Ten Resources that have been pivotal in my Mind, Body and spirit Journey to Ultimate Health

Ten Resources that have been pivotal in my Mind, Body and spirit Journey to Ultimate Health

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Do you need a little direction on your holistic Health Journey?


When I first started out on my Ultimate Health journey, overcoming my food addictions and releasing pain and anger around my father leaving us when I was 11 years of age and the associated subconscious beliefs that occurred in that dramatic phase, I had not a clue where to look or where to start.  

In hindsight, most of the resources found me, in some form or another; that random idea, an unexpected Facebook Ad in my timeline, a person appearing in my life.

Each of those helped me build a foundation upon which I have been able to make significant life and health transformations and I believe, they all came in perfect order too.

I'm sharing ten of those resources below in the order they came and the subconscious belief they helped me build or release, so I could be open to receive the next level of transformation, in my health, my business and my life!

I hope you enjoy them too, and if you are just starting out, they may just give you some direction to where to go next on your Ultimate Health journey.

The Ten Resources that have been pivotal in my Mind, Body and spirit Journey to Ultimate Health:

  1. Headspace:  A simple mindfulness and meditation app.  This beautiful app allowed me to believe I could stick at something and be consistent, that new belief has since allowed me to show consistency in all parts of life; healthy eating, exercise, self-care, online presence, to name just a few.  If you love the sound of this, go to headspace.com and subscribe to a free trial.  If you love it even more then, you can get 3 months off an annual subscription with the coupon code GETSOMEHEADSPACE
  2. Wayne Dyer - The Shift:  I consider this movie the pivotal shift for me in my Ultimate Health journey.  This movie touched my heart and the messages within it helped me release the need for material possessions and recognition and instead, look within to release the power and acceptance of simply being myself and finding my own purpose.  After watching this movie maybe 10 times since then, I have deepened my knowledge and purpose even more as I have grown and evolved even more.
  3. Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now:  When I first read The Power of Now, I experienced an awakening of the the feminine within me.  I sensed deep healing of collective pain, after already experiencing lots of healing in my journey thus far, The Power of now allowed me to expand my thinking into healing the collective consciousness and once again, understand that everything I need in any moment, is right there within me.
  4. T Harv Eker - The Spiritual Laws of Money:  It was very apparent in my life up to now that I had some big limiting beliefs around money, and as I became more spiritual in my approach to business, I struggled even more to believe I was worthy as a spiritual entrepreneur to be financially free and wealthy.  This incredible course taught me so much about money, values, being an entrepreneur and combining all three to be financially free, embracing the life of my dreams.  Some of the powerful affirmations he recommends in this course are still with me today; not because they haven't worked, but because my subconscious and psyche absolutely lights up to hear them!
  5. Marisa Peer:  Just as I was declaring to my husband that I wanted to evolve my business into more of a life coaching role from a massage therapist and network marketer, Marisa Peer popped into my awareness as she was looking to teach her unique and life transforming method of Hypnotherapy.  I joined a small group of pioneers of her method in the UK in 2015.
  6. Joe Dispenza - Make your Mind Matter:  After hearing of Joe's recovery from serious injury through meditation and instructing his subconscious to heal, I learned about his incredible techniques and this was my first conscious experience of seeing intuitive images and animal guides for myself and for others, since being a child.  The wisdom that this man speaks in a grounded, factual way really sits well with my belief systems and ethos.
  7. Karen Carruthers - Reiki L1, L2 and Advanced:  As my confidence was growing hugely in my belief in myself and my abilities to heal the deep subconscious parts of people, I was sensing powerful energy shifts within myself and my clients as we peeled back those layers of ourselves that were preventing us from being our authentic selves.  I knew I needed to understand energy some more, and lo and behold, Karen reach out to me through one of my Facebook promotions and we became firm friends after just 30 minutes of talking!  Karen holds huge wisdom and gifts when it comes to energy and energy healing and to be taught Reiki by her has been a true honour.
  8. Noah St John - Afformations:  Through Karen Carruthers, I was introduced to a powerful subconscious mindset technique, which revolutionised my daily affirmations practice.  I talk about the difference between Affirmations and affirmations here!
  9. Chakredy(R) - Alexis Saloutos:  After learning more and more about energy, my scientific, dare I say, skeptical head wanted to find a way to make energy more tangible, more understandable.  I was introduced to Alexis through a wonderful energy healer who was part of a course I was doing.  Alexis has created a method of assessing energy and our chakras for imbalances and blocks, using a pendulum.  This powerful method allows you to tangibly 'see' the location and reasons behind the imbalances and blocks, alongside her powerful energy healing activations to heal and release those blocks.
  10. Amy Robeson - Spiritual Business Coach:  I was introduced to Amy through a mutual Spiritual entrepreneur group.  After listening to what she has to say about business and spirituality, I knew I had to get to know this lady more.  She has introduced me to the incredible world of the Akashic Records, the healing power of crystals, how to run business in a way that feels good for you, not hard, not exhausting.  Amy helped me to give myself  permission to let my business evolve as I do, rather than getting trapped in foxed systems and strategies.  Amy has so much to share within her Facebook group, Spiritual Espresso, which is where I have learned so much about growing my business, for free.  She currently has a year long program where she will be coaching people through creating a business that will deliver the life you desire, with the balance you crave, called Soul Driven Success.  It sounds amazing!

In closing:

I think sometimes people see the surface layer of who I am and what I do and maybe don't realise that underneath that has been a consistent evolution and growth, both personally and professionally.  I wonder if that's the same for you?

One thing is clear, there is no ONE thing that has lead me to where I am today; it has been a series of stepping stones, synchronicities and a balance of allowing, surrendering and flow.  This combination of things creates a compound effect, which over time (in my case, over the last 3 years), created transformational change at a deep subconscious and cellular level.

Be prepared to invest in your Ultimate Health journey-many resources are free, but some are not, but you have to invest your time.  The investment you make is your commitment to yourself-eveything changes when you commit!

Follow the steps and nudges-they all align somewhere along the way and trust the journey, even if you're not sure where it will lead!  Somewhere along the lines, you will look back and realise that everything happened for a reason.

Let me know your amazing resources and journey to ultimate health, I would love to expand my knowledge and wisdom and I'm always open to receiving the nudges and signs that may lead me to someone or something!



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