Subconscious Mindset Mastery Conclusion
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Subconscious Mindset Mastery Conclusion

Over the last four blogs, we've been exploring your subconscious and methods to reprogram and heal subconscious mindset challenges.  To recap on them, hop over to the following quick read blogs!

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In summary, the incredible benefits of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Affirmations and Affirmations, EFT Tapping have been explored and explained.

As you start to heal and reprogram your subconscious mind as an adult using some of the subconscious mindset techniques that I've talked about, then you can start to unravel that compound effect.  You can start to peel back the layers and really understand what you need to believe about yourself now as opposed to what you have been believing subconsciously about yourself from back then, from wherever it was where you picked up these beliefs or these feelings that you weren't loved or connected and safe in some way, for example.

One of the key things about any mindset techniques, or mindset mastery is consistency.

The reason I have talked about consistency for the subconscious is because this is often the missing key in any kind of transformational change you make to health and life in any way because - and I'm speaking from experience here - when you take on board some kind of change, you may get to that point where maybe two or three weeks down the line the novelty has worn off or the focus has drifted.

This could apply to anything; it doesn't have to be a healthy eating plan.  It could be work focus, it can be promoting your business, it can be exercising more, anything at all.

But when we drift off from doing what we've been doing every day as a regular routine, or something else kicks in and it knocks us a little curveball, sends us onto a slightly different path or out of the routine, we lose the consistency.  One of the most powerful limiting beliefs and the key thing that most of us hold onto is the belief that we can't stick to anything and we can't do this.  And so, of course, whenever we slide off that consistency route, we reinforce that belief that we can't do it; we can't stick at anything.

That is the key thing that has to change. The easiest way to do that is just to make one of these, two of these, three of these practices, if you have time for five of these methods, part of your day-to-day practice and make it non-negotiable.

Tapping is probably the quickest and simplest thing to do because you can do it anywhere.

Affirmations can be just as quick, maybe one to two minutes a day.  The difference that makes to your life is incredible.

The reason for this is because our brain, our subconscious mind, is like a biofeedback machine.

Anything we input into that machine, into our brain, it will ensure that our reality becomes something that stems around what we are inputting into it.

So if you are saying “This is hard. I can't do this. I'm stupid. Everybody hates me. I can never hold down a relationship.” then that biofeedback machine in your brain is going to go, “Where can we make things happen in her reality, in her behaviour, in her actions, that's going to create the reality that's going to reinforce the programming that is saying that you are not good enough, that you're not wanted enough, you are not lovable enough, you are not clever enough, this is going to be hard?”

Guess what it's going to do; it's going to make it hard and it's going to make you have the experiences and the senses and the feelings that make you feel not good enough, not wanted enough, not lovable in some way.

The key thing is to look at your brain like a machine and start to put the good information in. Start to feedback into that machine the things you need to hear and the things you need to know.

The more you do that with more consistency, it becomes a bit like fuelling your body with good food.  You know how much better you feel when you are eating great food and not drinking fizzy drinks or processed food.

It's the same thing; the quality of the information we put in our mind is going to output into our reality and as we can really harness that energy, that power of what you put in is what you're going to get out, you can really start to double check your language; your self-talk.

Whenever you catch yourself saying, “I can't do this. Why does this always happen to me? I'm so stupid.” or something like that, you can just check in with yourself and go, “This is the subconscious programming talking and this is what needs to change.”

Have your list of afformations, affirmations or your Tapping to hand allowing you to really then start to redress that into “I am good enough. I am clever enough. This is so easy. I am intelligent. I am wanted. I'm great at everything I do every day in every way. Why I’m I getting so much better, so much happier, so much healthier and everything in between?”

Over the last few blogs, I've given you a some affirmations and afformations that you can use for yourself as well.

If you have any questions or challenges to do with your health, with your happiness, your life, work in any way and you want some specific support in overcoming them, then don't hesitate to reach out.  You can find me on Facebook, online at

We've run through five great ways to be able to work on the subconscious mind with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, affirmations, afformations, and tapping- EFT, which are great ways to really work on your subconscious mindset at a deeper level than you would just by always focusing on changing the actions.

When you start to track back those actions, backtrack them to where the thoughts and the feelings have come from, then you can really start to change things at a deep subconscious level. And that's where the power is to be able to heal limiting beliefs and really start to shift that energy that I was talking about from your system, from that layer of your body where it then finds its way into manifesting into reality for you.

So to summarise the last five blogs:

1: Step back into the belief of why you are feeling stuck. Then you have the choice, the awareness to be able to change that.  Until you know what it is, it’s never going to be easy to work on it, which is why the blanket stuff works really well - the hypnosis, the affirmations.  But when you get to the root cause using Hypnotherapy, it's like coring the apple, you're taking that core belief out and putting in what you want to put in directly as opposed to just sticking a plaster (AKA Affirmations, Afformations or Hypnosis) over the top and hoping that it will sink down to where it needs to go.

2:  Identifying and changing subconscious beliefs also creates shifts in energy for you so you can really be free of anything that's holding you back.  That might be feelings, emotions, health challenges (because aches and pains come under this umbrella as well) and you can really look at them from this point of view to heal them, to help them, and to get you moving forwards in every possible sense of the word.



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