Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health (Part 2)

Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health (Part 2)

Spring Clean your Life, Transform your Health (Part 2)


It feels like spring is really upon us now!

I'm going to be talking you through part 2 of spring cleaning your life and transforming your health.  There is absolutely no doubt that as Spring is coming and starting to spring into action, we are all starting to feel a little bit better, aren't we?  We are starting to feel and experience these lighter mornings, the longer days, and the mild weather.  But how could you capitalise on this?  How can you make the most of this surge of energy that comes in Spring and make it last all the way through Summer, Autumn, and even Winter?

A lot of what I‘m going to be sharing with you are topics I was actually coached in my business and I’ve been able to transfer them over to my life in terms of recovering from the food addictions and getting into an incredible relationship with myself as well as food.  But also, amongst the chaos of business and building a life and work around each other, you could probably find that this will really help you as well.  It will give you more focus, more clarity, a clearer mind, all of those things that come with spring cleaning your life - spring cleaning your health, your workspaces, your house, you name it, you can spring clean it!

Last week we were talking about decluttering and spring cleaning.  I don’t know if you’ve already done that?  You can catch last weeks blog here! 

We talked through the fridge, the cupboard, the desk at home.  Someone in our amazing Facebook community came up with an incredible idea of decluttering your emails as well which is a great idea.  Possibly even somewhere else in your home like the attic or the shoe cupboard or something like that.  I know some of you have been sharing some incredible stuff you’ve been decluttering.  Well done and congratulations! I hope you’re already feeling better for it!

Today we’re going to be talking about cleaning up.  Once you’ve decluttered, it’s really key that you are able to then start to clean those areas for reasons which will become clear as we go through this.  For you to spring clean your life, it’s also about putting things in place that allows them to stay clean in a way.  Let’s explain.

Tip number 1:

We are talking about food.  Where and how would you apply cleaning up food?  We’re talking about the nutrients.  We’re talking about cleaning up your diet, your way of eating, and allowing you to eat foods that are fresh, whole, raw if possible, seasonal, and recognisable foods - foods that roam or grow.  

By cleaning up the way you’re eating, reducing the refined sugar, possibly reducing dairy if it doesn’t agree with you, removing wheat, gluten, cereals and things like that that don’t agree with you and don’t really work for your body, then clean them up.  Spring clean them up!  Give yourself some really good simple whole foods and meals that are easy to cook, easy to prepare, easy to freeze and store in order to then be able to clean up your body, your digestive system, your energy system, everything!

Tip number 2:

Clean up your home.  So you have decluttered, brilliant!  But you may not have thought about actually cleaning up the areas that you’ve decluttered. There might still be a little bit of dust, a few cobwebs and things like that.  You may also find that just a blitz of furniture polish really freshens up the area and makes you feel wonderful.  That in itself allows you to have an incredible energetic space - physical space as well as energetic space - in your home.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a room you go into and there is a scented candle or there’s a beautiful smell in there – some essential oils or something – and you can’t help but take a wonderful deep breath in. You feel like it lowers your shoulders, it relaxes your neck. You feel amazing walking into that kind of space. That’s what I’m talking about. Really clearing out those areas to make them feel clean, make them feel satisfying, make them feel inviting for you to spend time in there or to walk through that area or to reward yourself for the decluttering you did last week on them as well.

Tip number 3:

Your car.  The reason I say this is because this has been massive for me over the last few weeks. We have a dog who we take to the beach, I tend to do quite a lot of driving to meetings, and I find my car is a bit of an office. I’m never really taking care of it yet I have a beautiful car; it’s my dream car.  For me there was this conflict of “This is my dream car. I love this car but I’m not treating it very well.” There sometimes can be that conflict in terms of things you value and in terms of things you take care of.  It was really important for me to get into the mind-set of spending time getting my car cleaned or cleaning my car - hoovering it out, cleaning it out, polishing the dash board, and putting air fresheners in there.  As you clean that space up, whether or not you spend a lot of time in there like I do, it’s a wonderful space to be in if you know it’s clean and tidy and you don’t run your finger across the dash board and you see dust on your finger. (I’m only speaking from experience ladies!)  It’s about spending some time to clean up your car space area as well.  If you don’t have a car, maybe it’s the kids buggy or somewhere else in the house that you spend a bit of time in that you would prefer to have it clean, tidy, smelling beautiful and fresh.  Mentally, it’s about respecting that area as well, that space for you, so you can allow more of that good stuff to come in, by Law of Attraction.

Tip number 4:

Cleaning up your furniture.  This covers quite a spectrum of things. But in the house, let’s give you an example; when you have a shower or a bath at night and the bed is freshly made, new linen, it’s clean, it smells fresh, you’ve got fresh pyjamas on, and you just slide into bed, that you feeling you get when it feels so fresh and snug and aired, that’s what I’m hoping to get you to do this week with your furniture.  

This is soooooo simple!  If you have throws on the furniture, take them off, wash them, give them a clean, maybe give the sofa a bit of a changeover, plump up the pillows, maybe have some essential oils somewhere in the space so you can allow that smell to come through, rearrange. You may have decluttered but possibly not changed the layout. Changing the layout for your furniture or your furnishings is beautiful for the mind.  The mind absolutely loves it.  This wakes the mind up and alerts it because there’s going to be new sensory things going on, things in new places.  Add a vase, some flowers, and just create a beautiful haven for you in whichever space you choose to work on with that furniture.

That's it!  It seems so simple, but it is sooooo effective in helping you raise your energy levels, feel more productive, more motivated and feel good!

As you know ladies, I love to hear from you. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with this. And because we’ve done the decluttering already, we are now on the clean-up. Next week we’re going to be talking about installing some systems and strategies that allow you to maintain this - this clean space, this mental space, this energy that you’re creating as you go through this process of sweeping out the old and cleaning it up.  And then we’re going to start bringing in the new and maintaining that as well.  I look forward to hearing your comments and your ideas.  Add your ideas as well; it’s great to hear from you!



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