Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 1


As promised, I'm going to be talking you through all things subconscious.  If you missed the intro a coupe of days ago, hop over here, or pick up where we left off now and carry on reading!

In this blog and the next two blogs, I'm working on the mindset elements that shift, heal and reprogramme our subconscious mind of any beliefs and/or experiences that present themselves as our reality in terms of struggles, challenges, health issues, for example.  


We're going to be talking about how Hypnosis is a really powerful tool for doing just that-reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is very much like a really strong powerful visualisation.  It really excites the subconscious mind.

When used in a specific way, using personal names, language and phrases that relate to the client, hypnosis really excites the imagination to then want to create new pictures, new thoughts, new feelings, and new actions.

As you listen to any hypnosis consistently, the subconscious mind is connecting up new neural pathways which are allowing you to start to think differently, which will allow you to feel differently about things, which will then allow you to take different actions as a result of feeling differently.  As a result of that sequence, you'll have some different outcomes.

Hypnosis is really powerful in that it has this ability to really address the imagination side of any subconscious blocks or beliefs that are affecting you.

When it comes to the pictures you hold inside of your head that may not serve you, that may be negative, that may be self-sabotaging, hypnosis helps to change those pictures so they start to excite you.  They start to feel positive.  They start to feel really empowered.

Oftentimes what can happen is people have such deep rooted beliefs these days with so many things going on around the world and so many differences in families and dynamics in relationships, in life, in health, everything that's going on around us.  You may have some really deep implanted root beliefs that don't serve you.  In these cases, hypnosis becomes a bit like popping a blanket over it.  It's not getting to the root cause but it is actually helping you gently slowly and with consistency.  Over a long period of time, hypnosis can be really powerful to be able to help you to make those big transformational changes.


Hypnotherapy on the other hand, takes you through a process where you can actually go straight to the root cause.  You're not putting a blanket over it; you're going under, into wherever that root cause has come about that has led to this cycle that's not serving you, these patterns, these behaviours, and it identifies them.

Reveal it-feel it-release it.png

It releases them to allow you to really start to understand them in order to be able to let them go, to release the control and the power that they have over your subconscious mind that controls all of your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings.

Hypnotherapy is a huge step deeper than hypnosis into the subconscious.

What I do personally, and I'm sure other hypnotherapists do this as well, once they've done that deep subconscious work on reprogramming and removing the old programming, releasing that, you are then able to use hypnosis to then really excite the imagination knowing that those blocks aren't there anymore.  You're not just popping a blanket on it then; you are literally wiring it straight in to the control room to allow you to really think differently, feel differently, act completely differently, and of course then as a result you're going to get completely different outcomes. It's just kind of like a supercharged session to be able to allow you to really work on the subconscious.

As a clinical Hypnotherapist, I love to witness the powerful shifts that occur using hypnotherapy.  There are of course, many other methods of reprogramming and healing the subconscious mind, some of which I'll be exploring more with you over the next two blogs, but Hypnotherapy has become my go-to method when I observe cycles and repeating patterns going on for my clients' and with my clients' behaviour, challenges or struggles.

I'll be back with the next blog soon, but if you have any questions around hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, do not hesitate to reach out!




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