Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 4

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 4



How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout

Part 4

So there you have it!  One the last three blogs, I've taken you through explaining what burnout is, how to identify if burnout is affecting you in someway and how to work with burnout to feel healthier, happier and more energised in every part of your life!

Let's recap on what I covered now, although you can catch up with the full blogs over here:

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How to spot the signs and deal with burnout!

If you are looking to spot the signs of any burnout, suspecting a little bit of burnout, then look for the signs and see what’s occurring around the physical layer which may be being in physical pain, feeling injury, sugar cravings. You may even be feeling tired; lethargic.

Mentally, feeling like you may be coming across a creativity block in your thinking, in whatever you do for work. Also looking at overthinking things and lacking focus.

In the respect of the emotional layer; feeling overwhelmed, sensitive, getting easily emotional, maybe you’re struggling with motivation, feeling low or procrastinating a little bit.

And then the spiritual layer, not listening to your intuition, your gut instinct.  Neglecting your self-care routines.  Allowing them slip by the wayside and just denying them because you’re busy at the moment or something has changed or something doesn’t feel as good as it used to.

Here are some solutions to help you through burnout or to prevent burnout:

The physical aspect, cut down on refined and processed foods, increase your water or make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. This way, you’re giving your body the best ability to work in complete balance and bring itself back to centre.

For the mental layer, work with affirmations, give yourself some mental space every day, do something you love that’s really going to allow you that mental space to be able to bring back in the creativity, bring back in the flow, bring back in that focus that you want. Take some time off as well; that is a key thing if you can and if you feel you need to.

For the emotional layer, review what’s important to you. Review your goals. Get fired up again. Remind yourself why you’re excited to do what you do or be what you are, and what’s great about you. Get support- talk to somebody.

For the spiritual layer that self-care is slipping by, make it non-negotiable.  Bring it back into your schedule.  Set a reminder if you need to to make sure you do it. It may be two to ten minutes, longer if you can, but an opportunity to do a quiet meditation, focus on some breathing, sit in your heart space, work with your gratitudes, use some Reiki or even ask for some Reiki from somebody and allow yourself to receive some really deeply spiritual healing energy from all those or from yourself as well. And look where realignment is out as well. That’s really key to look where maybe something felt good a while ago but just doesn’t feel so good now. That might even relate to something you’re doing exercise-wise or as part of your self-care routine. It might just need flipping over and changing into something new.

Give yourself permission to do that.

I promised you an extra tip for a full system reset!

For those of you who have been following this blog series and thinking “this is me!”, then this is exactly what the 14-day mind, body, spirit cleanse is about.   We'll be staring this cleanse in January 2018, so you can start the New Year as you mean to go on!

I will be walking you through a mind, body and spirit reset and cleanse, as your Rapid Transformational Therapist, personal trainer, as your hypnotherapist, as your energy healer, as your online health and life coach.


Here's what we will cover:

  • I'll be walking you through decluttering.
  • I’ll be walking you through cleansing your body nutritionally as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • I’m going to be bringing you energy healing, meditations, ways to really bring in new energy that you probably have never thought of before.


It gives you that opportunity to step by step, with your hand being held, walk yourself through a mind, body, spirit reset.

That reset is going to give you that chance within 14 days to take time out on every layer of your body without actually having to take time out.  

Without that point where you’re being forced to be off sick or you’re feeling so worried or anxious that you’re struggling to get up and out of bed in the morning, this is your opportunity to start that spiral going back the way you want it-in a positive direction!

We’ll go through things like getting super clear on what your goals are, what lights you up with passion and excitement inside, working on which affirmations are going to help you not only cleanse your system but put into your subconscious the feelings that you want to feel, the vibrations that you want to have to be able to attract and manifest what you want.

We’re also going to be working through decluttering your online space as well as your offline spaces because mentally, the online world plays a massive role in our health these days. We’re also going to be working through decluttering your physical system, step by step taking you through reducing refined foods and processed foods.

There is an option where you can actually do a nutritional cleanse with this as well so we really do cleanse the digestive system.

Then we’re going to be looking at clearing your energy to make way for abundance of health, wealth and happiness!

We’re doing this in a couple of ways. We are doing this with some powerful energy clearing with Reiki.

We’re also doing it with a powerful hypnosis, a vortex hypnosis which is being made bespoke for you all as part of the cleanse.

We’re also going to be doing some powerful visualisations one of which is a powerful sleep visualisation. For you to go to bed listening to that, it’s just going to allow you to have the most incredible sleep, healing sleep, deep sleep.  But it’s also going to allow you to wake up at the time you normally wake up refreshed, energised, and ready to start the day in the mindset that allows you to change that spiral I talked about earlier.

'The better it gets, the better it gets.'

That is the total ethos I wanted for this mind, body, spirit cleanse.

You may have read at the beginning of this blog series, I mentioned that I needed something just like this and I didn’t know how to piece it all together.

Back then when I closed the studio because I was totally burnt out and I needed a system reset, I just had to muddle my way through. It took me like eight or nine months or even longer before I really felt like I was starting to recharge my batteries and starting to feel human again.

What I’ve realised is that by honing it into this 14 days, which I have done quite a few times since just to keep myself cleansed and to keep myself on top of it, I realised this is EXACTLY what I needed.  Just a fortnight where you’re able to follow this really easy and simple plan but it is so profound and so effective to enable you to just create that extra energy and release any signs of burnout that you may have been experiencing by working in a mind, body, spirit way, not just focusing on one thing at one time.

The details of the 14 day mind, body, spirit cleanse are here, with the nutritional cleanse, it is only $222.  The nutritional cleanse itself is worth $185 and it can be shipped all around the world so don’t worry if you’re listening to this and you’re not in the UK.

The option without is $145. That’s without the nutritional cleansing which means you are getting the coaching from me, you are getting the private Facebook community with me, you’re getting the daily prompts that will take you through step by step what you need to do simply and easily for the mind, body, and spirit every single day.

My sole aim for this is to make it fit into a busy day. You have the opportunity to take those snippets of time really easily but win back bucket loads of energy.  It’s as powerful as having a full night’s sleep whilst spending only 15 or 20 minutes taking care of yourself in some way, and not even that long in some of the instances.

If you have any questions about the 14 day Mind, Body Spirit Cleanse and you want to touch base with me, either contact me or comment below.

I would love to see you in there resolving any burnout symptoms you have.

We start in January 2018, aligned with the new moon so we’re going to be having a powerful intention-setting ceremony as one of your bonuses.

Just over 14 days later, your final bonus is going to be a full moon ceremony as well where we are locking in these feelings, the cleansed feeling, your new energy, the new motivation, this new focus, this new everything that you’ve gained, this excitement about life, we are locking it in so you’re going to know what you need to do from hereonin to maintain it.

Its my personal vision to walk you the cleanse step by step virtually, to be able to know that you’ve got this come the end of the cleanse.

It’s not going to be a kind of plan that you forget about because you will have a lifetime access to it as well.  If you want to it twice a year or once a year, like I do, or you want to just do a system reset, it’s going to be yours. You can really take advantage of that.  

If you have any questions about burnout, let me know. If there’s anything coming up for you that you want to reach out privately about, don’t hesitate to do it. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to get you into that problem-solving mindset where you can look at solutions and you can really work with them to start making those steps, albeit maybe small steps at first but steps that will allow you to start to change your health and your happiness on every level of your body.

I'm excited for you!



Sick of Feeling Stuck in Your Health and Life?

Sick of Feeling Stuck in Your Health and Life?

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 3

Burnout: How to Spot the Signs and Deal with Burnout Part 3