Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 3
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Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 3

On the last few blogs, we've been talking all things subconscious!  If you missed them, you can catch them here!

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Here's a quick summary if you're picking up fresh from here:  As a clinical hypnotherapist, I love nothing more than working on the mindset that is controlled by your subconscious; combining that with energy clearing and healing in my experience, is the fastest, most profound route to Ultimate Health.

What's apparent to me as I practice hypnotherapy with clients is that when you I those light bulb moments happen, when I witness clients having their revelations within hypnotherapy sessions as to why they've had a lifetime of health and/or happiness issues or why they've had phobias or why they have self-sabotage cycles or why they have a self-destruct mode, why they have anxiety, panic, depression feelings; when they realise how and when and why they've occurred at a deep subconscious level, the energy shift in the space we are in together is incredible.

To be able to connect those two together for me has been so powerful to realise that as we create these shifts energetically as well as mentally and emotionally, as we work with the spiritual aspect of that, the energy side of things with that, we can really propel these changes to be long-term, to be permanent, to work within a multitude of things so not only will you then overcome the one issue you've had, but you'll start to see other things blossoming in your life as a result of that just because we've been able to really harness the energy shift that's occurred within that hypnotherapy session and doing the deep subconscious work. That's why I love to amalgamate the two. That's why I see these powerful transformations in people as a result of doing that.

We've already discussed Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Affirmations and Afformations in the previous blogs.  Today, we're covering EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping as it's more commonly known. 

EFT- Tapping:

I'm sure lots of you have heard of Tapping, come across it or tried it.

Tapping can be really powerful to redress and reprogram the subconscious based on the limiting beliefs, the blocks and the negative emotions that we hold from way back in childhood or those repetitions that we've experienced through life that have led to a strong overpowering negative belief that holds us back in life.

I love to make Tapping light-hearted and super powerful to heal, even if we are working with a serious issue, and that's a little bit of the NLP perspective coming in to play, in that I love to take away the power that that particular image, that feeling, that emotion has over you to almost make it feel lighter straightaway, but also to introduce a more harmless approach to it which allows that intensity to come away from that fire that you feel is burning inside of you in a really self-destructive way.

Tapping uses acupressure points - around the face, and the collarbone, under the arm - which allows you to just start to work with any limiting beliefs bringing them up verbally in a stream of consciousness way that allows you to really bring up the dark stuff, breathe it out, tap it out, and then start to input everything you do want to believe about yourself, everything you do really know is true about you but your subconscious is not letting you feel that and see that on the outside.

Tapping is such a powerful thing to do any time we need to, whether it's an urgent firefighting moment or whether it is actually just on a day-to-day basis just to keep you feeling good, keep you feeling level-headed, keeping you feeling calm as well.

As Louise Hay said, 'If you want to clean your cupboards, you have to see the dirt' and I am a firm believer that in a safe, supportive space, you can really transform your life by seeing, accepting and embracing the darkest, most vulnerable parts of yourself, alchemising them into your light and your super powers.  

Tapping allows you to do this by not only tapping those accupressure points whilst speaking about emotions and feelings such as guilt, shame, failure, trauma, anger, fear, for example, but to then create a powerful shift by allowing the subconscious to reprogram itself using Tapping to reinforce the acceptance of these feelings, then input new powerful, positive statements, emotions and feelings in their place.

Join me in the next blog as we bring all these incredible methods together into a powerful action plan for you to create transformational change in your life!

Do you hold limiting beliefs?  Do you want to release them in a safe, supportive space?  Yes!  Then this is for you; my 30 minute complimentary clarity call, where we can discuss how you can trasnform your health and happiness working with an intuitive holistic health and life coach.




Subconscious Mindset Mastery Conclusion

Subconscious Mindset Mastery Conclusion

Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 2

Subconscious Mindset Mastery Part 2