Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! (Part 4)

Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! (Part 4)

Spring Clean your Life and Transform your Health! Part 4


Welcome to the final part of 'spring clean your life and transform your health'!  This is part four so if you’re hopping online for the first time you can catch one, two, and three over on my blog on www.bu4life.co.uk/blog

So what's it all about?  Well, as spring is coming, as we come through March and we are realizing that we are not only starting to see the layers being peeled back as the new leaves are growing, flowers are sprouting, all of those things, but we also are recognizing in ourselves that we need to start peeling back some layers from ourselves.

Those could be physical layers, mental, or emotional layers.

Over the last four weeks I've been talking you through starting to declutter and creating a mental and emotional space for you to be able to create this energy surge that spring really encourages you to do.

As we're experiencing lighter mornings, as we’re experiencing longer days, and milder weather, I’m really want to help you to capitalize on that and really take this surge of energy right through … not only maximise it but take it right through to summer, to autumn, to winter, for the whole of the year!

A lot of what I'm sharing with you is what I've learned has come through business coaches. Bizarrely enough when I started to implement them in my business, I started to notice some incredible personal benefits as well.  

Things like more energy, more focus, more motivation, my procrastination disappeared, I felt like I had a clearer mind, and really felt like I just had more about me in terms of being able to move forward.  My creativity was amazing and that meant I had more physical energy so then I could be more active and enjoy being outdoors or enjoy doing a little bit more for myself which then meant I lost my weight, I toned up, and I felt more confident.  I could fit more into a day and still feel bright and energized at the end of the day. It’s like a really powerful upward spiral. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?!

Let's get going and allow you to really start to move into week four.

We've gone through the declutter, we've gone through cleaning up the space, and then last week we were talking about installing the systems and strategies and processes in order to make these changes that you've made, these spaces that you’ve made, stay clear and stay really easy and effortless throughout the year.  We were talking about meal planning, creating a default diary for the non-negotiable things that have to happen in your life - the chores, the shopping, taking care of children, family time, and things like that.  Blocking time out for rest is a biggie.

This week we are talking about setting up your stall for those systems and strategies so they can always feel enjoyable, so they can always feel easy to do and effortless.  

You know how it is; you know you set all the best intentions to keep on top of your email inbox that you've decluttered or keep on top with the office.  But you, as much as I, know that six months down the line that office is probably going to be as messy as it was previously.  So let's change that. Let's really switch that around!  

The reason that we generally always slip back into clutter is because keeping on top of those things is quite mundane, it's quite boring.  There are other things that feel more important to do. So if we can inject some fun into the mundane stuff, then actually it's going to make it really pleasurable. It's going to excite your senses, it's going to excite your motivation, your thoughts, your thinking, and your beliefs around it. Dare I say you might even start to look forward to cleaning your house?! Who knows; maybe not. ;)

Tip 1:

Let's start with point number one. This is amazing for anywhere in your house but particularly this works really well for me in my workspace.

At the times that you want to sit down and maybe do your accounts or there's time for non-negotiable stuff - you need to sort your bills out, you need to do your online banking or something like that.  It’s that kind of stuff that you think, “Oh, do I really have to? Do I really want to spend this amount of time doing this?”  The most amazing thing that helps me is lighting up a scented candle or having some essential oil somewhere nearby that really helps to keep me alert, but also allows me to really appreciate the breaths that I'm taking and the air that I’m taking in.  It stimulates my senses. It helps the creative flow for me in imagination, in patience, in happiness, in pleasure, and just starts to make the mundane things more bearable and in some cases even enjoyable.  The oils I love for an energy boost, and this is just my personal feelings although there are huge amounts of essential oils that help for energy boost, but I find lemon is really invigorating and also eucalyptus I absolutely love. For relaxing, lavender is my go-to.  But there are so many others that will help you to relax.  I find rose is also very nice and very gentle. Explore it and really see which ones tantalize your senses really and go with those!  

