Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 3

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 3



How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout

Part 3

Over the last two blogs, I've been exploring burnout with you-what burnout is, what it may look like if you are experiencing it, in a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual way and today, I'm going to take you through some simple yet profound strategies that will help you through burnout if you are experiencing it, or ideally, how to prevent it in the first place.

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What do we do if we spot the signs of Burnout?

If you spot the signs of burnout and you are starting to feel any of those physical, mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms I described int he last blog, then here’s what you need to do next.

I’m going to work through these via the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of your bodies, just as I did with the signs and symptoms.  It’s so easy and so simple for you to start to address them then and look at burnout from your own perspective of what's going on in your life and world.


On the physical layer of your body, the moment you start to notice anything changing in your system like craving sugar, feeling any upset or pain internally, even pain in your joints and muscles as well, is make sure you are hydrated.

Make sure you are taking on water, make sure you are keeping your body as hydrated as you possibly can because that means all the excess pressure that burnout, the adrenal fatigue creates on your system will just be managed really well.

Hydration is so underrated. You hear lots of people talk about it in great ways but it is so powerful. It not only hydrates your joints, it hydrates your intervertebral discs, it helps to flush through your digestive system, it helps to plump up your skin, it helps your brain, it helps you to concentrate and to focus.  

These are all the things that stop and slow down when we’re stressed, when we’re feeling burnout. Water is the most amazing thing you could ever start to put into your system the moment you spot the signs, if you are not already doing it.

Secondly on the physical layer is start to cut out and reduce any refined or processed foods.

Because of the cravings that can start to happen when we’re feeling ungrounded, when we’re feeling burnt out, when our body is reaching out for anything it can do to give it some energy, if we do that we then move into that cycle again where the sugar gives us these peaks and troughs of energy.  Next time we have the trough, the low of energy, we’re then going to want more sugar, and it perpetuates that cycle.

Anybody who has been on any diet or anything like that and felt that kind of cycle, you know what I mean when I talk about this. It’s so important that you start to cut down on refined and processed foods not only to prevent that peak and trough of sugar so you stay really balanced in your blood sugar and your concentration levels, but also so your body can have a little bit of a rest digestively as well because refined foods take a lot to process and digest properly.  They’re not particularly good for our system and they have very little nutritional value as well. They’re not even really serving a purpose other than that initial grounding aspect I mentioned earlier.

These are the two things for the physical, and I keep it really simple because these are so important. Reduce the refined foods, increase your water intake or make sure you are super hydrated, if you are not already.


Now we’re looking at the mental side of things.  Burnout can happen really easily mentally because as human beings we are generally designed to overthink.  We have this incredible brain and we think we’re not putting it to good use if we’re not overthinking or trying to over-complicate things or figure things out. We’re designed and programmed and wired to do that. The most important thing your brain and your body needs mentally is the opportunity to slow down - the opportunity to rest and the opportunity to be given direction. We all need it; we all need direction, we all need commands, we all need guidance. Every layer of our body needs that kind of guidance.

So, when you look at the mental side of things – of your body, of your wellbeing – if you are feeling any kind of burnout, any tiredness, you’re over-thinking things, you’re struggling with focus or creativity blocks and things like that, the best thing you can do is give yourself some quiet time.  That may only be two to five minutes.  It could be longer if you need to, but it can be sitting in silence, it can be listening to a guided meditation, it can be just focusing on your breathing.

It’s in those moments that you get the most incredible space for your brain, for your mental programming.  It’s in those spaces that you can then start to have the burst of creativity or energy that you’re looking for.  You might want to guide your brain, your subconscious, and wire it with some affirmations or afformations.  You might even want to look at working with the subconscious to create more space, to create an expansive space within your mental body as opposed to just fighting fires and dealing with what’s coming up, as it comes up.

What I find is really key here is if you do something you really enjoy doing, that also creates mental space.  For some people it might be gardening.  For others it might be going for a run. Some people love spending time with their pets.  

It’s in those moments, if you’ve ever had that kind of experience where you’ve been stroking your cat or your dog or you’re being with the kids or the grandkids and suddenly you get an idea of something you can do with your business. And you weren’t even thinking about your business!  You weren’t even thinking about work or you weren’t even thinking about a confrontation with that person you’ve fallen out with or something. But all of a sudden a solution comes up.  That’s what mental space allows.  When you can create that, that’s really powerful, because you’re allowing your mental body an opportunity to just rest and recuperate.

