Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! (Part 3)

Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! (Part 3)

Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! (Part 3)


Here we are working through spring cleaning your life and transforming your health - it's part three already!  

We have over the last couple of weeks talked about decluttering and the four things you can be doing to start to clear space physically, which will allow you to clear some mental and emotional and spiritual space in order to feel better and to raise your energy levels.

Last week we were talking about cleaning up those spaces we decluttered - cleaning up your eating, cleaning out the cupboards, rearranging your furniture, just various things that just allow you to create this extra balance.

I'm sure if you're out and about in the UK or anywhere you’ll be noticing that spring is springing for sure.  The weather is better, the mornings are lighter, the days are longer, and we've got this milder weather.  But for a lot of us we get this immediate surge as spring comes and then it kind of dies down again.  What I want you to be able to do is have the tools and the know-how and the tips and the tricks to be able to keep that energy level high and completely maintain it right through summer, autumn and right through winter ready to come back into spring again.

How would it feel to do that?!

A lot of this stuff I'm going to be coaching you on this subject, I learnt through my business.  I learnt through business coaches as I was starting to build balance of having my life working around my business rather than my business working around my life.  My ultimate goal is to have that work-life balance.  

What I found by putting these certain things in place, I got some really unexpected health benefits as well personally - more mental and physical energy, a clearer mind, more focus, more productivity, feeling more motivated, my eating habits improved because there was just less thought going into the planning and preparation of my relationship with food.  Then I noticed that my self-belief went up.  As my self-belief went up my motivation went up.  I felt I could take more action because I had more energy.  And so it becomes the most incredible positive cycle that you're in.  I found that I could fit more into a day and still feel energized afterwards as well. If you want just a smidge of that action, then you need to take action on these things!

If you haven't yet caught up with part one and part two you can go straight over to my blog on www.bu4life.co.uk/blog.  You can find week one and week two on that as well so you get your actions steps in advance.  But if you are up to date with it and you have done your decluttering and you’ve done your cleaning of the areas that you decluttered, we are talking about week three now.

We’re moving into maintaining this high energy and good feeling of having clean spaces around. This is all about installing systems and processes.  It's really my magical thing.  I love to kind of bring all this stuff from up here and then pull it down so it stays rooted and becomes a real fixture in your life and your routine.  By doing this it means you can maintain anything for the long term. It makes it easy for you to be able to do this without effort, without the need for massive willpower or motivation, so then you can conserve that energy for the things that you do need to be motivated or have the willpower for things like that.


Tip 1:

Top tip number one is meal planning.  I harp on about this all the time, you know I do, because the sheer space it creates in your life when you don't have to think on the morning of what you're eating or what you’re going to plan for the meal or you don't nip to the supermarket and end up buying a basket full of crap that you don't want and you really do not need to be eating.  

For me this top tip has to be the number one priority of you putting this system into your spring clean and part of your life because it is so important if you're watching your weight, if you're building a healthy relationship with food, if you're recovering from food addictions that you just don't have that option to think about buying crap, eating crap, and getting sucked into the marketing stuff that goes on. Plan your meals!

Last week in our Facebook Community, we ended up bumping up an old post around meal planning because it does what it says on the tin.  Plan your meals really simply on a Sunday or on the weekend.  You go and do all your shopping and you make more than you need so you have things in the freezer.  So on those nights when you're feeling like, “I just need to grab something quick” and you’d normally grab either Chinese or a kebab or something like that, then you've got something in the freezer that's healthy, that you've put the ingredients into and you know what's in it, so you can grab that.

Also, allow yourself to plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinner so you’ll be prepared for all of those.

You literally put each of those in a tub and on a Sunday you draw each of those meals out; seven of each for the week ahead.  Then you place them in the areas where you feel you have enough prep time, so if you're short on time you may have some meals really quick or slow-cook a meal. Or if you've got a long time you treat yourself to something a little more indulgent or something that takes a bit more preparation and attention.

As you do that you then make your shopping list of the ingredients that you need, you go on and buy the shopping and as you do this you make a little bit extra each time you make those meals through the week, pop them in the freezer, and then you've got them as a back-up for the days when time is really short or you're feeling like you just need to rest and don’t have to cook anything that day.

