How to be Aware of the Story You Tell Yourself Part 2
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How to be Aware of the Story You Tell Yourself

Part 2

Welcome back ultimate health people!

In the first part of this blog, we learned how all of our thoughts are just stories and the dominant thoughts are the ones that get through. So if we’ve heard and been telling ourselves “I can’t” stories, that’s what our mind believes. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I encourage you to do so here.

In today’s blog, I want to give you some strategies to help you change that way of thinking.  

When you apply passion to what you are thinking, when you apply energy, when you apply tone, and expression to these negative thoughts, they will really become the dominant thoughts. With 50-70 thousand thoughts a day, our filters are only going to be able to cope with a few of them- the ones that come with the most repetition, the most impact, and the most authority. ie: The ones that you apply passion, energy, tone and expression to will be the most dominant ones, because your mind thinks that is what you want more of.  When your mind thinks you’re excited and passionate about having something, it will provide more of it for you because it thinks that is what you want.  Can you imagine the conversations you might have with yourself about some of these? Notice, whether you say it out loud or in your mind, the tone that it comes with and the passion, the emotion behind it. Most people put a lot of passion into the words when they say things like, “I can’t do this! I haven’t got the time!” We apply so much passion and so much frustration and tone and energy behind those words that our mind actually thinks they are the dominant ones that we want, not the ones that we don’t want.

When it comes to actually working through the things that you do want, I’m going to work through some strategies to help you do that based on the theory that I have just covered. Because we know it’s not the case-you don’t want to be afraid, do you? You don’t want to be in pain. You don’t want money problems. You don’t want lack of clients.  But yet here we are applying passion, anger, frustration and emotion to the things that we don’t want as opposed to the things that we do.  If that’s what is happening for you, then these dominant stories that you’re telling yourself will always reign supreme over the rest and they will make your feelings, your actions, and your results to reflect those stories that you’re telling yourself. This will lead to and attract and manifest more of the things that you don’t want!

When we look at those thoughts, they are like the seedbed of your reality. When you look at those thoughts and then forward to the next step which are your feelings and your actions, or lack of action in some cases, these might look like procrastination, disorganisation, sabotage, self-doubt, low self-esteem, feeling stuck, having more money problems like bills and expenses, especially unexpected expenses, lack of clients or clients that don’t value you etc.

It’s really key to start to see that where you are applying your passion and attention and energy is what will grow.  As you start to realise that, you can start to become so aware of the stories that are manifesting in your reality as a result of your thoughts.

At the beginning of the first blog, that quote said, “Story-telling can be enriching. It can empower the listener and the teller.” Bearing in mind that you are the listener and also the teller of every single story in your mind, in your life, in your thoughts, we need to work on the solutions. Solutions that will make those stories enriching, empowering, exciting, so powerfully positive. Therefore your reality will also be powerful, positive, empowering and everything like that.

Let’s switch some of these stories to powerful, enriching, positive stories that you tell yourself. Some of these stories, I will just say, can be so deeply ingrained.  You will probably know they are; you’ll have a sense. If that’s the case, then you may need some more support to remove and to release them using RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy.

First and foremost, when you catch your negative and disempowering stories coming up, make them lifeless. Take all of the energy, all of the passion, all of the color, all of the definition out of them. I described ‘I am in pain’ like a bath, like soaking in a bath of pain and feeling drenched and suffocated and overwhelmed by that pain. If you imagine that pain might be a deep red or black or heavy brown color, or if you imagine all of that passion and energy that you’re putting into saying, “I’m in so much pain”, when you notice that happening, start to go, “There’s a pain and it’s in lifeless, negative colors. It’s just like grey and beige.” There’s no energy behind what you’re talking about, what you’re thinking about. You are literally stripping away any part of that animation and intensity of that story, any emotion around that story, any passion around that story. So it becomes like a limp, withered, lifeless phrase that you’re starting to tell yourself. Already your brain can disconnect from it because it’s not as powerful as it was before.

Start then to think of what the opposite of that thought is. “This is hard! I can’t do this!” You’re taking all of that energy and passion and making it feel all beige and neutral so it has no strong imagery or feeling or emotion.

The opposite of that would be, “This is so easy!”

Apply passion, excitement, authority, repetition, and color to “This is easy!” In my world, first of all I love the word ‘freaking’ so “This is soooooo freaking easy!” After I’ve said it a couple of times I’ll be like, “This is freaking easy! This is so easy!” Can you feel the difference in that as opposed to applying all of that energy to what you don’t want?  Saying it out loud amplifies the power and the authority and the impact as well.

“I can’t do this” switches to “I can bloody well do this!”

“I don’t have any friends” switches to “I make friends so easily every day in every way!”

“I am afraid of…” switches to “I am excited to…”

We know that fear and excitement have the same chemical reaction in the brain; it’s scientifically proven.

“I don’t have time, money, energy” switches to “I have all the time and the money and the energy in the world and I am using it right now!”

“I get this negative response all the time” switches to “I only invite goodness into my life! I only invite juicy goodness into my life!”

“I am in pain”- you may detach this from “I am in a pain” or “This is my pain” to “There is a pain in my body.” “There is a pain in my leg.” “There is a pain in my back.” Start to detach the emotional connection to that pain from it being ‘my pain’ to ‘a pain’.

“I am always poorly” or “I am always unwell” could become “I am healthy” or “I am well”.

“I don’t have” becomes “I have…”

“I’m lonely” can become “I am surrounded by amazing people and amazing things”. You can literally apply all of those incredible techniques to anything.

“I am desperately afraid to step into my power.” I would switch that to, “I am so excited to step into my power in every way possible.”

“I’m never going to be where I want to be.” Switch that to, “Every day in every way I am taking steps towards the direction of my dreams.”

“I am unrealistic.” Switch that to, “I am totally unrealistic in pursuing my dreams!”, because you have to be fierce, you have to really want those things and have some big dreams as well. They might feel like they are a stretch but when you make that exciting to really achieve them, then actually they become really powerful. ‘Unrealistic’ depends on whether it’s empowering you and stretching you out of your comfort zone or whether it’s disempowering you.

“If you ask yourself, “Who wants to hear or learn from me?”” Simply switch it to, “Everybody wants to hear what I have to say. Everybody has to learn from me. They need what it is that I have to say.” “I know enough” or just “I am enough” is a powerful one for that statement as well.

The one thing I will say and I will encourage you to do is to have fun with it, because healing doesn’t have to be hard. The more fun you make it, the more exciting you make it, the easier it’s going to be to move towards those things. Don’t make it feel like a chore; have fun with it. Raise the tone and play with the tone of what you say.  Squeal with delight when you say these things because every time you do that your mind is going to lock onto it in a stronger, more dominant way!

Remember to be mindful of where you’re applying those same techniques to the things that you don’t want as opposed to the things that you do because in our 50-70 thousand thoughts per day, these will be the dominant ones. The only ones that we can filter through all those stories that we’re hearing and perceiving our world through, the dominant ones are the ones that will stick.

So, make your dominant stories the ones that are all about health and wealth and happiness and success and being excited and feeling well and being full of life and vitality.  Make it all about those and less about feeling lonely or afraid or scared or feeling like you’re disempowered, feeling powerless, feeling confused, feeling like you lack in confidence. Let those die away and apply all of your passion and excitement to all of the amazing things that you want.

Because you deserve them. You are worth it. You are worth so much more than the dreams that you have now. You could have anything that you set your mind to but you have to make those stories match your reality and your actions and your thoughts.

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