Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 2
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Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 2

Over the last few days, I've been talking about all things subconscious.

I mean working on the mindset that is controlled by our subconscious, which then creates out thoughts and feelings, which manifest themselves in our actions (or lack of) which then lead to results that we do or don't want.  

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Subconscious Mindset Mastery: An Introduction

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For those who don't know me, I'm your online holistic health and life coach.  I love nothing more than blending the subconscious with energy to really amalgamate and combine the power that we have to be able to not only change our thoughts and our feelings at a deep cellular level, but to allow those energetic shifts that occur when we do those things to really clear out of our system to allow us to really move and stride into the life that we want- being the healthiest, the happiest, the highest version of ourselves possible. I do this a multitude of ways but one of the most powerful ways that I do is really getting deep into the subconscious using hypnotherapy.

Let's look at some of the other strategies and techniques I use:


Now we are looking at affirmations.  I love affirmations.  I absolutely love them!  

What are affirmations?

These are things like “I am enough”.  You repeat them over and over like little mantras. “I am good enough. I am clever enough. I am confident. I am competent.”  All of these words and commands you would repeat day-in day-out to allow you to really start to believe those things.  Affirmations I find very similar to hypnosis when they are used as a standalone mindset technique.  When they are standalone, they are super powerful.  They excite you.  When you say them in a mirror out loud looking into the soul of your eyes you're able to really start to change things.

But you and I both know that on a day-to-day basis we maybe don't always stand in front of the mirror.  We don't always say them out loud; we're sometimes saying them to ourselves and we're maybe doing something else while we're working on doing that.  

Sometimes they lose their power to shift our energy, a bit like hypnosis.  They're almost putting a blanket on it but there's this little part of you that maybe when you're saying “I am enough” or “I am clever enough”, for some reason there's that little person on your shoulder that says, “No, you're bloody well not. You did this and you did that and of course that doesn't mean that you're clever or you're good enough.”

If that is the case for you when you do affirmations, then I encourage you to try afformations.


Because afformations are again a bit like hypnotherapy in that they step up the subconscious transformational power a notch.  

Afformations allow you to ask a question of your subconscious mind.  

Instead of making a statement that your subconscious mind then responds with, “Well, actually here are all the reasons why you are not this statement”, if you ask a question of your subconscious like, “Why I’m I enough? Why I’m I clever enough?”, your subconscious, your brain is naturally wired to go to problem-solve.  So when you ask that kind of question, then it's going to start to bring all of the reasons up as to why you are good enough, why you are clever enough, why you are lovable enough.  

It's such a powerful way to be able to just shift the affirmations to another level as well. When you ask those kind of questions you can really think about easily addressing what it is you hear yourself saying when you say “I can't do this. This is hard.”

Can you feel the power in that slight change of technique?  I know I can and do and so do my clients!

Why not comment with some phrases you tell yourself that disempowers you, or some affirmations you are already using and I'll switch them into afformations for you?




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