Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health! (Part 1)

Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health! (Part 1)

Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health (Part 1)


I've been taking stock of the change in the weather, the change in the seasons just lately.  I’m really noticing that the sun is coming through the window, the birds are tweeting, I’ve got the door open to let some air through to the house, our dog, Woody, is sat on the doorstep looking out at the garden.

I've realised that Spring is on its way!

It’s really starting to blossom and things are starting to bloom.  This really got me thinking how much better we feel when spring is starting to come.  

  • We feel better.  
  • We have lighter mornings.
  • We have longer days and milder weather.

It really gives us this surge of energy. But my question to you is, “How can you capitalise on this new-found energy and literally multiply it by 10 or 100? How many of you feel that you could do that?”

Over the next four weeks I’m going to show you exactly how, with some really simple tricks and tips. You know I’m all about keeping it really simple and combining some of the more complicated scientific stuff out there with some really simple-to-follow, simple-to stick-to, easy-to-do hints and tips to help you benefit from things like this!

A lot of what I’m going to be sharing with you over the next four weeks I learnt through business coaches; not life coaches or health coaches.

But whilst building my business around my life rather than the other way round (which has always been my objective and my ultimate goal), I also found that by doing these tips, these tricks, and putting these things in place, I got some really unexpected benefits as well. Things like;

  • More mental energy
  • More physical energy
  • A clearer mind
  • More focus
  • I became more productive
  • I became naturally more motivated
  • My eating habits improved as a result as well.

Then my self-belief went up, my motivation increased, my productivity got better, then I found I had more energy to be more active, which meant that I lost weight, I toned up, I felt more comfortable and more healthy, I could fit more into a day and still feel really bright and energised! 

It’s a really powerful upward spiral.

By sharing these with you, I think you’ll all find lots and lots of exactly the same benefits if not more.  Feel free to share those benefits as we go through the next four weeks and tune in to allow these to work for you and put these simple practices in place.

What I hadn’t realised, looking back in hindsight it was probably clear, but it wasn’t to me at the time and it might not be to you, but work and life and the chaos that overlaps both sometimes has a massive effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  And the two overlap sooooo much, hence the reason I took lots of those principles I had applied into my business and I put them into my home and personal life too with incredible results.

Let’s move through to week one without further ado!

This is all about decluttering. When we talk about Spring coming and we do a spring clean or something like that, this is taking that spring cleaning principle and applying it into lots of different areas of our lives.

I’m going to be talking you through four of them today.  If you have more of them feel free to share and let us know what it is you really want to declutter.  I remember this saying from a business coach: 'A clear desk is a clear mind'.  Always have this clear desk policy that you could put in place with your business that means that at close of play or come the weekend you could switch off knowing that everything was clear and tidy and organised and you knew where you were at with it.  In terms of applying this to your real life, it’s about setting aside time to spend time to declutter with this first phase of spring cleaning your life and your health.

Right now, or grab a pen and paper and write a list of the tasks in these sections that I’m going to talk you through, that need decluttering.  

  1. Write various areas down - I’ll give you some examples of how I’ve done it in our life.
  2. Estimate then how long it will take you to complete that declutter of that particular area or section.  
  3. Schedule it in. Depending on how much time you’ve got, it might be half an hour a week or an hour a week, or you might be able to do it all in a week. But that’s entirely up to you to decide what’s achievable for you and how you can do this realistically.
  4. Work through that once you’ve scheduled it in and commit to doing it at the times that you’ve scheduled it in, even if it’s going to take a month or more to do it. Little and often and just keep chipping away at the list of things that you are going to declutter.

For me, when I did the decluttering I literally walked around my house and my office and looked at the areas that I had pushed back to one side and ignored and pushed away from my attention to try and avoid the mess, the clutter.  For me, that was things like the desk at work, the store cupboard in my therapy room, the attic, the shoe cupboard at home.  But what I really want to get you focusing on is this; walking through your house with a pen and paper and writing down those areas and then going back to those areas and writing down what needs to be done in those areas.

I think the most common ones that will have the biggest effect on your life and your energy are these:

  1. Your fridge
  2. Cupboards - this is probably kitchen cupboards, but it could also be a wardrobe or a store cupboard, maybe you’ve got something that you shove everything into?
  3. A desk if you have one or workspace or chill-out space as well.
  4. The attic. The attic is a big one, so remember your scheduling to really stick to the time to be able to do that.

1.  Your fridge:

When it comes to the fridge, what you need to do is open up and honestly look at what’s in there. When it comes to your health and your weight-loss goals ladies, it’s what you no longer need to have in there.  Or can you section some stuff down into an area where the kids can have their treats or the husband/partner can eat what he needs to eat?  But when your eyes go to the first thing in the fridge at eye level, it’s all the stuff that you know is high vibration - they are great foods for you and they’re really good for your body.

2.  Cupboards:

When it comes to cupboards, if these are kitchen cupboards the same principle applies as the fridge.  If there are foods in there that don’t serve you, don’t help you in any way, start to clear those out or move them out of your eye line into another cupboard where then you can just direct your kids or your husband or partner to.  But also clean them out.  If you have a utility drawer that’s full of utensils or junk, or things like that, then literally allow yourself to clear them out and put everything back in uniform order.

3.  Your desk:

When it comes to your desk, we're talking about clearing out any old paperwork, anything that’s in the way and old sticky post-its.  Allow yourself to start putting things back in an order that works for your logic or for your mind.  Maybe have your diary on one side and have your folders and filing trays on the other.  Have a really nice space set up where you can put your crystals out or a scented candle, or something like that as well.

4.  The attic:

When it comes to your home or your attic, that could actually be the shoe cupboard that needs decluttering, it could be the attic, it could be anything that’s going to allow you to really clear some space and declutter and throw things away.  Be quite ruthless if you need to!  Because of the mental space, the energy space that creates, it’s going to make you feel amazing.


Remember this is just week one.  As we work through all four weeks of this you’re going to come out of this decluttering space and into actually putting some incredible systems in place that mean that you can stay energised, you can stay in this high-vibration.  It’s going to make you feel healthy, it’s going to make you feel energised, and it’s going to allow you to go into every single day positive, focused and motivated.

That’s it from me. I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on with your decluttering projects.  Feel free if you have any questions to ask them here.  Let me know what it is that you’re planning to do to declutter and hold yourself accountable in our Facebook community if you want to!!

I will see you soon. Take care!



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