There's nothing I like more now than knowing I have to go down to the office to do some non-negotiable stuff - some admin tasks or something - but I know that I'll get the opportunity to light up my favourite scented candle.  I’ll also get the opportunity to just spend a few moments looking at my vision board, my dream board, before I really get into that space of being able to focus and do what it is that I need to do. So that's point number one.

Tip 2:

Point number two: if you are a member of my Facebook community, you'll know what a massive fan I am of this - motivational means and quotes.  

These really allow you some paradigm shifts when you see these quotes maybe come up on your Facebook newsfeed or to have some saved up somewhere on your Pinterest board or even in a scrapbook or some other way to access them regularly.

All those quotes and phrases and pictures that really light you up, allow you to feel motivated, calmer, relaxed, and more focused.  Have a little database that you can just tap into any time you feel like you'd rather not be doing something - you’d rather not be doing that healthy eating or you're about to slip off plan or something like that.  Have a look at those quotes. Soak up the words and the meanings behind those quotes. The whole “we never told you it's going to be easy but we told you it would be worth it” kind of phrases.  All of those things!  Imagine that little cat that looks into the mirror and sees a lion.  All of those little memes are the things that really make me personally go, “Yeah, I can do this. I've got this.” I think it's really important to just have a little database of those.  Feel free to share them in our group as well because if they inspire you there is absolutely no doubt they'll reach out and inspire some others as well.

Tip 3:

What I also find really useful is if it's relatively calm, and it might be different for you, but I find that music really helps me to feel good, to uplift me and to help me to relax.  If there's a chore that I need to do or something involved with decluttering or keeping a clean space, just having some music on in the background really enables me to kind of go through the stuff that has to be done with a little more enjoyment, a light heart, and some fun injected into it.  

Of course you can turn it up loud!  You could pop your happiest, rockiest song ever, and you can have a real jive to it.  If cleaning the house is the chore that you find mundane, to keep that decluttered effect going on in your mind and in your physical space, then why not bop while you mop and really have a great chance to be able to do those chores with some real high energy coming through your body and through your mind!

Tip 4:

And then number four - play breaks.  I find these are so important because play breaks allow you the mental space in between the concentrated focused times you have to be in.  By play, I mean it could be doing just 30 seconds of a crazy dance. If you work in an office and you have to sit down at your desk for hours at a time, get up for five minutes in every hour, go to the toilet and in the toilet have a little jig!  Loosen off some energy and get your body moving again.

It could be going out for a walk in nature.

It could be listening to one particular song that really uplifts you and allows you to stay focused.

But what I suggest you do is you have a block of focus time of whatever it is that you're doing, whether it is cleaning the house or whether it is preparing a meal. Then literally at the end of it or at the beginning of it set yourself up. Get yourself prepared for it or release the mundaneness of the actual event that you've been doing. It allows you to really start to look forward to these things and to enjoy them.

The best thing about things like walks in nature is that opportunity to appreciate what's around you - the abundance of life, nature, the grounding effect that has on our body.  There are just so many knock-on benefits of doing these really simple things.


We had tip number one - adding scented candles or essential oils into the areas where you find your tasks might be a little bit boring or mundane.  Two - Add motivational memes and quotes all around you so you can surround yourself with the things you need to read and see and feel in order to keep you on track with keeping on top of those non-negotiable things you have to do to stay healthy, to stay happy, and to stay confident all the time. Three - Listen to music that makes you feel good, that lifts you up, that lights you up but also may relax you as well to allow you to enjoy those systems and strategies that we’ve been putting in place. Because yes, they are amazing for your health but sometimes they can be a little bit boring. And then the fourth one is add play breaks every five minutes in every hour if you can do that. Just allow yourself to get up, move around, stomp around, play, or do something daft!  Give yourself something that makes you feel really good and really happy!

That's it from me.  If you have any questions, any feedback, any comments, feel free to pop them on here. 



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