The next one overlaps the mental and the physical layers - decluttering.  Decluttering is super powerful for clearing mental space and physical space.  Take 15 minutes to clean out a drawer. Take 10 minutes to clear your desk.  It’s amazing what a difference that makes.  It lightens your mental wellbeing and it lightens your physical wellbeing as well.  But on a spiritual and emotional level, it creates space for you to manifest more of the things that you really want.  Decluttering  works with every single layer.

Block time off.  If you have a busy schedule and you see you’re constantly thinking “I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to go to that, I’ve got to get that” and there’s no room for that window, you’re spinning those plates and there’s no room for a window of error or lateness, then look at your schedule and see where you can maybe make better use of your time by blocking certain activities together so you can be in one place at the same time for a little bit longer as opposed to that place three times over the day.

I like to call it a disk defragment!  If you’ve ever had the hard drive of your computer, Windows are like it and you can run a disk defragment. It compartmentalises everything into making better use of your computer space.  It’s that very same thing for our operating systems as well.


When there is any risk of emotional burnout happening and you’re spotting it, you’re feeling low, you’re feeling emotional, you’re feeling overwhelmed, then I think when you start to look at preventing this or working with it when you’re already feeling burnt out, it’s important to look at why you’re here in the first place.  

If it’s around work where you’re feeling the burnout, remind yourself of what it is that lights you up about what you do.  Remind yourself of what it is that people have said that absolutely has made you feel warm to the core of you when you heard it because they got it right. They know what you’re here for and they see it.  Remind yourself of those.

If it’s out of work, if it’s life, if it’s relationships and things, review what it is you want from life. Really get excited again. It’s like creating a shopping list for the universe to deliver.  Really look at those goals, look at why you want those things; you might want to take some time to make a dream board or a vision board and really refresh your goals.  As you do that you can really start to get excited again emotionally.  It lifts you and it lights you up as well.  All of those feelings are magnetic to everything that you want so we’re now diving into the spiritual layer of manifesting, using your energy, raising your vibration to be able to attract things at the same vibration which is what you do want as opposed to what you don’t want.


It might be obvious from what I said about spotting the signs of burnout on the spiritual layer which is we kind of start to neglect our self-care routines.  We start to think we don’t matter.

Naturally, the way to prevent this or to work with this, and this is where if you’re already in burnout it will probably need a bit more effort and a bit more consistency, a bit more having to give yourself a check-up from the neck up, to remind you to do it every day and even setting an alarm on your phone to do that.  But you have to put as much focus as you can on YOU, on your self-care routine - on meditation, receiving some Reiki, having yourself taken care of spiritually as well as physically. Because it’s one of the things we see like an added extra to our life. We don’t realise how essential this is to our whole wellbeing.

If we have something going on in our spiritual layer of our body, that’s where it gets to first. By the time it actually gets to our physical body, it’s actually been in our spiritual layer for a long time.  For some people that could be 40 years or more.  It can always be quicker as well, but if you can really work on that spiritual layer first and work in prevention mode in that mindset of really helping yourself, whether or not you need it in that moment, you know that you’re going to be continuing that amazing health on every level of your body all through your life as much as you possibly can. It gives you that opportunity to bring it back to the number one priority which is that spiritual focus, self-care, taking time out, doing the things that light you up, the things that are really important to you, but also making sure that your energy is clear. You are feeling well, you are able to tune into your intuition, you’re able to receive the guidance from your highest self and from anywhere else that will help you take each step to feel well, to feel energised, and to feel healthy in every way.

The other thing you can look at is what might not be feeling so aligned for you right now.  When I say alignment I mean what feels good to be doing, what doesn’t feel so good anymore - what maybe felt good six months ago and doesn’t feel good anymore.  Is it working with particular people?  Is it doing a particular job?  Is it being in a particular situation?  It may have been great,  but when you start to look back and review and see where maybe it’s fallen out of alignment with you, things change and that’s okay!  When you can bring some compassion, some awareness and some understanding to that, you can really then work on that spiritual layer of your wellbeing that will allow you to start to heal at that deeper level. You have that opportunity to work backwards- spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and then physically.

How does it feel to know you could change your feelings of burnout quickly in most cases and prevent it from happening again?

In the next blog, I'm, going to recap all of the information over these last few blogs and share a special little tip for you that will literally press the reset button on your health and happiness!

Look out for it!



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