Tip 2:

My top tip number two is to create a default diary for your chores and the essential stuff you have to do on a day to day basis.  What this really does to create that mental space is it allows you to know mentally that coming up to that particular day, that particular time, you know that you're going to be cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom or doing the hoovering.  It becomes so much of a routine that your mind is already preparing for it which creates that motivation, that drive, that space to be ready to do it. But if you haven't done that planning or created a default diary, you’re kind of running around in the headspace and going, “Oh, what do I do next? I haven't planned this work. Oh no, now I see all this stuff. I need to sort this out.”

But if you give yourself a structure you're always going to stay on top of it.  That’s going to allow you then to really start to just stay very organized, keep your areas very clean, but also to feel very clean on the inside as well because you are on top of things. It feels good!  You’re doing little and often rather than leaving it so long that all of a sudden you have to spend a whole day doing those chores and things.

Tip 3:

Top tip number three is blocking times out for rest.  Again, this is another thing that I harp on about a lot.  Only through personal experience did I realize that if I don’t block time out for rest then actually that means for me it's unlikely to happen.  I even have to put this in a diary because I like what I do. I love my job, I love my life, and I like to be busy, so actually it's very easy for me not to do those kind of things - not to sit and chill, not to go out for a walk, not to pay attention to me and what it is that I need.  If you can pencil out half an hour a week or half an hour a day if you’ve got that luxury of time, then allow yourself to do that.  Sit and spend the morning in your PJs and just catching up on a replay of a box set on TV or something, spending time with your fur babies or with your kids and loved ones.  Take those times and make sure you do that. Always make it non-negotiable so other people around you know that that's your time for you just to chill and spend quality time with the people that you want to spend or doing the things that you want to do.

Tip 4:

Finally number four!  Top tip number four is about creating space and a pact with yourself really to make sure you put time in your diary for self-care, family time, date days, meals, time away from technology.  You know me; I love to play in this online space.  But you’ll also know there are times, there are boundaries where you just won't get me online and that's because I'm taking time away from technology.  

What normally goes hand in hand for me is that time away from technology goes straight into family time because I can be completely present with them and I absolutely love being there without being distracted by my mobile phone.  If you don't yet do that, try it!  It might only start with 15 minutes where you just put the phone in the other room and you guys sit on the sofa or you natter or you have your dinner and you're literally focussed on everything that's going on within that meal, around people and what the chitchat is.

Self-care and self-love is so important for helping you to feel good all the way through the year, not just in spring.  That might, as the weather is getting nicer, be exfoliating, it might be getting your nails done, hair done, ladies, it might be getting waxed or starting to shed the skin of winter and bringing yourself out of hibernation!  But it makes you feel amazing.  It creates this real energetic lift to our spirits which then moves down into our physical bodies through those layers of our emotional and mental bodies as well.  So it all adds up to you feeling good.

Date days - if you are a busy family person you may not get those times when you set aside for just you and your partner to be together and to do something you wouldn't normally do.  It might be going out for a meal, it might be going to the cinema, or just going for a walk, just something that's just you and them. And that might need a bit of support from family members or friends or something like that. You might even want to actually incorporate the family somehow if you can find a way to do that and still get some really good together time for you and your partner.

I talked about planning meals already and then, of course, you should be in a really good place after decluttering, after cleaning your areas.  

You're now putting these practices in place that are going to allow you a really good solid foundation to build on this well-being, this energy, this happiness, this healthiness which means it can be really difficult to break down.  And that is what we are all about - putting in those structures and systems that mean that come what may you're going to be feeling good.  Your energy is going to be high all the way through summer, through autumn and through winter which for me is just amazing.  It's been an amazing experience for me to feel this first-hand, understand it, to the share that with you.

If you have any questions , feel free to comment, or email me privately at bu4life@live.co.uk. 

Do share and keep yourselves accountable for the things that you're doing this week to really put those systems and processes in place for you to stay really happy and well this spring.

Take care of yourself!



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