) when I was already burnt out and had no idea how to deal with this or just had to learn from the grassroots.

So I'm really keen to share this over the next few blogs, just incase you are in a similar position.

For those of you who haven't met me before, I am Leila Hardy. I’m your online holistic health and life coach.  I love nothing more than combining the subconscious with energy to really help you become the healthiest, highest, happiest version of yourself by eliminating blocks that are holding you back from having health, wealth, happiness and success.  By eliminating obstacles, subconscious and energy obstacles and blocks that are keeping you stuck in pain, in self-sabotage, in lack of motivation and low energy, everything to do with your health and happiness stops being a struggle.  I really love to be able to peel back those layers with you and help you to embrace every single bit of you; not just the bits that you’re proud to show off or the bits that you think are really good. I want you to be able to embrace and feel empowered enough to embrace every single part of you. 

My background is not only in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnotherapy and energy healing. Prior to this I was actually a personal trainer, I still am. I was a personal trainer, nutritional therapist, and massage therapist.  That's how my health coaching career started, I got into massage through Reflexology, through Swedish Massage, and then developed this absolute fascination with the body which led me to personal training and nutrition. From there I started to teach Zumba fitness, Kettlercise, aerobics class, Pilates, everything within that fitness realm.  So much so that as I expanded my fitness business and was full capacity of teaching halls full of people around the county and I just couldn’t fit any more classes in due to having no more time, I decided to open my own studio.  As I opened my studio I had the vision that it would bring everything I do under one roof.  People could come to one place, they could experience the 'Leila experience, the BU4Life experience' and it would be available for other instructors to come in and use the rooms and have their own classes as well.  It was such an incredible opportunity for me.

As I embarked on opening my own studio and running everything, what I hadn’t really taken into account was that you become not only the fitness instructor, the personal trainer, the massage therapist, but I also became the front of desk, I became the back office and the accounts person, I even ended up cleaning the toilets all the time as well!  I ended up juggling so many balls that there was just no room for anything to go wrong. If a client turned up early or late, there was just no window for that. It just left me feeling so wired, so stressed that it got to a point that 11 months in, I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I was burnt out. In hindsight, I think I was on the verge of a full-on breakdown because I just couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t concentrate, I could no longer do my best with my routines for my clients, I couldn’t focus, everything was just getting behind because I was not on top of things.

Does that feel familiar to you?

That lack of focus, struggling to sleep, the mind feels so busy that you just can’t quite really finish anything, actually complete anything, or even start anything as well. It was quite a tough time for me personally but internally in my body, I could feel that my whole nervous system was on edge. I felt quite disconnected from the world. I felt like I had a fog in front of me. It’s not very often that I drink but that feeling when you’ve had a drink and you have a thick head and it feels like there’s a fog in front of you, that was exactly how it felt for me.

I know for some people, you maybe go every single day feeling like that because

a) you may not be aware that this is burnout or on its way to burnout and

b) you don’t know how to fix it and how to start to reverse the spiral, so instead of spinning so many plates and worrying that one is going to fall or juggling so many balls and worrying that one is going to drop, you can comfortably manage every single plate you choose to spin or every ball you choose to juggle. The reasons I say the ones you choose to is because part of that process is really looking at what balls you can let go of because you cannot grasp new energy, new inspiration, new ideas, new prospects, new goals if you’re holding on to stuff and too much stuff.  Some of that you may need to even let go of.

What I'm going to do in this blog is look at burnout from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective.  We’re going to be looking at it from spotting the signs right through to how to prevent it.

If you’re in burnout now, lots of how to prevent techniques still applies, but it just needs that little extra conscious decision from you to start to put some of these things in place so you can start to get out of burnout and you can start to recharge your system.

That will give you that opportunity to feel more energised, to sleep better which means that you wake up refreshed and then you feel like you have more energy as you start the day. Then you have more energy through the day. You then want to do the things that take care of you even better and so you feel better and better, and so on!

Sound great?

Look out for the next blog where I'll be identifying the signs of burnout, from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective!

After that, I'll be covering what to do when you spot the signs of burnout and how to deal with it.



P.S:  If this is something that feels powerfully relevant for you right now, head over to my online community, Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health to get started on changing this for you right away!

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