Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 2

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 2



How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout

Part 2

On the last blog, I started to explore the subject of burnout.  One thing is for sure, we're in a world where it is programmed into us that if we are not busy, or if we are not juggling a million things at once, then we are not doing enough, so burnout is rife-so much so, that we may not even recognise it when it comes or is coming because we are so used to pushing through it regardless of how we are feeling.

You can read part 1 here:  Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 1

Today, I'm going to be identifying the signs of burnout, from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Take a moment to grab a cuppa, sit and rest while you read this and see what applies and what may resonate with you.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you require any extra support around this if it brings up anything you want to work on and transform.

Let’s look at spotting the signs of burnout.

What do the physical signs of burnout look like?

I mentioned about being tired, maybe feeling like you are just lethargic and just having that kind of feeling like it’s hard to lift your legs up, it’s hard to lift your arms up, it’s even hard to lift your head up, especially when maybe you have been through a really busy time or you have a lot going on or you feel like you’re just never quite stopping.  You might not be totally busy but you are constantly doing something - constantly pushing, constantly doing, constantly pressing forward with something. It all has this knock-on effect on our wellbeing.

When we’re looking at the physical issues, we are looking at things like tiredness, lethargy, and possibly even physical injury as well. You might even be feeling some symptoms internally- some digestive upsets, tension, headache, things like that where you can’t actually put a finger on what you’ve actually done to create that. Like you would if you had been lifting something heavy and you’ve maybe tweaked something. You can’t put your finger on what has brought it about but you feel just not quite right in your body.

On the other side of physical signs of burnout, it could be sugar cravings. You may or may not know that sugar cravings are created by our brain and our nervous system to ground us. If we’re feeling scattered, if we’re feeling disconnected in some way, then sugar can actually ground us. My caveat to that is that it doesn’t give everybody permission to just go mad on sugar to say, “I’m preventing burnout.” No!  In some cases, that incessant craving for sugar can actually be identified as a symptom side effect of being close to burnout or adrenal fatigue or something. Your body is just now trying to get energy from wherever it can to help you function and to keep you going. That’s the beauty of our body; it’s incredible like that.

Let’s look at what burnout might look at mentally.  Struggling to focus, finding that your head is busy, you’re flitting from one thing to another in your mind, nothing is getting finished.  Especially if you are creative, you might notice that you feel like a block coming on creatively.  That can often be that sign that the mind is being overworked and it needs a bit of time out. Your mind needs opportunities to start to recharge - a mental space.  You’ll hear me talk about mental space a lot especially in my private coaching because it’s vital.

Emotionally, you might be on the verge of tears quite a lot. People might say something and you’re finding yourself overthinking it and maybe misinterpreting it or flipping it totally different to how they intended you to receive it. So that’s super-sensitive. Feeling quite easily emotional. It might not even be somebody saying something or doing something that makes you feel sensitive. It might be something you watch on TV or something just triggers you that you notice and you just feel these emotions come up.  Chances are you probably feel quite overwhelmed as well.  That can cover the mental and emotional aspect of spotting the signs of burnout.  That overwhelm can show up in feeling scattered, not feeling like you can cope, not really having the energy to finish anything and see anything through from start to finish.

Spiritually, in hindsight, when I had the studio I wasn’t particularly on my personal development and spiritual development path.  I was just embarking on it back then, but that said, I still had some basic self-care in place by that point which was aiming to keep some good nutrition albeit hit and miss, really wanting to get up early in the morning - wanting to be able to make the most of that prime time in the morning for me and I couldn’t do any of that when I was approaching burnout.  I started to neglect the self-care practices that I already had in place, even though I knew how good they were for me.  Even now more recently when I had felt that slight burnout symptoms starting to come up, I could feel myself going, “No, I don’t want to do my self-Reiki, or meditation today. I’ll just have a day off.”

It’s okay to do that when you know you feel okay. But I knew it was as a result of something deeper going on.

I wonder if there’s something that you’re neglecting in your spiritual self-care toolkit that you know full well you need to be doing it and know you want to be doing it but there’s something just saying, “I’m not doing it”?

That’s self-sabotage kicking in because coping with everything around us has become a struggle. Not listening to your gut instinct and starting to ignore the signs; justifying them with other reasons like 'I must be coming down with something' or 'it's been a long day.'  Starting to ignore your intuition or not even connecting with your intuition that’s there to guide you, to help you to spot these kinds of signs when something doesn’t feel right in your body, in your mind or in your spirit.

If you have ever noticed yourself justifying why you’re feeling a particular way?

“I’ve just been working too hard. There’s been a lot on. There’s a lot of stuff going on.”

Begin to notice and spot those signs, because if you are acting this way and feeling this way, it becomes a cycle.

The more tired you’re going to get, the busier you’re going to feel, the less you’re going to be able to cope with the demands of life and the rollercoaster that is life.  Then you sleep less and then you take less care of yourself and then you feel even worse, and so on.

If you can spot that happening, in the cycle or earlier, then you can turn it around.  You can start to bring some incredible things into your life and into your space that really help you change this completely.

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

If that is a big YES from you, then just wait for the next blog, where I'll be walking you through simple steps to deal wth burnout and get yourself back on track in a mind, body, spirit way.

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See you soon!



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